634 A God?

    Beams of golden light swept through the corridor, landing amidst the teeth that were about to burrow into Katherine. The beams turned into spikes and stopped the teeth from pressing down. This resulted in sparks that brightened the mouth that was no less than an endless tunnel.

    The leviathan was surprised, and it brought its eyes to observe the one who dared interfere in its dinner plan.

    Katherine did the same.

    She knew the voice, and even if she didn't, the style of speaking made the identity of the speaker obvious.

    This shocked her, for she believed if someone attempted to save her - it would be her husband.

    Yet the one who saved at her last moment was the man she considered the ultimate villain.

    With his trademark smile, he emerged hundreds of miles away, totally relaxed.

    "Customer, you need to value your life."

    Kiba lifted his foot to step ahead. Space seemed to compress, for, by the time his foot landed, he was before her.

    "I have been holding off the inauguration of my dream project for you. Treasuring your life is the least you could do."

    If it was some other time, such words would have exploded her rage. But now, she only stared at him, not at all thinking about the innuendo.


    The leviathan's teeth burst through the spikes, and golden shards blew out. With the obstacle gone, the teeth began to press down to turn the two humans into mincemeat.

    "Seems like the poor replica of sea serpent disagrees."

    Kiba slipped a hand on the small of Katherine's back and took a step back. The spatial phenomenon from before repeated, and he was back by thousands of miles, holding Katherine.

    In the meantime, the teeth cut into nothing but thin air, angering the leviathan.


    A monstrous roar echoed out, turning into a shocking sound wave.

    "Oh, please, no need to be so loud," Kiba said, still holding Katherine by her back. "You are disturbing my time with the customer."


    Katherine's eyes fluttered, and her trance-like state broke. She jumped back, separating from Kiba.

    By now, the leviathan was above them, its pressure pouring down crazily.

    "We need to escape!" Katherine spoke telepathically, saving precious seconds in communication.

    "Escape? Why?" Kiba asked without any panic. "Just because this useless sea serpent fails to understand that we are not fish and this place is not a sea?"

    The leviathan was able to listen to the telepathic conversation, and hearing the words filled with contempt, it stopped.

    This human didn't deserve easy death. He needed to be eaten slowly, making him understand the consequences.

    Katherine's complexion paled. The pressure increased multifold, and despite being an Alpha, she was having a hard time resisting.

    "This beast must be at least late-stage Level VIII!" She thought while harnessing into her ocean of powers. "Maybe even pseudo Level IX!"

    This was why every Alpha decided to flee instead of facing the beast. They might be a group of divine mutants, but numbers never made a difference, not even in thousands, against a being of a higher level.

    And when the battle involved an alien creature, even a same-level mutant would be hesitant. Because one has to consider the physique and battle experience! Something no human could compare, definitely not with the leviathan.

    "No! The Alphas might have retreated without major loss if they decide to use everything they had!" Katherine corrected herself while shielding herself with an energy cover. "Many of us have overwhelming abilities! But we need time to use them... and that's a gamble no Alpha is willing to take!"

    She could only sigh in bitterness at her and Kiba's luck. Kiba didn't seem to be bothered, as his smile remained unaffected.

    "That woman understands her place, but not you!" The leviathan spoke while sealing the space for countless miles. "Worry not, for you will understand soon!"

    Three glowing thorns from its body ripped out and shot at Kiba, emitting a chilling force.

    Katherine was a few meters away from him, and as the thorns shot, her lifeforce started depleting. Her protective covering didn't work despite not being a target. She could only imagine what effect the thorns were carrying on their real target.

    "This dimension is not Earth, where you can think of yourself as a god!" The leviathan concluded just as the thorns made contact.

    "A god?"

    The corners of Kiba's mouth further curled up.

    "You are right. The very fact that this place is not Earth... makes me not a god - "

    An indescribable presence surged from him and swirled into the thorns. The life-draining force from them vanished instantly, and simultaneously, they started disintegrating, as if time was accelerated by hundreds of years.

    "But The God!"


    The leviathan slipped backward, shock obvious on its face. It hurriedly unsealed the space it locked a minute ago to restrict Kiba.

    The presence - that was no doubt related to time - swept forward, forcing the leviathan to hurry up.

    While it has thousands of years of lifespan left, it refused to lose even a second. There was no question of risking hundreds of years of life!

    Every moment was precious!

    Otherwise, what was the use of toiling so hard to gain such power?

    Only because of this belief did it survived the tragedy that fell on its race and world.

    The leviathan swung its tail behind as if it was a sword. Space ripped apart, creating a teleportation rift.

    Like an arrow, it then flew towards the rift while eying Kiba.

    Killing him was easy, but the price was not worth it. So, backing away for the moment to contemplate a no-risk alternative was the only choice.

    "I always wanted to know what it feels like to be The God."

    A crushing gravitational force seeped out of Kiba. Instead of suppressing matter, the gravity targetted time, making it slow; and, in turn, slowing the leviathan that was almost in the rift.


    The leviathan didn't feel slow. It felt frozen!

    In typical situations, its speed was no less than that of light! Now it was even slower than a snail.

    "Now is my chance to find out."
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