626 Gathering of Alphas!

    The border of the State of Avalon continuously flashed with teleportation portals and shuttles as powerful entities arrived.

    All of them were from around the globe, and they reached here in a matter of minutes by using methods that cost them a lot of precious resources.

    But none complained, not after lifting their heads to look at what they called Infinity Maze. Their eyes flashed with desires, and how could it not?

    According to history books and the secret records, Infinity Maze carried the greatest secrets of Celestial Elysian World. Desolate Blood Forest and other World Fragments didn't even deserve mention in front of it.

    That was clear from Nine Great Sovereigns' rise, who publicly credited Infinity Maze for their powers.

    Those belonging to Nine Great Families and top organizations even knew the exact reason.

    Legacy Orbs!

    An opening to the Hall of Legacies was in the maze, causing Legacy Orbs to spread out.

    Legacy Orbs was just one of the many wondrous attractions for those who have been in the maze.

    As for its main attraction... it was something that can be availed in the mausoleum!

    Supposedly, anyone who could succeed through the maze could obtain this main attraction. At least, that's what the countless rumors and legends claimed.

    None knew the truth, but one thing was for sure... Infinity Maze was a treasure mine!

    As countless people stared at Infinity Maze and waited for it to open, they felt violent fluctuations. Shocked, they looked at thin air where the tip of a katana suddenly appeared. The tip slashed downward, ripping apart the fabric of space, and from it emerged a woman.

    "The Mad Blade! Miria!"

    Everyone exclaimed at the arrival of an Alpha. Not every Alpha was famous or known, but everyone knew her.

    Because she was one of the three Alphas, who risked their lives to save this planet from Extermination!

    Even as they exclaimed, colorful and terrifying phenomenons covered the sky and earth, signifying the arrival of multiple Alphas.

    A tempest of energy rose up from their arrivals, turning into a berserk storm and sending everyone flying. Thankfully Alphas retracted their presence the instant they arrived, thereby preventing a tragedy and allowing others to breathe in relief and look at them.

    Miria, Maldonado, and Crimson Wolf were easily identified due to their role in protecting the world.

    Ozir was known as well. He has protected multiple cities from the shockwaves of the battle between Extermination and Hyperion traversed through the spacetime barrier.

    The other Alphas were not so well known.. as many of them were either in seclusion or seldom interacted with the world.

    "I'm not going in the maze!" A high-ranking Beta told his companions.

    His companions nodded in understanding. With the participation of Alphas, the rest didn't even deserve to be called cannon fodder.

    But still, not everyone thought of leaving. After all, the maze would have many opportunities. Alphas won't fight the Betas and Gammas for low-level opportunities.

    As people discussed within themselves, a column of cyan light shot through clouds. It landed next to the gathering of Alphas.

    The light faded, revealing the ones inside.


    And her husband, Alan.

    Many of the Alphas nodded at them, and they too nodded in response. The arrival of more Alphas followed until there were around fifty Alphas.

    Many of them belonged to Nine Great Families or were at least affiliated to them. The others were either independent or part of other top organizations.

    Their arrival naturally meant that other mutants have to fall back. None dared to be in the area of Alphas.

    An Alpha called Qingyi glanced at the retreating mutants.

    This was the gathering of the gods, and yet, these mortals aspired to participate here. They didn't know their place in life!

    Snorting coldly, he lifted his hand, resulting in the crash of an intangible barrier on the ground.

    A few of the retreating mutants were slow, and as the barrier crashed, shock ripples spread out, hitting them in the chest. They instantly exploded into a bloody fog.

    The Gammas and Betas trembled in fright while the Alphas didn't react at all.

    Not every Alpha agreed with Qingyi's actions. Still, since the deed was already done, there was no use in reacting.

    "The maze should be open in 10 minutes," Alan told his wife. "We have to return by the time 9 hours pass in the maze!"

    Katherine nodded.


    Suddenly, a whirlwind of ice crystals appeared.

    It was high in the sky, yet a thick layer of ice wrapped the ground, causing everyone to shiver.

    Even Alphas felt a bone-numbing chill, and they couldn't help but look at the sky.

    The whirlwind had resulted in a blizzard, and except for Alphas, none could see through it.

    All they saw was a woman's silhouette, her head donned by a crown.

    Before the Alphas could even focus on her appearance, she phased into the maze along with the whirlwind.


    Many Alphas muttered at the same time.

    There were over seven minutes for the maze to open, and yet, she entered it, bypassing all deadly restrictions.

    How was that even possible?!

    "Why are they so shocked?" Crimson Wolf asked Miria.

    "Who knows?" Miria replied. "The Queen of Eden doesn't have to wait for anything. So, maybe they are ignorant?"

    Queen of Eden?!

    The expressions of everyone changed.

    Then... the one who went inside must be Ice Queen!

    The most beautiful woman on Earth!

    None outside Eden has seen her appearance, not even a picture, save for the World Councilmen.

    But the world knew her beauty would put even fairies to shame.

    Forget the low-rank mutants; even Alphas salivated as they thought of the legendary poems describing her beauty.

    Not only men but even women yearned to see her appearance.

    For a moment, Katherine was tranced as she has seen the silhouette and knew her identity.

    She shook her head and cleared her thoughts.

    "Why was I hypnotized by the silhouette of Ice Queen!? I'm a straight woman!"

    Katherine thought.

    "Beauty doesn't make a difference to me!"

    While not as beautiful as Ice Queen, she was absolutely gorgeous and stunning.

    She knew it.

    Almost two years ago, that shameless villain also made it clear when he invited her to inaugurate M.I.L.F. International.

    As her thoughts suddenly arrived on that villain, she clenched her pure white teeth.

    She has researched about him in detail and learned many interesting things.

    For tens of thousands, he was Dr. NTR, but he was the ultimate villain for her.

    Her impression of him being the villain was even stronger than her daughter's.

    Because she knew just what he was doing in the name of treating patients!

    For the rest of the world, his past was a mystique. He has suppressed all info about him by spreading hundreds of fake stories, making it impossible for one to know the exact truth.

    Nevertheless, she knew of his past and role as the Chairman of Wife Pleasuring Service, Maiden Love Circle, among other organizations.

    "Sophia doesn't know calling him a villain is an understatement!"

    Katherine whispered to herself.

    "Villain?" Her husband asked as he heard her whisper. "What are you murmuring about?

    Katherine turned towards him. She thought of replying when a golden-haired man appeared amid Alphas.

    His sudden appearance stunned everyone.
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