629 Shameless Villain and Katherine

    Like a bolt of lightning, Kiba rapidly flew through the corridor of Infinity Maze, smashing through countless obstacles.

    After crossing over ten thousand miles, he stopped before an enormous door. The door wasn't really blocking his path. In fact, it was embedded in the corridor, and perhaps except for him, none would have noticed it in the endless corridor.

    He ran a hand over it, feeling its hard texture engraved with runic texts.

    "Before I achieve my aim here, I need to sidestep."

    Glowing Power Cosmic burst from his palm and streamed into these texts, making them shine. A spatial force swept out of the texts and swallowed Kiba.


    He appeared inside what seemed to be a wracked spaceship. It was a familiar sight to him.

    Years ago, when he arrived in BSE-79, the final leg of his journey was in the wracked part of the ancient spaceship.

    That spaceship was different than this, but they had a shared past.

    "Princess Scarlet Leila De Rose..."

    Kiba let out a sigh while exploring the spaceship. Wires hang from the ceiling while poisonous gases flooded the air. They served no restriction for him as he stepped forward and arrived before the motherboard of the spaceship.

    It was in the form of an octagonal box.

    Kiba tapped a finger into it. Ripples emerged on its surface, and a projection beam erupted, landing on the ruined wall.

    A sea of alien text appeared, and Kiba rapidly scrolled through it before tapping into the box again. The text morphed into a screen, showing the memory log of not this spaceship, but the core of all spaceships - the mother spaceship who beings of Celestial Elysian Plane called Longing.

    The screen displayed a human boy running from a fleet of alien beasts after he emerged from a secret dimension. Balls of flames flooded out of his body as he did everything to run away.

    Naturally, this boy was Zed after he left Hall of Legacies.

    Kiba didn't show any change in expression as he checked this footage from the distant past.

    On the screen, Zed managed to bypass the beasts, only to meet the man he never wanted to meet again.

    Castor Damon.

    "Slum insect!" roared Castor Damon. "How dare you trick me?!"

    Zed was frightened, and he shot back.

    Castor Damon snorted, and tentacles of liquid surged out of his body. These tentacles burst towards Zed, who had no choice but to do what Echantia wanted him to... or risk death.

    "Become a pawn... now that brings back memories!"

    Kiba mused as he pulled the motherboard and transferred it to his storage dimension.

    "Oh well, if I'm not wrong, Infinity Maze will give me a nice rewind of those days!"


    In the meantime, Katherine and others destroyed multiple gigantic statues that blocked their paths. As Alphas, it wasn't at all difficult for them, but they were cautious and didn't fully release their powers.

    Katherine shot forward, and more statues came to life. She flicked her hand, and a translucent gate appeared, through which mist of death flooded out. The mist enveloped the charging statues, and decimated them.

    A rain of debris followed, and Katherine moved through it. She crossed a few steps when she felt a hand on her shoulder.


    She was stunned.

    A guardian statue has appeared and caught her by surprise. But then, her eyes turned wide as she realized the hand was far too small to belong to a statue... and it has warmth like that of a human.

    Everything happened in an instant.

    Katherine was about to turn when a hypnotic scent greeted her nostrils. Before she knew it, a male head leaned forward, resting on her other shoulder.

    "!!" Katherine saw the familiar golden-hair falling over her shoulder and brush her chest.

    "You are a fierce woman!" said the seductive voice she knew too well. "And seeing you decimate these statues, I wonder just how fiery you are on the real battle site."

    Katherine's face cramped.

    Real battle site?

    What does he mean...?

    She stopped her line of thoughts as she recalled the things he did as a doctor.

    The meaning became apparent to her!

    "Shameless scoundrel!"

    Katherine swirled around while lifting her hand to thrash on his face. Sadly, when she turned, he wasn't there. It was like he has vanished into thin air.

    Seeing he has left, Katherine could only stomp her feet angrily and continue her journey. She forgot about her husband and charged forward at extreme speed.

    A dozen miles later, the voice from before appeared, whispering in her left ear.

    "Why were you angry all of a sudden?"

    Katherine's eyes flared with rage.


    Her might as an Alpha exploded out, wracking havoc in all directions.

    Everything in the range of few miles turned into nothingness.

    Katherine's eyes narrowed as the explosion cloud disappeared, the blurry figure of that shameless scoundrel came in sight.

    "Now, I know!" The scoundrel exclaimed like an innocent child. "You thought my words contained double meaning! That's the reason, isn't it?"

    "Thought? Villain, your words were loaded with innuendo!" Katherine spread her arms, and energy rippled out of her. "So drop the innocent act!"

    "How will you know they contained innuendo?" The scoundrel wondered aloud as he dodged the energy. "Unless your mind is perverted! And all you can think is double meaning even in pure words!"

    Katherine paused.

    Before a year and a half, she didn't even know what M.I.L.F. stood for, much less any innuendo. After all, she was from an aristocrat family with a strong, noble heritage.

    But then she had met this villain when he was teasing her daughter. After that, she got his invitation. She had no choice but to spend a lot of her resources to find about him, including his adventures as a doctor.

    This was why she quickly understood his words contained innuendo. But wasn't knowing that acknowledging her mind was perverted?!

    "Seems like I'm close to the truth!" The villain appeared before her in a puff of smoke. "You really are a pervert!"

    Katherine opened her lips to retort, but just then, his hand slipped on her waist, and he pulled her towards him.


    She was mad from rage! How dare he take advantage of her!

    This thought didn't even completely cross her mind when the air behind her split apart, and a scythe crashed on the floor, creating a valley.

    "Another statue?"

    Katherine could now observe through her perception that a statue has launched a sneak attack.

    If not for the ultimate villain, she would have been fatally injured!


    If he hadn't distracted her with that jumbled up logic, she wouldn't even be in this situation!

    Reaching this point of her thoughts, she destroyed the statue that has launched the attack and turned towards the villain.

    His hand was still on her slender waist, feeling her soft skin protected by the fabric of her dress.

    She stared at him with energy bursting forward.

    "Here, I thought I will get a sweet kiss as a thank you!" said the villain as his hand left her waist. "Seems like perverts don't know how to thank properly!"

    Katherine clawed her hand towards him, but the villain retreated. She didn't let him go and chased after him like a ghost.
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