632 Who Are You!?

    Dracon was more than taken aback by the appearance of "loli." She was cute and beautiful, but the gothic clothing and the dreadful power emitting off her body terrified him.

    "How can she terrify me?!"

    Dracon roared to free himself from the cold feeling that shackled him.

    "She's only a loli! And I'm an Alpha - a god!"


    The eyes of the girl narrowed, and she waved the whip. Like a menacing snake, the whip lunged at Dracon.

    "Last time you caught me off-guard, but not again!"

    Dracon's body turned into a stream of wind, and he moved past the whip at a frightening speed.

    Stretching his hand forward, a globe of fierce wind appeared in his palm, and he pounced on the loli.

    His shocking speed and power wreaked havoc on the floor as he appeared before the loli. She didn't care about him at all as her attention was on the destruction of the floor.

    Seeing the damage, her beautiful face scowled, and her eyes locked on Dracon just as he was about to smash into her.

    "How dare you ruin my home yet again?"

    Along with the question, the sound of a thunderous slap reverberated. It was because the loli's soft hand hit Dracon on the face!

    His face swelled, and blood erupted out of his mouth while he was sent flying.


    Like a cannonball, his body tore through the wall and emerged outside, only to crash into a building far away.


    The fleeing public was left both frightened and speechless. Frightened because the awe-inspiring Alpha was smashed. Speechless because as he emerged from the building's debris, they could see the red print of a small hand on his face.

    "An Alpha was slapped?!"

    "Am I seeing it, right!?!"

    "No! Alpha is a God! How can he be attacked, much less slapped?!"

    "Yes, your words make sense! Our eyes must be deceiving us!"


    Far away, in the House of Hestia, Lord Harley jumped to his feet.

    He was observing the latest developments through satellite and droids, and what he saw left him really shocked.

    "So I was right!"

    Lord Harley has lived for many years, and as one of the world councilmen, he was smart and sly.

    When he saw Kiba revealing his might to decimate an Alpha and then enter Infinity Maze, he was skeptical. Because Kiba's actions would invoke not only fear but also anger and resentment among the world's power circles.

    Yet, Kiba entered a dimension that was divorced from reality for the next nine hours...leaving behind his daughter and loved ones in danger.

    To confirm his skepticism, Lord Harley sent Dracon to seemingly kidnap Kiba's weakness. In reality, Dracon was just a tool to check the strength of those connected to Kiba.

    "Who is this girl?"

    Lord Harley wondered while observing the live projection. The figure of the loli appeared as she flew out of the building, wielding the whip.

    At Lord Harley's question, the projection's sensors rapidly scanned her appearance through the World Government's vast database. Yet, there was no positive match. It was like she has appeared out of nowhere, without any traces of her existence.

    "Now that's truly surprising!"

    Lord Harley thought.

    "It would seem the balance of power is finally going to break!"


    In the sky, Dracon ran a hand over his swelled face, his eyes surging with unspeakable fury.

    "You intrude into my property and try to destroy it, and yet you dare to be furious?"

    The loli asked while appearing behind Dracon. He rapidly spun around, but he regretted the very instant.


    Another slap hit him, sending him crashing into the road below. Dust and debris surged up as a crater appeared.

    In the distance, the shell-shocked crowd swallowed forcefully.

    "I think our eyes are working fine..."

    "Me too..."

    "Poor Alpha! Last time he was slapped on the left cheek, now even on the right!"

    "I envied him a few minutes ago when he revealed his godly aura! I desperately wanted to be him! But now I'm happy being me!"

    "Same! At least we are not slapped left and right!"

    "That too in public!"


    The chatter of the crowd rang in Dracon's ears as he rose from the crater.

    "These punny weaklings!"

    His fury amplified, and he roared.


    The clothes on his body tore apart, and he started undergoing a monstrous transformation. His aura exploded through the surroundings while his body bulged up.

    "Like destroying the neighborhood wasn't enough, you dare to further ruin the view with your ugly transformation?"

    Amidst the transformation, the whip slashed through the explosive aura and hit Dracon right on the face.


    Dracon's newly transformed body was sent up, making a bloody spectacular arc as blood sprayed out of his mouth.

    The whip chased after him, hitting him before he could stabilize his body.


    He mumbled while smashing through multiple buildings.

    "There's no way this is happening to me!"

    He was a mid-stage Level VII Alpha, and yet he was treated like a baseball by the loli, smacking him again and again.

    How was such a thing even possible?!

    If earlier, he was frightened, he was now **-scared as he looked at the wielder of the whip. The more he looked at her, the stronger the sense of dread grew. He now felt, if he didn't use everything he got, he would definitely die here.

    "Realm of Murderous Winds !" Stretching out his hands on either side, he shouted.

    The air violently twisted, turning into sharp wind blades. Simultaneously, the ground below exploded, erupting with countless terrifying typhoons that joined with the sky.

    Everythook started breaking from the pressure. It was even difficult to breathe.

    But the loli leisurely floated between the typhoons with her eyes closed, as if she was enjoying fine weather. There was no sign of panic on her face.

    Seeing this, Dracon couldn't help but ask, "Just what on Earth are you!?"

    "I'm the one who made Dream Rise House and everything master owns!"

    The loli answered, her eyes snapping open, showing starry pupils.

    "M-master?!" All color drained from Dracon's face as he mumbled. "You have a master?!"

    "Yes! I'm his blade -"


    A strange power intruded through the typhoons, detonating them. The typhoons exploded, echoing out not the explosive sound but a name.

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