624 Pleasure The Man They Love Final Part R-18

    "Then, you will love what we are going to do!"

    Agatha took charge, and Kiba allowed her. He got on his feet and stood on the floor, just near the edge of the bed.

    Agatha lay down on the bed, bringing her face just below his hovering cock and balls. Ashlyn followed, but instead of lying on the side, she laid over Agatha, their breasts mashing in.

    Just this sight of two beautiful women lying over each other was too much.

    Even Kiba's heart skipped a few beats, that too, despite having participated in multiple orgies. Because every threesome or orgy he was involved in consisted of women he had no feelings for.

    Until now...

    Ashlyn swept her tongue out and moved it down the length of his cock. Simunatelously, Agatha's tongue licked from the base of his balls to the start of his shaft.

    They were in perfect sync, their nimble tongues caressing every corner of his cock and balls. It sent one orgasmic jolt after another into him.

    Ashlyn brought her eyes on his face. Noticing the signs of intense pleasure, the excitement in her surged.

    She followed Agatha's instructions and opened her lips. The latter guided the head of Kiba's cock between those soft lips while giving the balls a wet kiss.

    Ashlyn sealed her lips around the head and started sucking it by moving back and forth. The excitement inside her soared further, and her nipples hardened, something Agatha felt as they pressed into her breasts.

    Agatha opened her mouth and engulfed one of the balls.


    Ashlyn further took the shaft in her mouth and started moving back and forth. Each time, she took him deeper, further bathing him with her saliva and the warmth of her mouth.

    She was practically drooling now, the strands of saliva and precum dripping on Agatha's face.

    Kiba's breathing turned heavy.

    He now knew what it felt like to be a true god, with the women he loved worshipping his cock and balls.

    Just when Ashlyn started to gag and couldn't take him deeper, she slipped him out with a popping sound.

    Agatha knew now was her time. She freed the balls, wrapped her fingers around the cock, and guided it down, straight into her mouth.

    She almost swallowed half of him and then started moving back and forth.

    Ashlyn extended her tongue and ran it on the remaining portion, making Kiba grunt.

    His grunts and the tantalizing warmth of his cock resulted in one mini-orgasm after another for his women.


    Now with more enthusiasm, Agatha pulled him further into her, till he touched her throat. She then pulled him out and shared it with Ashlyn, who eagerly took it.

    Agatha's hand wandered over Ashlyn's back and ass, creating an intense show for Kiba's eyes as he was devoured by Ashlyn.

    Kiba was on the brink of eruption, but he stopped himself. He wanted to enjoy this beautiful sensation further.

    And his women didn't disappoint. They opened their puckered lips and wrapped on either side of his shaft. They then moved together, back and forth, giving him a double blowjob.

    Minutes passed, and they stopped on the head of his cock.

    Being sandwiched between the drooling mouths of the women he loved was not something Kiba could handle for long.

    Agatha put him to the edge by swirling her tongue around the tip of his cock. She felt it twitch, and she knew he was about to erupt.

    His balls clenched, and he shot out a massive load into their mouths. There was just too much cum, and some of it spilled out.

    Feeling the Supreme Potent Shake Agatha promised, Ashlyn swallowed it thoroughly. It not only tasted amazing, but it also spread robust vitality into her.

    She now understood why Agatha praised it so much.

    Agatha winked at Kiba while swallowing the cum in her mouth.

    "Time to clean!"

    Agatha leaned up and kissed Ashlyn, and the latter eagerly responded. The cum on their lips swapped before finally slipping down their throats.

    They then licked each other's face, not leaving behind a single droplet of cum.

    Ashlyn brought her eyes back on the still hard cock, and she sucked him again, swallowing any cum that was left.

    "Don't be greedy!" Agatha told her.

    She grabbed Kiba's cock and rubbed it over Ashlyn's face, like it was a paintbrush, coating her cheeks with the last strands of cum.

    She then licked the cheeks clean while feeling the cock in her hand pulsate. Kiba was already hard, and now also erect and long, just like he was minutes ago.

    "See? I told you will love it!" Agatha winked at him again.

    "Yeah, you did!" Kiba responded as she pulled him on the bed.

    She asked him to lie down while commanding Ashlyn to mount him

    She wanted him to pound her, but she wanted to give Ashlyn that honor again. Being older by seven to eight years, she felt a sense of responsibility towards Ashlyn.

    Ashlyn nodded at her in gratitude.

    "No need to thank me!"

    Agatha wrapped her fingers around the base of Kiba's cock as Ashlyn began to lower over it.

