623 Pleasure The Man They Love R-18

    (A/N: This and the next chapter will be R-18. You can skip them if you want to. The next major arc will start after these two chapters).

    Kiba and Ashlyn continued to struggle for Agatha's right nipple like two starved kids fighting for a candy.

    Teeth scraped, tongues licked, and lips suckled.

    There was just too much pleasure for one nipple, causing her throat to emit guttural grunting sounds.

    By the time they took a momentary pause, her nipple seemed stretched and hardened.


    Agatha took a breath in relief, thinking they have spared her, but before the breath could leave her nostrils, they lunged on her nipple again, this time with more frenzy.

    "There's more than enough milk for both of you!" She exclaimed between her yelps. "So, go easy on me!"

    They ignored her request and greedily sucked more milk out of her, trying to outdo the other.

    Milk sprayed between them, staining their faces, coating their lips, but neither stopped.

    "Please! Kiba! Ashlyn!" Agatha begged.

    Her right nipple was far too sensitive, and she couldn't handle the surges of electricity they were sending into her.

    "My left nipple is free!"

    Their eyes flashed, and at lightning speed, they moved to her left nipple. Their mouths squeezed and tweaked her nipple between them.

    "This wasn't what I meant!"

    Agatha complained.

    Why couldn't they share both her nipples instead of fighting over one!?

    Ashlyn ignored her complaint.

    She was spellbound by the sweet taste of the milk and the thirst it created deep in her.

    Even if not for that, she would have still fought Kiba to feel Agatha's breasts. They created terrific sensations whenever she touched them, as if they were sparks fanning flames of ecstasy.

    Now she understood why Kiba was earlier sucking them with such concentration.

    He already had tasted Agatha's breasts and suckled her milk to a great extent! So why was he still being greedy?

    He should let her have her fair share for the months she had missed!

    But the world wasn't fair, and now more than ever, she understood it.

    So, she fought Kiba with everything she had!

    Their lips mashed, and tongues swirled around each other as they battled over the squirting nipple.

    Soon, it was like they were openly kissing each other with the nipple in between them.

    "Ohhh, god! You two!!"

    Agatha's head snapped back in intense pleasure.

    She couldn't help but grip their heads and pin them over her breast.

    More milk followed, which they readily swallowed.

    "Ashlyn!" Kiba freed themselves from Agatha's grip and said. "You are devouring too much energy from her! Return some of it, or else she will be exhausted!"

    "?!" Ashlyn froze.

    She looked at him - as if asking how to prevent the worst-case scenario.

    "Mouth to mouth!" Kiba answered like it was pretty obvious. "I have trained you for that!"

    Ashlyn nodded.

    Agatha was startled as she felt Ashlyn's mouth tightening on her nipple, trying to suck the entire breast.

    "Ahh!" Agatha shuddered as her nipple released streams after streams of glowing milk, filling Ashlyn's mouth to the brim.

    With her mouth full, Ashlyn let the breast fall and leaned up, kissing the dumbstruck Agatha.


    Agatha was more than shocked; she was stupefied.

    The lips on hers were soft and wet, electrifying her.

    Seconds passed, and she couldn't respond before finally opening her lips to breathe. It was an opening Ashlyn needed to transfer the milk.


    Agatha felt her own milk flooding into her mouth. It was pervert yet so erotic that she climaxed right there, drenching her panties.

    Ashlyn's mouth parted from hers, but then Kiba followed, emptying a mouthful of milk in her.

    Ashlyn didn't know why he didn't directly transfer it to Agatha, but she didn't ask.

    Her senses were pulsating with sheer ecstasy, leaving her in no state to rationalize.

    She took the milk from Kiba's mouth and then kissed Agatha to empty it. Agatha could only swallow, her face as red as tomatoes from the embarrassment of such dirty acts.

    Kiba and Ashlyn only stopped when they squirted out the last drop of milk from her breasts.

    Agatha was relieved it was ending, but how could Kiba stop now?

