630 MILF to WILF?

    In the neverending corridor of Infinity Maze, Katherine chased Kiba with a vengeance. The latter smiled in response while leisurely running ahead.

    "Shameless scoundrel! My daughter was right!" Katherine said as her fingers stirred in action, and threads of death energy shot out. "You are the ultimate villain!"

    "Villain and me?" Kiba looked shocked. "How could you mother-daughter duo think of such a thing about a good guy like me?!"

    The threads crisscrossed the path ahead of him and then pierced towards him. Just as they were about to strike him, his body dispersed in golden smoke, and he vanished.

    "Damn him!" Katherine cursed. "If he's good, I can't imagine what bad is!"

    Never had anyone managed to both fluster and anger her like him. This was especially true during the chase that lasted over a thousand miles. He flirted with her with a look of pure innocence whenever she attacked him.

    "The next time I see him, I will blast him!"

    Katherine dashed forward. A few hundred miles ahead was a circle of passages, and she continued, she noticed him again.

    He chose a path towards his right and stepped in, perhaps not noticing her due to the heavy mist.

    "I got the opportunity very soon!"

    Katherine thought as her lips spread into a smile.

    By now, she had got a good idea of his power, so she knew if he was to be taught a lesson, she couldn't afford to hold back.

    Camouflaging herself, she shot in the path he has chosen and lifted her fist. Streams of dreadful energy wrapped around her fist, and she was ready to discharge it at a moment's notice.


    A familiar voice exclaimed ahead. The mist was heavy, but she could make out a male figure, and her lips further curved up into a grin.

    "Take this!" She shouted as she shot out a column of energy.


    An ear-piercing scream followed as the male figure was caught off-guard by the blast of energy. His back arched out, and he smashed into the wall, coughing up blood.

    "Oh, no!" Katherine's face fell.

    She has successfully hit the target, but it was a wrong target, to begin with!

    Because the voice she thought familiar belonged to the man she knew too well!

    Her husband!!


    Now was her time to exclaim. Her body trembled as she noticed the ghastly wound her attack has created in him.

    Suppressing her shock, she arrived before him and stuffed a high-ranking healing pill in his mouth.

    The pill worked instantly, and as he recovered, he cast a confused and fearful look at her.

    First, she attacked him and then healed him.

    Has the maze turned her into some sort of sadist?

    "I..." Katherine didn't know what to say under such circumstances.

    She definitely couldn't tell him she mistook him for a guy that was flirting with her.

    Or maybe she should! It will stop him from blaming her!

    Just then, the mist behind her scattered, and golden smoke appeared.

    "I know you were really excited to inaugurate M.I.L.F. International, but never knew that to do that... you will get rid of all the main hurdle!"

    The voice she knew too well whispered.

    "I'm impressed!"

    "You!" Katherine gnashed her teeth, and her body rippled with explosive powers. "I will kill you!"

    "Kill?!" Alan was scared out of wits.

    She hated him enough to turn herself into a widow?!

    He didn't get time to think as the explosive power hit him and the smoke. The smoke wasn't affected as the power passed through it, but he wasn't that lucky. He slammed directly into the ceiling and vomited blood.


    Katherine exclaimed yet again. In her anger, she had forgotten her husband was nearby!

    "Should I rename M.I.L.F. International into W.I.L.F. International?" The voice from before asked in a soft whisper as she flew up to help her husband.


    Katherine paused before her husband, who was struck in the ceiling, and thought on the acronym.

    Could it be - Widow, I will like to **?!

    As the possibility struck her, her eyes flooded with anger.


    Dazzling power erupted forth her body, and her husband yet again screamed miserably.

    "I take that as yes!" The voice noted.

    Katherine: "..............."

    This time she didn't react at all.

    The smoke left the area.


    A few minutes later, Katherine finally awoke from her trance and helped her husband. The latter was terrified when she handed him healing pills.

    "They don't contain poison," Katherine cleared his doubts. "And trust me, I have no interest in killing the father of my daughter."

    She was an Alpha, and even though the villain had managed to confuse her for a few minutes, she has regained her usual composure.

    "Then why did you attacked after announcing your plan to kill me?!" Alan asked.

    "...It was a misunderstanding," Katherine answered after a short pause. "I said I will kill Kiba and not you! You didn't notice him due to the mist and his strange nature of powers!"

    "Kiba...you mean Dr. NTR?!" Alan was bewildered. "Why will you want to kill him!?"

    Katherine's cheeks flushed red.

    She felt uncomfortable in answering that question.

    As an aristocrat of such high-standing, how can she use words that explain what Dr. NTR wanted from her?

    But she has to answer her husband and she couldn't lie!

    "Because he wants to NTR you!"

    "NTR? What's that?"

    Katherine: "......"


    In the meantime, Kiba resumed his endeavor in the maze. The paths here were misleading, often running in circles. This was why the corridors seemed neverending.

    "Infinity Maze...the maze part is understandable, but why Infinity?"

    He wondered as he stepped into another gate and appeared in what seemed to be an abandoned laboratory.

    "And where's the mausoleum?"


    In another area far away, Ice Queen arrived before a vast gate. Adjacent to it, there were statues of gigantic beasts.

    As she placed her hand on the gate, the statues opened their eyes and turned life-like. They were ready to pounce on her, but even before they could leave their original places, a layer of crystalline ice moved over them.

    Ice Queen moved her hand back as the gate then started opening. Suddenly, her beautiful eyebrows knotted, and she looked at the back of her pearly-white right hand.

    The shard of Cosmic Spark there was thumping loudly.

    It was resonating!
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