    She didn't allow her cunt to directly engulf it. Instead, she rubbed it around the entrance, teasing both Ashlyn and Kiba, feeling them writhe in frustration and excitement. She then extended her tongue around the pussy and on the base of the cock.

    "Ah!" Ashlyn gasped and took hold of Agatha's head. She pulled her up, her eyes almost begging.

    "Don't worry, I'm not mean!"

    Agatha said as she guided Kiba's cock back to the entrance and allowed Ashlyn to ease over it. Her wet pussy lips spread wide as inch by inch, she engulfed him deep in her.

    Ashlyn moaned as she started riding him by rotating her hips back and forth. The way it stretched her left her huffing, but she couldn't bring herself to stop.

    Agatha straddled Kiba's face, slowly bringing her pussy over his lips. He kissed her slit and suckled her clit before he started feasting on her.

    "Ohh, yes! Eat me!"

    She shuddered as a hot flush spread from her pussy to her breasts. She started squeezing them.

    Ashlyn noticed this, and even as she rode Kiba, she bent forward to fondle those fantastic breasts.

    Agatha's head snapped back. She was already climaxing from the tongue working inside her, and now this jerked her body.

    Ashlyn was the same. Kiba felt her contracting around his cock with vibrating ripples. He grabbed her ass cheeks and held her, supporting her as she shivered from climax.

    His hands moved up and holding her by her waist, his figure blurred with his mouth still sucking Agatha's cunt.

    He flipped Ashlyn, bringing her back on the bed, and simultaneously made Agatha lie over her. This time in 69 so they could stimulate each other.

    Kiba pulled his tongue out of Agatha's cunt and replaced it with his cock.

    "Kibaaaaa!" Agatha was caught off-guard by his sudden invasion.

    She has just brought her lips on Ashlyn's pussy. Now his long thrust into her created an explosion of ecstasy, making it impossible for her to concentrate.

    Kiba started ramming into her with deep thrusts. Below her, Ashlyn licked her lips before moving her tongue on the clit above her.


    Agatha wailed and moaned. The naïve girl she knew has become an expert, wrapping her tongue around the clit, giving her another orgasm.

    She couldn't let her overpower like this.

    With great difficulty, as the powerful thrusts shook her body, she attacked Ashlyn's pussy with her mouth.

    Three hearts raced together, enjoying each other's body.

    Kiba thrust in and out. Agatha was squeezing him with every thrust, as she experienced one orgasm after another, but neither of them wanted to stop.

    His hips moved back and forth, blurring from tremendous speed. Below, Ashlyn couldn't help but marvel at the might of her man.

    Excited, she swirled her tongue on his moving cock. It was sticky from juices, and she licked them every time he moved back and forth. She alternated by moving it to the climaxing cunt and then back at the blurring cock.

    "You two were born for this!!"

    Agatha trembled. Controlling her trembling mouth, she sucked Ashlyn'c clit, pushing both of them on edge.

    Kiba didn't stop plowing Agatha. Just as she forcefully contracted around him from another climax, he pulled out and shoved his cock in Ashlyn's mouth. The latter eagerly cleaned him, and he then returned back into shivering Agatha, this time with more powerful strokes.

    His women have already experienced multiple climaxes, and he was the same as he splattered his cum into Agatha.

    He started melting in her as he leaned to kiss her back...

    They took a deep breath, and Ashlyn surprised them by attacking her cunt, devouring every droplet of cum.

    Agatha wanted to say - save some for her- but she didn't get the chance as Kiba instantly turned erect again. The erotic pleasure from his women was never too much, and he slammed into Agatha.

    The latter could only scream in pure ecstasy. She knew they have barely started...

    And she was right.

    Kiba soon stacked Ashlyn and Agatha on top of each other. He lined their pussies one above the other so he could alternate between them.

    Ashlyn was below, and as he jammed into her cunt, she grabbed Agatha's breasts tightly.

    The one she loved the most was deep in her, penetrating her... as she fondled the breasts of the woman she has started loving.

    "I'm finally living my life!"

    Ashlyn whispered as another thrust blackened her vision. She was happy with her life...

    Both Kiba and Agatha noticed her losing consciousness from another orgasm.

    They separated from her, and seeing her pleasant expression, they knew why she was content. It wasn't just from mind-blowing orgasms.

    "You really know how to change the lives of women you love!"

    Agatha said as she spread her legs.

    Kiba smiled and stared at the welcoming pussy.

    "Or maybe, they know how to change my life!" He replied as he slipped into her.
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