    He gazed at Ashlyn and said, "Now is the time for us to start the next lesson!"

    Ashlyn's eyes sparkled.

    Next lesson!

    The excitement in her hit the apex, and she stared at him, almost begging him to start.

    Kiba made sure he didn't break out in laughter. It was a challenging task...

    He kissed and nibbled Agatha on the lips, chin, collarbone, breasts, navel, and then slipped downward.

    Ashlyn imitated him, but Agatha was in no state to stop them.

    Or maybe she didn't want to!

    Whatever it was, she soon found herself resting on her back, her dress torn apart.

    Kiba separated her legs and lifted them by holding the back of her knees. Ashlyn laid below the legs; her eyes glued on the panties.

    Glistening wetness leaked out of her, making it possible for her to see through the soaked panties.

    Her vaginal folds exposed the shining flesh inside, emitting delicious warmth.

    Ashlyn's nostrils flared, and her mouth watered. The pussy looked so appetizing, so tasty. Not even those milky breasts of hers were so amazing.

    Could the next lesson be eating this pussy?

    "Yes, we have to feast on it," Kiba answered her unasked question. "This is the next step of what we have been doing from last week."

    Ashlyn nodded in understanding.

    She thought this was only natural with everything she has felt so far from sucking and kissing Agatha.

    On her own, she hooked her fingers in the sides of the panties and started pulling them.

    Agatha's buttocks squeezed the white satin, and it took her a while to drew them up the thighs. Kiba helped her in dragging it out, allowing her to focus on the bare pussy.

    Recalling what Kiba did to her before "eating" her, she repeated those movements.

    "She is natural at it!"

    Agatha thought as Ashlyn started kissing the inside of her thighs, planting lingering kisses.

    Before today she will not have welcomed the idea of making out with a woman, but now, with everything that happened... she was looking forward to what's to come!


    Her mind was pulled out of her thoughts as Ashlyn started sweeping around her pussy. Slowly, she licked clean her juices of arousal.

    Kiba looked at her with lust and praise. She was doing so well, just like he expected.

    Ashlyn put her mouth on the pussy lips and then swirled her tongue out, flicking it at the entrance. In response, like a flower, the pussy lips opened up, revealing the sacred flesh.

    She shoved her tongue right into it, moving back and forth. She then took an upward lick, slipping till she hit the clit, feeling it pulsate.

    "Yesss!" Agatha gasped. "You are good at it!"

    The praise made Ashlyn realize she was doing it right, and with more enthusiasm, she licked in and out of the sopping wet pussy.

    Kiba also joined her, his lips sucking the clit.

    Another sweep of Ashlyn's tongue collided against his lips, and soon, their lips and tongues joined, this time with her clit as the center. They nibbled on it.

    "You two are driving me crazy!" Agatha's hips started to buckle.

    Ashlyn was incapable of hearing those words.

    She was lost in the kiss with Kiba and the clit. Their lips separated only to wrestle their tongues in the pussy lips and splash the juices.


    No longer she knew what she was doing. She just followed his guidance and her instincts, savoring the flavor of the juices and his mouth.

    Kiba's hand moved to his cock, and he pulled away from Ashlyn and Agatha. He could no longer handle the throbbing of his cock.

    He wanted to **.

    So, he let Ashlyn continue feasting on Agatha while he got behind her. Throwing his pants away, he pulled Ashlyn's hips up, making her drop on her forearms and knees.

    She was only wearing a skirt and nothing else, just like the last few days for easy access. It barely took a second for him to lift the skirt and expose her white buttocks.

    He ran a hand over it, feeling the softness that was just like clouds. He couldn't help but give them a wet kiss before aiming his cock at her pussy entrance.


    Ashlyn was pleasantly surprised as she felt him there. She was also wet and well-lubricated, and with one thrust, he jammed into her, hitting her cervix.

    Her body shook, and moans escaped her mouth, but since her mouth was in the pussy, it came out muffled.

    "Don't stop!"

