621 Making Love With Ashlyn II/II R-18

    A few hours later, Ashlyn's eyes opened.

    The first thing she felt was something hard and long resting between her butt cheeks. The second thing she felt was a hand resting on her flat belly and a face nuzzling on her soft neck.

    Someone had spooned his body to hers from behind, holding her when she was asleep.


    Without turning, she knew it was him.

    Even if not for his fresh breath grazing her neck, she would have known from the hardness - the one that has exhausted her to sleep, that too so early in the morning.

    Never before she felt exhaustion could be so wonderfully amazing. It was the best feeling she ever had.

    Subconsciously, she began pushing her ass back, making his cock slip further, just a hairsbreadth away from her opening.

    Her eyes constricted as she realized what she was doing, and she stopped.

    Or she tried to... until she felt the heat pulsating out of it, making her opening quiver from desires.

    Her hips moved back on their own, bringing his mushroom head inside her.

    Feeling the familiar thickness stretching her, the wetness inside her increased.

    She kept still, as just this much of him made her yearn to let out a moan. But she did her best to suppress it.

    She didn't want to break his sleep.

    At least that's what she thought until she heard:

    "You have got a nice way of waking me up!"


    His voice made her react like a startled cat, and she wanted to jump, but the hand on her stomach stopped her, holding her closer.

    The hand slipped up, caressing her smooth skin and the sides of breasts before cupping her left breast. His cock further jammed into her.


    She squirmed and yapped, feeling him buried deep inside her.

    "Good morning to you as well!"

    Kiba's voice echoed as his other hand tilted her face towards his, making it possible for him to attack her glistening lips.

    She kissed him back.

    He started making slow, gentle love to her, and she responded to him with passion from her lips and thrusts of her own hips.

    Every part of them was in sync with each other, as not only their bodies fused, but so did their spirits.

    The crest of orgasm was about to hit her, and her tight pussy started squeezing him. Her body erupted with goosebumps, and she felt a blinding sensation taking over her.

    She climaxed with him inside her, but she didn't stop the movements of her hips. She thrust them back, and he knew she wanted him to continue, despite her orgasmic state and extra sensitivity.

    He took her lower lip between his lips and suckled on it before he resumed slow and long strokes.


    Her breathing turned strained as every thrust was now like waves of currents into her clenching pussy. It made her more slippery and warm, forcing Kiba to further pulsate and throb inside her.

    This only excited her further, racing her heart like a train.

    Before she knew it, another orgasm hit her, and her juices flooded out, staining the sheets.

    Kiba followed, his crystalline cum splattering deep inside her. The thick strands of cum trickled down, slipping on the inside of her thighs and the stained sheets, further soiling them.

    "We have made a mess here!"

    Kiba exclaimed as he swept huffing Ashlyn off the bed, holding her by cupping her ass cheeks. Her arms on their own wrapped around his neck for support.

    "And we are in an urgent need of a shower, aren't we?"

    Ashlyn nodded, her face flushed red.

    He grinned and started moving towards the luxurious bathroom. In the meantime, she leaned her face down and kissed him on the lips, once again savoring their intoxicating feel.

    No matter how much she kissed him, she couldn't get enough.

    And how could she?

    She knew she has wasted 4-5 months by not following him after the events of Desolate Blood Forest.

    Now she wanted to make up for the kisses she could have got... and then there was the interest!

    The kiss intensified, and they were in the bathroom under the shower.

    The first spray of water hit them like a jet, forcing her to temporarily break the kiss. She brushed away the wet strands of her hair, slipping between them, and resumed the kiss.

    Kiba pushed his tongue on her lips, forcing her to open them, and in a second, he was in her sweet, little mouth, exploring it.

    By now, she had gained enough experience to retaliate. Her tongue lunged on his, wrapping it, and soon, their saliva joined.

    As they continued to make out like there was no tomorrow, Kiba turned hard and erect again while beads of wetness escaped Ashlyn's pussy and dropped on his hands cupping her ass.

    Both of them knew it wasn't the shower water.

    The kiss broke, and she landed on her feet, her eyes staring into his.

    The water continued to rain down on their spectacular bodies, with every droplet looking like a pearl.

    "We are here to get cleansed and not make out!"

    Kiba reminded as he grabbed the soap and slowly started rubbing it on her breasts.


    She gasped as he used soap only as an excuse to fondle her breasts instead of lathering.

    The lather did appear, and as it did, he tossed away the soap.

    His hands then squeezed and pinched her breasts and nipples, obviously so that the lather could work perfectly, or at least that's what he claimed.

    Her eyes flashed with wildness as his onslaught on breasts continued. She moved him away and covered her hands with the foam on her breasts.

    Kiba was surprised as she then took his cock between her hands. She started rubbing every inch of it with foam, from both sides, slowly moving back and forth.

    She felt his cock throb twitch and harden, and she knew her counterattack was working. The water soon washed away the foam, but she didn't stop in her hand movements.

    "You sure are a fast learner!" Kiba praised as he gripped her waist. "Now, time for you to learn another position!"


    Before she could ask, he turned her around, making her hands fall on the glass wall. Behind her, he grabbed her hips tightly to tilt her butt upward and out.

    Slowly, he then eased into her pussy.

    Letting out an ecstatic moan, she leaned into the wall, pressing her palms against it. He was now pounding her, stretching her open with long, powerful strokes.

    A shiver ran from her pussy to her spine.

    The change from making love to **ing was only a pleasant surprise for her. It trembled her pussy, making her grip his cock with every thrust, reveling the way it made her feel.

    It was even more pleasurable for Kiba. Not only was her pussy squeezing him like a vice grip, the sight of his cock disappearing between her ass cheeks as he stroked into her dripping pussy was no less than heaven.

    He leaned further and kissed on the back of her neck and increased his pace.


    Climax began to build up in their bodies, both of them turning maniac from approaching euphoria. In perfect sync, they orgasmed together, his cock melting in her fiery pussy.
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