622 Milk of Vitality R-18

    After the shower, Ashlyn returned to the bedroom. She dropped on the bed and shut her eyes, once again exhausted.

    When she awoke, it was late afternoon, and she found herself in a familiar situation.

    Kiba was cuddling her, this time their limbs entwined, her breasts pressing his chest as they slept face to face.

    Unlike before, she wasn't wary. His eyes were closed, but she didn't mind waking him by moving her hips forward, directly trusted his cock into her.


    Soon, the familiar moans and the sound of flesh hitting flesh followed.


    She was always a fast learner, and even in sex, it was the same. Under her teacher Kiba's guidance, she learned the wonders of many unique, beautiful positions, her favorite being the classic cowgirl.

    And she made sure to get enough practice.

    Every downward thrust of her hips rippled her ass cheeks and intensified the ecstatic vibrations with her. But she continued to ride him, her fingers lingering on his muscular chest.

    "I'm proud to have such an enthusiastic student!"

    Kiba genuinely praised her, impressed by her dedication to squeeze his cock with her pussy.

    She nodded, her head snapping back as she climaxed with violent tremors.


    For the rest of the day, she only stopped to either sleep or to eat something. Then she would follow Kiba, learning more tricks and positions.

    The next few days and nights followed a similar pattern.

    Every time she fell asleep, she thought Kiba was indeed the best teacher in the world.

    He taught her Nutcracking Art, acting cute before attacking... and now this!

    If only she had met him sooner!


    A week later.

    Ashlyn waked late in the morning, and she was startled.

    Kiba was not cuddling her!

    She looked around and discovered he wasn't in the room.

    She jumped to her feet and entered the washroom to freshen up. After that, she will find Kiba and continue with her lessons!

    She was ready to evolve!


    An hour later, she stepped into the living room.

    Hope was playing with Red Tiger and the cubs.

    Ashlyn didn't disturb them and checked the penthouse to find Kiba. He wasn't on the roof deck, swimming pool, and everywhere she checked.

    She was about to give up when she heard slurping sounds or something that sounded like gurgling. Surprised, she looked in the direction of Agatha's room.

    It was the only place she didn't check yet.

    The door was partially closed, but not shut, and she approached the opening to see inside.


    On the bed, Agatha - in a red bandage dress - was sitting, her back resting against the headboard. The left strap was off her shoulder, exposing her left breast.

    Ashlyn was shocked.

    Not because the breast was bare, but because she couldn't see it, at least not fully!

    All she saw was the swell of her breast as a man's head shrouded the rest of it.


    Even that didn't shock her as much as what he was doing.

    His mouth was wobbling up and down Agatha's nipple!

    What was he doing?

    She wondered just as she noticed a trickle of milk escaping his lips.

    Every droplet of milk was glowing, as if created from the most precious gemstones. And these beautiful droplets dripped down his chin!

    Kiba continued to suckle on Agatha's nipple, causing more milk to escape and send a tantalizing current into her.

    Her head tilted back and forth, unable to handle the fantastic sensation originating from her nipple.

    Seeing all this, Ashlyn couldn't help but ask, "What are you doing?"

    Her voice was low, but for Agatha, it was like a clap of thunder.

    "Ashlyn is here!?"

    Her face turned crimson from embarrassment. She tried to back away, but there was no space to retreat, as behind, there was the headboard.

    She forgot that with her ability, she could easily phase through anything.

    But the shock of the question, especially the fact that Ashlyn has caught her breastfeeding Kiba left her in no condition to think.

    If that wasn't enough, Kiba was still latching on her breast, sucking her milk... it was like he didn't realize Ashlyn caught them red-handed!

    Agatha tried to separate him while glancing at Ashlyn.

    The latter's expression was the usual impassive, making it hard for her to judge what she was thinking.

    She swallowed while spending all her efforts to come up with an explanation.

    "Think Agatha, think! You have to justify yourself!"

    She told herself, but no worthy explanation emerged in her mind.

    At least none that didn't make her sound like a pervert!

    She stared down - at the source of her trouble - Kiba.

    If only he had shut the door!

    Kiba was oblivious to her stare. He parted from her nipple and turned towards Ashlyn.

    "I was revitalizing myself."

    Kiba answered in a matter of fact voice.

    Agatha was dumbstruck.

    As for Ashlyn, her expression changed to confusion. She seldom spoke, but she couldn't help but speak again.


    She blinked in confusion.

    Kiba nodded.

    In a serious tone, he explained, "From the last week, I have exhausted myself in teaching you..."

    Ashlyn's eyes flashed with understanding.

    Even she was exhausted with the hours they spent in both day and night. Her body was also aching as she has gone past her limit in absorbing everything he has taught her.