    Agatha urged her not to stop what she was doing. And she didn't. She rubbed her tongue, mouth, and entire face in the pussy.

    Kiba grabbed her hips tightly and started hammering into her with long strokes.

    Her warmth and young flesh inflated his desires to pound her, and soon, he started **ing her with powerful strokes.

    In response, she shoved her tongue into Agatha's pussy, as deep as she could. She felt the pussy muscles clenching around her tongue in rhythmic movements.

    She knew why! Because her pussy muscles were doing the same around Kiba! They were about to climax!

    She ground her ass against him, and with the strokes, she felt the balls slapping loudly on her ass.

    In seconds, her body wriggled along with Agatha's as the crest of climax washed over them.

    Kiba was the only one not to climax. He pulled out of Ashlyn to allow her to enjoy the intense pleasure she was experiencing not only from her climaxing cunt, but also her melting mouth.

    Even though the orgasm overpowered Agatha, she knew the state of the man she loved.

    He always cared for the pleasure of his women, more than his, even when he was deceiving them.

    She knew it better than anyone else.

    "You are our man!" Agatha said as she leaned into him. "And pleasuring you is our only task!"

    Without letting him respond, she locked her lips with his. She kissed him with everything she had.

    Her hands moved to his cock coated with glistening juices, and she stroked him.

    Ashlyn was left behind, but she too followed. She didn't need them to tell what she has to do.

    Her hands joined Agatha's, and there was more than enough space left on his big, thick cock.

    Soon, they started stroking him together, feeling the precum on their fingers.

    Their lips started kissing each other and Kiba.

    Three tongues openly lashed out, diving into each other's mouth, sharing saliva, and Agatha's pussy taste.

    "Ashlyn..." Agatha broke the kiss. "For us women, Kiba has Supreme Potent Shake, and it is far more powerful than my Milk of Vitality!"


    Ashlyn blinked as Agatha bent her body, her face hovering above Kiba's cock.

    "It will come from here! He must have unleashed deep into you multiple times!"

    Agatha explained as she slowly brought her lips over the tip of the cock.

    "And knowing how he treats the women he loves... he wouldn't have taught you ... that you could also get it from the magical technique known as blowjob!"

    Ashlyn shook her head.

    "As expected, he didn't want to teach you anything that he believes would only pleasure him!"

    Agatha glanced up, staring right into Kiba's eyes.

    He never asked, much less demand, oral sex from her, but she loved to give it to him. Because not only was she in love with him, but blowing him felt good to her.

    It pleasured her to climax.

    That's how wonderful he was.

    She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock while her other hand rubbed his balls, creating a tingling sensation.

    She then instructed Ashlyn to kiss the tip.

    "Be slow and gentle... like you are teasing him! Don't let him feel your lips!"

    Ashlyn did that and more.

    Under Agatha's guidance, she slid her lips around, faintly kissing every portion of the mushroom head.

    Even though her lips didn't press, the strands of precum attached her lips. Swirling her tongue out, she licked them and felt an alluring taste that made her squeeze a hand between her thighs.

    "It is the best taste in the world! Isn't it?!" Agatha asked.

    Not giving Ashlyn a chance to reply, she kissed her and licked the remaining strands of precum from her lips.

    Ashlyn responded, their tongues dueling with each other.

    Kiba observed this action between his women, and his cock hardened further.

    Agatha parted her mouth and guided Ashlyn back to the throbbing cock.

    Ashlyn slowly kissed the shaft. The bulging veins pulsated at her touch, emitting warmth that made her sensitive cunt tremble.

    She started rubbing her pussy lips while sliding the tip of her tongue out, dragging it over his shaft.

    Kiba grunted in pleasure.

    He had lips and tongues of countless women over his cock, but none felt even remotely amazing as those he loved.

    "You like it, don't you?"

    Agatha asked as she joined Ashlyn. She slipped her tongue out and licked the shaft from the other side, while her hand stroked him.

    Kiba nodded.

    "Then, you will love what we do next!" Agatha winked at him.
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