633 Could You Wait?

    The typhoons burst apart, and through the wind currents, the loli stepped out.

    "I'm my master's blade - Claudia!"

    Her name rang like a clap of thunder, carrying an imposing presence that made everyone shiver. The surroundings collapsed while space ripped apart, making even Alphas in cities far away surprised.


    An Alpha, hundreds of miles away, looked in her direction while enjoying a cup of tea. Feeling her imposing presence, his eyes constricted, and he exclaimed, "A level VIII Alpha!"


    Another Alpha, who was his companion, exclaimed.

    "I have never heard of her! And you are telling me someone we never knew of is one of the few humans who achieved legendary Level VIII?!"

    The Alpha from before nodded and added, "The real shocking part is that she's only a servant!"

    At the same time, Dracon retreated in pure terror. He was now able to sense her level and knew he lacked the strength to face her.

    "Where do you think are going?" Claudia appeared before him, thrashing the whip out.

    Dracon continued to retreat while creating a windshield.


    The whip was no less than the scythe of a grim reaper, and it quickly tore through the shield.

    His blood turned cold, for as the whip moved at him, the space around him locked.

    "Oh, no!"

    The whip brutally collided with him, and like a burning meteorite, he was sent crashing into the ground.

    "When you destroyed my home - the first dream of my master - I couldn't act."

    Claudia stomped her feet into Dracon's face, smashing his head further into debris.

    "But master assured me... that when the time comes, we will burn everyone responsible for its destruction. And I'm glad, the time came sooner than I ever thought, even though it is in master's absence."

    Dracon was incapable of replying as small pieces of stones flew into his mouth, making him taste dust along with the taste of blood. Still, he was an Alpha, even if nowhere near as strong as Claudia.

    So, he mustered up strength, and as his body sank into the ground, his wind powers exploded out.

    "It is good that you are resting," Claudia remarked with a twisted smile. "It will make things more interesting."

    In the distance, Ashlyn, Agatha, and the twins looked on as the battle commenced.

    "Wow! Claudia has changed!" Lillian said with twinkling eyes. "She's just like daddy now!"

    Agatha was forced to agree with her. The Claudia she knew was cool, calm, and sarcastic, who often made Kiba speechless with her brutal remarks. This didn't change when Kiba finally created a body to store her vast consciousness a year ago.

    "Well, she really cares for her wealth! So, this isn't surprising as daddy is also protective of his wealth!" Madison explained.

    "Though for daddy, real wealth is women with big titties!" Lillian corrected her younger sister.

    "..." Agatha was left speechless while Ashlyn lowered her eyes and observed her chest.

    Her breasts weren't big... but Kiba was really protective of her! So, surely, Lillian was mistaken!


    Infinity Maze.

    In the vast chambers, over twenty Alphas speeded forward. Katherine and her husband were also among them.

    It has been over an hour in the maze, and so far, they haven't really made any progress.

    "We need to find the mausoleum soon!" Katherine stressed while increasing her speed. "Time is running out!"

    "Relax.. we still have almost nine hours---"

    Alan stopped in the middle as the floor suddenly twisted, and hundreds of gigantic thorns pierced out.

    "Watch out!"

    The Alphas backed away, but despite their divine speed, not all of them were fast enough. Faster than lightning, two Alphas were stabbed in the chest - the thorns emerging from the other side of their bodies.

    The Alphas responded quickly with their magical abilities, but the thorns blurred out and escaped before the abilities could activate.

    "Cough!" The injured Alphas vomited blood, their complexions pale. "The thorns are dangerous! They sucked my vitality before escaping!"

    At the same time, the twisting floor split apart, revealing an enormous beast of epic proportions. It was a leviathan!

    The thorns that escaped quickly stabbed into its outer shell.


    The Alphas cursed.

    The thorns weren't stabbing the leviathan. Instead, they were fusing with it. The blood vitality was quickly absorbed by the leviathan, and its eyes snapped open.


    The leviathan grunted and emerged from the floor, viciously eyeing the Alphas. The figures that were gods on Earth were no different than helpless preys in its eyes.

    The Alphas didn't dare swear at the leviathan for looking down on them. Because it indeed had the prestige to consider them as preys.

    For it has survived the destruction of the Celestial Elysian Plane and lived for who knew how many years!


    That was the only thought that ran in the minds of Alphas. Using everything they had, they transformed into streams of lights and retreated.

    This only angered the leviathan. They were its food - their only purpose was serving as nutrients!

    Then how dare they try to run away!?

    Swish! Swish!

    The thorns on its body flickered, and they shot out, rapidly expanding as they chased the Alphas.


    The Alphas responded with their abilities, making the world glitter with a violent glow.

    Katherine unleashed a magical fog that turned into an illusory Life \u0026 Death Gate. With crackling sounds, the gate opened, and beings that have long ceased to exist flooded out.

    The eyes of the leviathan sparkled, and it turned towards Katherine.

    "False gate...but she carries the true essence!" It muttered in an unknown language. "She can quench my thirst!"

    Ignoring the other Alphas, the leviathan rushed at her.


    Katherine's face flickered. An indescribable pressure weighed down on her, making it seem she was about to explode.

    "I might lack the strength to face you, but I'm not helpless prey!"

    Roaring, Katherine channeled her powers and started spinning around. The Life \u0026 Death gate above her expanded further, and an intangible being burst out. This being smashed into the leviathan, emitting an annihilative might that distorted the space and time barrier.

    At the same time, Katherine turned towards Alan to signal him to channel his powers into her.

    Her summoned being won't be able to handle the leviathan, so she needed his help. With their powers combined, she was sure they can definitely escape with their lives.

    But to her shock, when he saw the leviathan rushing at her, he had fled!


    She shouted just as the leviathan defeated her summoned being and appeared before her. She had no choice but to focus back on the leviathan while secretly wondering if her husband heard her call.

    "No choice but to go all out!"

    A sandstorm of energy rippled out of her, coiling her body. Alas, the leviathan was in no mood to give her time to use her best move.

    She was its food...and it couldn't allow her to waste her energy like this.

    Opening its enormous mouth, the leviathan dived its face at her, ready to devour her.

    Given its physical strength, she couldn't escape.


    Katherine knew this was the end. She closed her eyes while unleashing everything she could.

    "I'm sorry, Sophia...I won't be there to see you mature into a beautiful woman..."

    She whispered as a tear escaped her eye.

    "Nor I will be there to witness when you finally marry Zed...but my blessings will remain with you!"

    The leviathan could feel her thoughts, but it didn't care. All it cared was to taste the delicious flesh, and for that, it clenched its teeth.


    Its eyes constricted as a screeching sound rang from its teeth. It was like something has come between them, stopping them from stabbing into the woman.

    "Hey there," A male voice echoed. "She's a future customer of mine. So, could you wait till she has enjoyed herself to death in MILF International?"
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