628 Entering Infinity Maze

    Never before had anyone heard, much less witnessed, an Alpha killed in a second. Calling it impossible would be an understatement, but everyone saw it with their own eyes.

    Those who were glued to their screens and still retained consciousness felt their weak hearts on the brink of exploding.


    With deafening sounds, Infinity Maze opened. A sucking force streamed out of it, but none noticed it, not even Alphas.

    They were focused on that point called Singularity and its creator.

    Kiba stood nonchalantly. It was like he had done nothing worth mentioning.

    This casual attitude further terrified the crowd and those observing through live streams.

    Even the World Councilmen were shocked by the oppressive yet casual display of might. Many of them instantly started researching about him.

    "Just what level is he?"

    Lord Harley wondered while observing the holographic projection. He wished the projection was capable of recording the energy readings. It will have helped him study the nature of power Kiba used.

    He waved his hand, and a virtual projection of a masked man appeared.

    "Find me every detail on this Dr. NTR."

    The masked man nodded.


    Kiba lowered his finger.

    Singularity faded in thin air, and the crushing pressure vanished.

    Katherine stared at Kiba, obviously shocked. She never knew the one who considered her MILF was an Alpha, that too of such incredible powers.

    "The maze has opened," Kiba looked at her with a smile. "I'm sure we will meet there and resume our conversation, (future) customer."

    "!" Katherine was stunned, but only for a moment. Knowing what type of customer he considered her, her eyes flashed with explosive energy.


    The air burst apart as this energy bombarded out in the form of two prismatic beams.

    "See ya~!"

    Kiba's lips stretched into a smile, and he leaped up. The sucking force from Infinity Maze wrapped him, pulling him inside.

    The beam slashed through nothing but afterimages of Kiba.


    Katherine gritted her teeth.

    That villain has escaped!

    Some distance away, her husband and other Alphas were dumbstruck.

    "Why being called a customer angered her so much?"

    Alan wondered as he glanced at his angry wife.

    "While technically she should be a patient for that Dr. NTR, being addressed as a customer isn't wrong!"

    The other Alphas were dumbstruck for another reason.

    Katherine had witnessing Dr. NTR's oppressive might, yet she dared attack him! And the latter didn't retaliate at all!

    Just why?!

    Could it be due to the Hippocratic Oath?

    "Shameless scoundrel, just wait! I will teach you a lesson even if it costs me my life!"

    Katherine told herself as she flew into the maze.

    The other Alphas got out of their shocked state, and they also entered the maze.


    Kiba appeared in what appeared to be a never-ending corridor of a palace. The walls were engraved with runic patterns while the ceiling seemed to be made of translucent, glowing stones.

    An ethereal mist lingered in the air, making it difficult to see far ahead.

    "I only have 9 hours in this maze!"

    Kiba thought as he shot forward.

    "And within that period, I need to find some time for seducing... err, I mean, helping lonely women!"

    Kiba was an expert in doing multiple things at the same time. But Infinity Maze was no joke, and he knew he has to be serious if he wanted to help women here.

    He crossed twenty miles in an instant when two statues standing on either side of the corridor shook. Their listless eyes glowed with a sinister light, and they turned life-like, emitting boundless vitality.

    One of them raised its hand, unleashing a series of dazzling bubbles that spread around Kiba.

    "Oho~ A warm welcome! How touching!"

    Kiba exclaimed as the bubbles detonated with a popping sound. Explosive waves gushed out, creating an energy cloud that was no less than the detonation of a hydrogen bomb.

    Far away, a group of mutants - that has just arrived - screamed as the shockwaves hit them. They turned into a blood fog that was devoured by the ethereal mist.

    The statues didn't care for the deaths far away, as the one they targeted was safe!

    Kiba charged through the energy cloud and grabbed the hand of the statue that released the bubbles. The other statue jumped in action, striking out with a spear that turned humongous as it approached Kiba.

    "If you two were women, I would have loved the attention you are lavishing on me!"

    A hammer made of power Cosmic appeared and slammed into the spear. Violent ripples surged out, and the spear burst apart.

    Through the pieces, the hammer moved unhindered, crashing into the head of the startled statue.


    The statue was blown away, destroyed.

    "But since you are not, I can't spend my time on you."

    Kiba pulled the statue whose hand he has grabbed. The statue's face leaned towards Kiba due to inertia, and he flicked its forehead.

    A tyrannical force invaded through the length of the statue, exploding it from inside out.

    Kiba made a grasping motion, and the hammer flew into his hand.

    "Hammer suits me!"

    He swirled the hammer while resuming his journey.


    Hall of Legacies.

    Scenes from Infinity Maze flashed on the surface of the crystalline pool.

    Enchantia's incorporeal face materialized amidst Legacy Orbs, and she focused on two scenes.

    One showed a woman donning a crown of ice, freezing every obstacle and trap as she leisurely explored the maze. Naturally, she was Ice Queen.

    The other scene projected Kiba. He was his usual self - bold and brazen.

    "Dream Seeker... you might not know it, but you have ruined everything."

    Enchantia whispered, her face twisting from anger and helplessness.

    "We all have to pay for the sins of your future-self... just to save that daughter of yours!"

    Just then, the Legacy Orb created by Cosmic Emperor buzzed, and ripples of darkness flooded out.


    Enchantia was taken aback as these ripples swept through hundreds of Legacy Orbs.

    "Stop! I'm not going back on my deal!"

    Sadly, her words fell on deaf ears as the Legacy Orbs were coated with darkness. They were corrupted, and knowing the powers of darkness, she knew they could never serve the role for which they exist.

    "Cosmic Emperor!"

    Enchantia roared.

    Cosmic Emperor might have left this version of reality, but the mechanism left behind him remained.

    Enchantia knew it. Though she never thought venting through words would anger it.

    "I have no choice but to disturb Lord Xeced's plan for Infinity Maze... That's what Cosmic Emperor wanted."
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