627 Singularity

    Everyone was watching the gathering of Alphas and other mutants through live-streams, courtesy of news drones.

    Never in history has so many Alphas gathered together, and their appearance left them awestruck.

    People looked at the visuals with reverence, and many kneeled in veneration. This was despite Alphas not leaking their presence that would make one kneel and prostrate. The need to worship awakened in their hearts on their own, just like breathing. It was an innate need, and none could stop it.

    When Qingyi killed a few dozen Gammas and Betas by summoning the barrier, the spectators felt he was merciful. After all, no lesser beings should spoil the poised atmosphere of Gods. Killing blasphemers was mercy, for they deserved far worse.

    Now only three minutes remained for Infinity Maze to open. People were glued to their screens, eagerly awaiting what was to come.

    Just then, within the area surrounding the barrier, space where Alphas gathered fluctuated.

    A misty haze spread, and from it stepped out a golden-haired man.

    His sudden appearance surprised many.

    Most Alphas didn't show any reaction, and they didn't even bother to look at him.

    But there were Alphas who scanned him and were astonished when they realized his presence wasn't of an Alpha.

    Qingyi's eyebrows knotted.

    He has created the barrier, and yet, one who wasn't an Alpha dared pass through it by some unknown means!

    Wasn't he trying to belittle him by doing such a thing?

    In the distance, the crowd of Betas and Gammas broke out in a loud discussion.

    "That man is familiar!"

    "Obviously! He is Kiba!"

    "Kiba?! You mean Dr. NTR!?"

    "Yes! He's Dr. NTR!"

    "Are you telling me... he is the legendary doctor who could cure all ailments?!"

    "Yeap! But he only cures female patients!"

    Almost half the crowd was filled with women, and some of them have been his patients in the past. Seeing him here, they blushed, and a tingling sensation spread between their thighs.

    Such reactions were common throughout the world, as countless patients knew who he was.

    Though many males started shouting and screaming, as if seeing him has stirred some painful memories. Their extreme reactions bewildered others.

    Why was the appearance of a doctor leading to such a polarizing effect?

    Qingyi was startled by the chatter.

    "So, you are a doctor with a little bit of fame," Qingyi remarked with disdain. "And you think that gives you the right to barge here?"

    The spectators and the crowd trembled.

    Dr. NTR's former patients sucked a deep breath, terrified that their doctor would suffer a miserable fate.

    Kiba ignored Qingyi and walked past him. He had noticed Katherine and waved towards her.

    "You know that doctor?" Alan asked his wife.

    He has heard the rumors of this legendary doctor who could treat anything.

    Katherine didn't know how to respond.

    After all, she couldn't tell him that this so-called legendary doctor has handed her the invitation card to inaugurate M.I.L.F. International.

    Alan noticed his wife's complicated look.

    "Don't tell me you were sick, and that doctor healed you?!"

    Alan exclaimed, much to the shock of Katherine.

    Healed me!?

    That made her visualize the only way this doctor healed his patients.

    Her face twisted, and her veins bulged in anger.

    Seeing this, Alan felt he was close to the truth.

    Only truth could make one so angry.

    And it could only mean one thing... she was suffering from something embarrassing and something she couldn't tell him - her husband!

    Could it be...!?

    Alan established a telepathic bond with her and asked, "Did he cured a problem in your vagina?"


    Katherine was stupefied.

    This idiot!

    Just what sort of things was he thinking!?

    She was now fuming with rage. Smoke literally pumped out of her ears.

    Alan suddenly felt a sense of crisis. He thought if he didn't retreat, he would suffer!

    Acting on his instinct, he jumped back by thousands of meters.

    Katherine gritted her beautiful teeth and turned towards Kiba, who was slowly approaching her.

    He smiled at her and said, "Honorable (future) customer, how have you been?"

    Alan blinked at him and then at his wife. So he was right! She has indeed been sick!

    Katherine noticed the change in her husband's expression. She knew he misunderstood and that further incensed her.


    The air around her body twisted with currents of cyan energy. She was about to unleash her power, but just then, Qingyi's figure flashed, and he appeared before Kiba.

    "You dare ignore me!?" Qingyi thundered.

