635 Mindful of Feelings!


    Katherine muttered as the unbelievable scene played out before her eyes.

    The leviathan that forced Alphas to flee... now wanted to escape from Kiba, but wasn't able to!

    "Just what sort of ridiculous game reality is playing?!"

    She asked herself. The only answer she got from herself chilled her to the core.

    Kiba was the devil king in disguise!

    Yes, that would make sense, given everything she knew about him.

    Only the devil king could play with a legendary monster!

    The leviathan, in the meantime, refused to let the incoming torrent of time age it. Its body might be almost frozen from the slowing down of time, but it was still a pseudo Level IX existence.

    There was no way it would let human ridicule it like this.

    The tentacles around its head spread while its mouth opened, shooting out a globe of spatial force.

    "Spatial detonation!"

    The globe shoved into the torrent of time and detonated.


    An explosion followed, powered by the collision of space and time, looking like a rapidly expanding sphere of multicolored lights.

    If such an explosion occurred on Earth, and none blocked it, the entire planet would have been obliterated out of existence.

    Thankfully, it occurred in Infinity Maze, a dimension far stronger than Earth. This didn't mean there weren't consequences.


    The foundation of reality was built on space and time. As the explosion occurred, its shockwaves rippled through the very reality, snaking out cracks.

    The entire maze started quivering intensely, and all types of beings stamped their feet to retain balance.

    Some were unlucky as they fell into the cracks in reality, sinking into a blurred void where there was neither space nor time. Perhaps in such a void, they will be immortal. But it wasn't the type of immortality anyone ever wanted, for it was nothing less than eternal banishment from reality.

    Katherine was also sucked by one of the cracks. She was helpless, like a boat in the middle of a stormy sea.

    "I never took you for a damsel in distress."

    A voice rang in her head as a familiar hand gripped her by the waist again. She looked up, eyeing the ever-smiling Kiba as they flew out of the crack.

    "Neither did I," Katherine replied while clenching her teeth. "But seems like reality wants to toy with me, making you the knight in shining armor again and again."

    "Well, I guess the reality won't stop unless we conclude the play."

    Kiba pulled her closer, his nose brushing hers.

    Conclude the play?

    Katherine's voluptuous chest rose up and down as she thought of how.

    The stories of damsel and knight often ended with a passionate kiss!

    But the kiss was just a censored ending for children. The real uncensored end would mean the action that follows the kiss.

    She visualized him pinning her to the floor with their lips locked, his hands lifting her dress and opening his pants...

    As such a scenario flashed in her mind, her face flushed with anger.

    "I saved you because you are my future customer," Kiba said, her thoughts rather apparent to him. "And not for what you are thinking, you shameless MILF!"

    "Huh?!" Katherine was shocked.

    Kiba didn't save her life to get in her pants? But wasn't that what he wanted?

    "Only uncreative men with no skills would rely on their acts of saving to get what you are thinking," Kiba winked at her. "Not the Chairman of MILF International, for the customers approach him for his service."

    Her eyes turned wide.

    "Shameless scoundrel!"

    She shouted, but her voice was muffled as just then a vast shadow loomed over them.

    It was the leviathan, who broke through the explosion, and ruthlessly pounded its tail out.

    Multiple booms rang out, lashing out a berserk force of epic proportions. Just the shockwaves alone resulted in landslides and tsunamis that further wracked the area.

    In the face of this, Kiba motioned his free hand towards the tail, surging out time-distorting energy.


    The speeding tail seemed to multiply by three.

    The first tail was young and small, just like the leviathan had ages ago when it was young. The third tail appeared old and frail, almost decomposed, as if it was on death's bed. Only the second tail was the same.

    "Intersection of Past, Present, and Future!"

    The leviathan exclaimed in pure shock. It quickly tried to bounce its tail back, for it knew what this ability was capable of.

    Alas, it was too late.

    The three tails intersected, denoting the crash of three streams of time.

    The past became the present, which turned into the future, only to join the past. It became a cycle with no end.

    The leviathan howled in pain.

    The cycle might not seem dangerous from a bystander's point of view, but the leviathan was suffering the worst crisis since the tragedy that fell on the Celestial Elysian Plane.

    Because one moment its tail was young, full of life and vitality, then mid-aged, more powerful but old, and then withered, with life almost drained.

    It was a vicious cycle, making it experience the three extreme stages of life.

    The leviathan's entire body wriggled, and spit flew out of its mouth nonstop.

    Katherine's complexion changed.

    Just how powerful was Kiba to turn a powerful predator like the leviathan into a helpless prey?

    "Is he Level IX?!"

    What she didn't know was in the 'present form,' he was still Level VII.

    The only reason he could toy with a pseudo Level IX being was that his powers were Cosmic in nature. The leviathan's strength was Divine in nature, similar to any mutant that derived strength from Divine Particles. In the pyramid of power, Divine Particles were located far below than Cosmic.

    Naturally, with Kiba partly able to wield the omnipotent ability known as Cosmic Manipulation, there were very few who could face him. This was especially true in a dimension that wasn't restricted by a mechanism like that of Earth.

    Only if he met a being of Hyperion's standing would he face an obstacle here. Or any human with powers similar to his.

    Something unlikely...


    The leviathan couldn't handle the suffering any longer. It knew what it has to do to end the suffering, something it didn't wish to.

    Having no choice, the leviathan whipped the tentacles on its head. They stretched out like beams of light and stabbed the tail.


    The tail seemed to be nothing but a bag of blood. It exploded, spilling out glowing green blood.

    The vicious cycle ended. At the exact moment, the leviathan took another action.

    Fleeing was not an option as the leviathan knew Kiba wouldn't allow it. Not unless Kiba felt what it must feel like to be The God.

    Pumping more energy into tentacles, the leviathan spread them out, forming a web all around. Not only it imprisoned Kiba and Katherine, but itself as well.

    Simultaneously, the countless thorns on its body pierced the tentacles, barbing them. Vicous liquid sprayed from the tentacles from the barbing, corroding the thorns and releasing a foul smell.

    "What is it doing?!" Katherine asked telepathically to converse lightning fast.

    "Getting serious," Kiba replied.

    "?" Katherine looked at him.

    "It is turning the battlefield into its world," Kiba explained. "In simple terms, it is merging this zone of dimension with its body to become its ultimate master."

    "Then stop it before the merging completes!" Katherine urged.

    From the words he spoke, she knew the merging was different than Domain or even Realm Alphas used to impose their wills. She didn't know how different, but she was sure it was far more dangerous.

    Stopping the leviathan while they still can... that was a smart thing to do!

    "But that would make the leviathan sad!" Kiba refused with a solemn expression. "I can't hurt its feelings!"

    Katherine: "........"

    You are saying that after toying with the leviathan?

    Also, just from when did you start caring about the feeling of others?

    If you were so mindful of feelings, my daughter and I would not have considered you as the shameless villain!

    Nor the poor husbands would be cursing you nonstop!

    Katherine was indeed right.

    If he was really mindful of feelings, many things wouldn't have happened, and many events could be avoided, especially the formation of Cuckold Union in the near future.

    But that was a story for another day.
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