640 Get Your Jollies From Elsewhere!

    The Alphas mood was somber, but hearing the question from Zed, they snickered and laughed. They forgot their troubles and started having fun.

    They were considered Gods. All they ever received was reverence, even from those who hated them.

    Naturally, no one would ever think of making a joke on them, much less actually taunt them in open.

    But now, a kid who was only a Beta has humiliated one of their ranks!

    So, how could they resist schadenfreude and not enjoy this fresh sight?

    Flame Kings expression twisted, and flames literally burst out of his eyes.

    This damn child! How dare he humiliate me like this?

    "Why arent you answering, sir?" Zed blinked innocently at Flame King.

    Seeing the twisted expression, Zed was further confused.

    He couldnt help but wonder aloud:

    "Could it be that you dont even know whose bastard you are?!"



    "Oh, boy! This question would burn even Flame King!"

    "How could it not? Poor guy doesnt even know who his father is!"

    "But he should be happy though!"


    "After all, this question proves his mom was super popular!"


    The Alphas laughed so loud that their faces started aching. Some of them leaned on one another and looked at Zed.

    This kid was such a refreshing change from the usual sycophancy!

    "A pity he would get himself killed!" The Alpha named Xero remarked. "But I will make sure the world hears about him! Haha!"

    Many echoed his sentiments.

    While they admired Zed, it didnt mean they would protect him. After all, protecting would mean establishing an antagonistic relationship with Flame King. They didnt fear Flame King, but there was no need to have an extra enemy, especially in a place like this where danger lurked in every corner.

    Zed wasnt worth it!

    As the Alphas laughed, the expression of Flame King turned unsightly.

    Never before has he become the butt of jokes! And never before has his silence cost him his reputation like this.

    Slowly, he walked in the direction of Zed, his every step leaving behind flaming prints.

    "If you think the name of your mother would protect you, then you are in for a deadly surprise!"

    Flame King said when he was just a few hundred meters away.

    Zed blinked again, this time in confusion.

    It was like he couldnt understand why Flame King was angry at him.

    "I dont know what you mean," Zed replied with a pleasant smile. "But as far as protection goes, I dont need to rely on my mothers name."

    "Then die!" Flame King shouted.

    A beam of fire blasted out of his left eye, rippling out heat that could melt a planets core.

    "Zed!" Katherine jumped up to block it.

    But she reacted far too late, and as the beam approached Zed, she knew her daughters heart was going to shatter!

    He couldnt survive despite having abilities related to fire. Because the beam was enough to burn even a pseudo Alpha!

    Just then, something happened that made her stop in her tracks. Flame Kings eyes almost popped out. As for the rest of the Alphas, they forgot even to breathe.

    The beam has stopped just a hairsbreadth away from Zeds forehead!

    Being Alphas, they could naturally feel it wasnt stopped by Zed or any protective treasure he might possess.

    The one to stop it was the maze!

    To be precise, it was the energy that powered the phantoms whenever they were about to be crushed.

    Everyone but Zed was shocked. His expression was the same as ever, like what happened was only obvious.

    "How could this be?!" Flame King asked aloud.

    Alan stared at Zed.

    The boy his daughter liked was really strange!

    Katherine landed back while eyeing Zed.

    "You didnt allow me to complete," Zed looked at Flame King. "I dont need to rely on my mothers name here because she wouldnt allow me to be killed."

    "She?" Flame King was sure the "she" wasnt Rebecca.

    "Ah!" Zed smiled and raised his eyes to focus on the barrier. "It seems they dont know about your play here."

    "?!" Katherine and pretty much everyone felt a chill down their spines.

    They followed Zeds line of sight but saw no one, except for the phantoms forming the barrier.

    Surely he must be mistaken!

    They barely thought this when a rift emerged in the barrier, and an enormous face flew out.


    Everyone stumbled backward, their eyes filled with disbelief and shock. They have checked the top-secret records and read about the omnipresent face that resided in a dimension linked to all World Fragments.

    "Reverend Enchantia?!" Flame King muttered.

    Obviously, this face was none other than Enchantia. Ignoring the stunned Alphas, she approached Zed.

    In her presence, the beam of fire that floated before Zed vanished, and the backlash hit Flame King, making him cough blood.

    "Am I the only one to feel dj vu?" Zed wondered as she arrived before him.

    She ignored his statement and said, [[I was expecting something different than you not acting at all.]]

    "You mean something like what happened in the core region?" Zed asked with an amused smile.

    Enchantia didnt reply, but he obviously knew the answer.

    "Sorry if it hurts you, but Im not here to provide you jollies," Zed looked past Enchantia and pointed at the Alphas. "They are, so get it from them."


    Katherine checked if her ears were working fine. Thanks to the shameless villains influence, her knowledge of s.e.x.u.a.l slangs and innuendos expanded. And hearing jollies, she wondered if it was what she thought.

    "No, it cant be! This is Zed speaking! Not that villain!"

    Jollies also have meanings that werent at all related to s.e.x.u.a.l gratification! So, why did she only thought of the innuendo?

    "That villain has corrupted my thinking!" Katherine realized.

    The other Alphas, on the other hand, thought of what Zeds statement implied.

    Enchantia smiled and replied, [[They are here for another reason.]]

    "Which will also give you what you desperately need," Zed said, his eyes flashing with a wicked glint. "Something you clearly cant have enough."


    Zed walked past her and moved towards the barrier. Enchantia followed and said, [[Dont think for a moment I will interfere and provide you special treatment.]]

    "Does it also include the absurd changes you made?" Zed asked.

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