    His presence as an Alpha surged out, bursting through the air and ground. Dust and stones blew up before disintegrating while heavy wind currents whipped in all directions.

    Everyone was astonished by the sudden eruption of an Alpha's might. The world changed colors, and the feeling of an impending doom gripped everyone.

    This only lasted for a moment as Kiba spoke.

    "Get lost."

    He only said two words and did nothing else. But for Qingyi, these words were like the decree of an emperor that has to be followed.

    He naturally tried to resist the urge to follow, but then, the air blasted into him.


    Like a cannonball, he was knocked flying into a mountain peak with his limbs spread. The mountain couldn't handle the impact, and it exploded into a rain of rocks.

    Qingyi emerged out of these rocks and stared in the distance, his eyes filled with shock.


    Everyone was dumbstruck, especially the ones present here. All they saw was a figure move past them like a bolt of lightning and crash into a mountain.

    It happened instantly... not even taking a second!

    And the conclusion of what it resulted in left them trembling.

    They swallowed and glanced at Kiba with looks of pure horror.

    How could he knock away an almighty Alpha by words alone!?

    Until now, they never felt any outburst of power from him.

    So what the hell happened?

    Even a few Alphas turned towards Kiba in surprise.

    Unlike others, they knew what knocked Qingyi. It wasn't a supreme aura or a strong ability, but rather the natural laws.

    Kiba's words had turned the natural laws into his enforcers.

    That would mean he was obviously an Alpha!

    So why didn't they felt his aura as an Alpha!?

    Katherine's eyes flickered.

    She hadn't scanned him before, and now that she did, she realized others had made a mistake.

    They only checked to see if he was emitting the presence of an Alpha.

    But if they looked deeper, they would realize he wasn't emitting any presence at all! Not even that of a mutant!

    "He has sealed his aura completely!" Katherine concluded. "And that's something tough, if not impossible, for an Alpha!"

    Qingyi floated in the place where the mountain was.

    He saw the look of terror and veneration on the spectators' faces, and his eyes turned bloodshot, for he knew he wasn't the reason. And when he heard the chatter claiming him to be weak, his veins stretched outward like worms.

    Everything due to that bastard doctor!

    "So, you were hiding your powers!" Qingyi said as a massive amount of blood fog oozed out of him. "But don't think that gives you the right to be so impudent!"

    The fog condensed into a gigantic bloody bat that turned one with his body. The power of a peak mid-stage Level VII mutant coursed through the resulting transformation.


    Air began to vibrate while the world shook violently. The feeling of doom returned, this time making everyone feel the apocalypse was about to unleash on them.

    Qingyi's figure flashed forward with his claws stretching out as he approached Kiba. His bat mouth opened, and from it, bloody rays emerged, ready to burst out.

    Everything was happening at light speed, and except for Alphas, none could follow this shocking sight.

    The powerful attacks were ready to ram into Kiba when he slowly raised a finger. Time seemed to pause, or at least Qingyi did as the finger rose.


    Kiba spoke again, this time only a word.

    From the tip of his finger, a pitch-black point flew out and settled on the forehead of Qingyi's enormous body.

    The point wasn't even the size of a pin, yet as it appeared, it was glaring, like it was the only thing in existence.


    The Alphas who had shown no interest so far snapped their heads and stared at Qingyi. Seeing the black point, their bodies froze as they sensed a power that could crush them into oblivion.

    Qingyi naturally felt that. But he was incapable of doing anything, not even utter a single word.

    The point started swirling, and along with it, his body followed suit.

    A crushing gravitational force raged out of the point like it was a black hole. Space distorted, and time dilated.


    The sky and ground flew into the point, and the swirling Qingyi helplessly moved with them to be devoured.

    An Alpha was wiped out of existence... in time one would blink an eye!

    The only trace of his existence that remained was the black point. It now floated with a lingering scent of blood.

    "Impossible! This couldn't be true!" Alan, Crimson Wolf, and many other Alphas muttered at the same time.

    The others who weren't Alphas either passed out or slapped themselves at the impossible development.

    While Alphas weren't really gods, they were at least considered on Earth. And yet an Alpha was crushed to oblivion like he was some unworthy bug.

    Calling it impossible was an understatement... but everyone had witnessed it and knew it was as real as it could get.
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