    "So I have no choice but to seek energy," Kiba continued. "Thankfully, Agatha stepped in to help!"

    "Help?" Ashlyn thought of the shining milk he was drinking. "You mean by offering you Milk of Vitality?"

    Milk of Vitality!?

    Agatha almost fainted from Ashlyn's innocent question.

    Did this nonsense explanation from Kiba really swindle her?!

    "Yes," Kiba nodded again. "One of Agatha's special ability is producing energy-boosting milk. Not only it could revitalize, but it can also cure all ailments, even aching and soreness."


    Ashlyn's gaze moved to Agatha's naked left breast.

    Its size and texture were almost the same as hers, though a bit heavy, and now she knew why.

    She stared at the nipple from where droplets of milk leaked a minute ago.

    "You should consume it, directly from the source!"

    Kiba continued in a deep tone.

    "Only then could you be ready for our next lesson that's far advanced! So come, and latch on her nipple! Drink Milk of Vitality!"

    "What?!" Agatha's eyes bulged in shock.

    Just what was Kiba telling this naive girl?!

    She glanced at Ashlyn and noticed a look that denoted contemplation!

    "Don't tell me she believes him!?"

    Agatha knew Ashlyn's worldview was limited and that she lacked an understanding of many things due to her upbringing.

    But surely, she wouldn't fall for Kiba's words!

    Alas, she underestimated her naivety. Before she knew it, Ashlyn pounced on the bed, her mouth latching straight on the bare nipple!

    "Ahh!" Agatha shuddered at the touch.

    Ashlyn didn't know how to suckle. So she tried to copy Kiba, but since she lacked understanding, her teeth scraped the nipple as her mouth tightened around it.

    "Ooo, Girl! Don't! He is deceiving you!"

    Agatha wanted to say, but how could Kiba let her?

    He tugged her hair back and tightly kissed her open mouth, causing her words to turn into muffled gasps.

    She wanted to believe Ashlyn would notice him kissing her and understand this was a crafty plot!

    But Ashlyn didn't!

    She entirely concentrated on the nipple.

    A small stream of fragrant milk seeped forth, tasting like sweetened almond milk.

    It made her throat yearn like she hasn't drunk anything from ages, and she eagerly swallowed the milk.

    To her pleasant surprise, in an instant, she felt revitalized, her soreness fading.

    Technically, Kiba didn't lie. Ashlyn was a wielder of Power Cosmic, and the milk her breasts produced naturally carried great energy.

    Realizing the milk she was drinking was indeed Milk of Vitality, Ashlyn doubled down in efforts. She pulled the nipple between her lips, stretching it.

    "Oh my god!" Agatha groaned in Kiba's mouth. "This is not how you suckle!"

    Never before had she felt a woman's sensual touch, and now her breast was directly suckled by one. Then there was Kiba, exploring her mouth with his tongue.

    Their joint work turned into a tide of pleasure, overwhelming her with tiny orgasms.

    Kiba left her huffing mouth and slid down, arriving beside Ashlyn. He shoved a finger in Agatha's mouth, silencing her as he said:

    "You aren't doing it right!"

    Kiba's voice stopped Ashlyn. She glanced at Kiba as he separated her from the nipple.

    "Let me show you the right way of milking her!"

    Kiba cupped Agatha's breast and slipped his tongue out. The tip of his tongue licked the areola as if it was ice cream, causing the breast to quiver.

    Ashlyn didn't notice it as her concentration was on Kiba's movements. She carefully observed as he moved from the areola to the nipple, biting it gently as he pulled it between his lips.

    She didn't know why, but a seething heat erupted between her thighs.

    Without him asking, she pulled off Agatha's right strap, bringing out her unexplored breast. Her tongue gently licked around the nipple, feeling it pulsate.

    Opening her mouth, she took it between her lips and bit it softly. She was rewarded with an overwhelming squirt of milk, shooting straight into her throat.

    A wet sensation followed between her thighs, and she couldn't help but become more eager in suckling on this wonderful breast.

    Agatha was going insane from relentless pleasure. Both her breasts were occupied, providing milk to a man and a woman.

    Kiba's finger left her mouth, but she couldn't bring herself to stop Ashlyn.

    Kiba winked at her, and he dropped the nipple. Just as she thought he was leaving, he surprised her by joining Ashlyn. His mouth pushed Ashlyn's lips away and latched on the nipple, but Ashlyn retaliated, soon starting a fight over her right nipple.

    "Ahhhh!" Agatha let out an intense moan.

    Now both Kiba and Ashlyn shared her right nipple, kissing it together, causing the milk to spray between their lips.
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