641 An Icy Figure

    There was a seemingly boundless mausoleum at the center of Infinity Maze, covered with a black fog that reeked of death.

    According to ancient records, here the Nine Great Sovereigns found the good fortune that made them what they are  living legends. Naturally, this became the ultimate destination for everyone who entered the maze, especially the Alphas.

    Alas, the path to here was no less than an impossible puzzle, filled with dangers that could destroy Alphas in both body and spirit.

    Presently, innumerable ice petals flew towards here like a blizzard, forming an unbelievably gorgeous sight that would put even the most beautiful natural scenery on Earth to shame.

    The fog stirred, unmoved by the beauty. It churned out an arc of black energy that was enough to slice through everything in existence.

    The ice petals stopped in mid-air, joining together to transform into Ice Queen.

    Her enchanting eyes remained indifferent, and she lifted her pearly-white hand. A bolt of ice dazzled out and crashed into the black arc, freezing it into a massive block of ice.


    The frozen arc smashed into the ground, shattering into chunks of ice.

    "So, you are a being of Divine Rank." A voice emerged from the fog as its attack was destroyed. "Or in human terms, an Alpha. Not bad."

    Ice Queen landed on the ground and walked above the chunk of ice, causing brittle sound of cracking.

    Seeing her react like this, the voice from the fog spoke again.

    "While not bad, you havent met the criteria."

    The fog split from the middle, revealing countless tombs. One of the tombs near the entrance opened, and a five-headed grotesque man crept out.

    "Only those with Legacies of Ancient Ones are allowed to enter. Something you refused to accept as your presence here implies."

    The voice spoke as the grotesque man pulled his weapon- a barbed club.

    "That means you arent worthy to exist."

    The grotesque man shot at Ice Queen, swinging out the club. There were no fluctuations of energy nor violent tremors. Yet, it was evident the club carried the strength to bulldoze an entire planet.

    This was only natural for this man was a member of the Xin race. This race protected the royalty of Celestial Elysian Plane, acting as bodyguards.

    The death-like state has weakened the grotesque man, but even then, his strength was enough to rival a genuine Level IX mutant.

    In the face of attack from such a powerful race, the indifference in Ice Queens eyes disappeared, only to be replaced by something different.

    It wasnt panic or fear as the voice in the fog expected. Instead, it was amus.e.m.e.nt, like a child shows in the face of a new toy.

    The grotesque man was already in front of her, his club smashing from the side. Ice Queens hand moved at impossible speed, pressing down on the club.

    A layer of frost emerged, moving to wrap the entire club.

    "My worthiness doesnt matter."

    She spoke for the first time, using a soul-stirring voice that was melodious and yet heartless.

    "Your does."

    The grotesque man felt a menacing chill spreading from the club to his hand, numbing his nerves.

    He refused to believe it, as no matter how strong or divine ice energy was, it couldnt freeze his weapon made from precious metals. Not to mention, his own physique was enough to resist any form of freezing. So how can a chill affect him?

    His heads multiple eyes moved from the figure of Ice Queen to the club, and as he saw the ice, he was frightened.

    The ice wasnt white or transparent. It was totally different from any type of ice he has ever seen or heard of.

    It was pitch-black, blacker than the darkest night, yet radiating an ominous glow.

    "Eternal Darkness!" The voice from the fog exclaimed.

    At the same time, the grotesque man let go of the club and opened his mouths.

    He was a man of many methods, and despite being shocked, he didnt lose his composure. With the enemy so close, he knew it was an opportunity he couldnt miss.

    Blinding flashes of fog boomed out of his mouths, instantly blasting into her. He shot back, not waiting for the explosion to ensue.

    But there was no explosion or anything.

    A deadly sense of premonition filled him, and he looked at Ice Queen.

    The darkness responsible for the tragedy of his home glowed in her eyes while black ice blossomed under her feet.

    The fog he shot floated in front of her, in the form of black icicles.

    "Just what are you?!"

    The voice from the fog demanded.


    In the hall.

    Zed arrived before the barrier while speaking to Enchantia. Behind, the usually clam Alphas lost their composures, stunned by the statements Zed made.

    "Absurd changes does he means to say Reverend Enchantia made that strange rule because of him?!"

    Flame King refused to believe it.

    "That kid is deluding himself!"

    "Really?" Katherine asked with a sly smile. "Have you forgotten she just saved him from your attack?"

    Flame Kings body shook.

    "This is bad!"

    He might be legendary out there, but in front of Enchantia, he was literally nothing. If Zed requested her to punish him, he might be done for!

    "Im an Alpha! Why couldnt I have used my brains and remained silent?!"

    Flame King violently slapped himself for his stupidity.

    "It is all Kurtis fault! Had I not empathized with that stupid cuck, I wouldnt have antagonized Zed!"

    The other Alphas were stunned.

    An Alpha was punishing himself? And for what? Mocking a Beta?


    If that wasnt embarrassing enough, he was even blaming poor Kurtis!

    How shameful!

    Every Alpha felt Flame King has thrown away his honor, but they didnt waste time to gloat.

    [[I thought you will appreciate the changes.]] Enchantia replied.

    "We both know why you made them," Zed placed a hand on the barrier. "And it definitely wasnt for my appreciation."

    [[..]] Enchantia let out a sigh and said, [[I was only trying to lighten the mood.]]

    Zed didnt bother to reply. He knew just how she wanted to lighten the mood  by making him a target of others greed, similar to what she did in the core region.

    This time the players would have been far more powerful, and she hoped to enjoy herself. Perhaps even get a few orgasms.


    Zed took a deep breath and reminded himself he was Zed and not Kiba. Such thoughts didnt suit his character.

    He retraced his hand, but just then, vibrations emerged from his chest, and his vision darkened.

    A dark world of ice appeared.

    Spikes of black ice emerged from the frozen ground, turning into an icy throne, just so that a woman could have a seat!

    The scene appeared in his vision, only for an instant, and then disappeared. The vibrations stopped, and his sight returned.

    "What was that?"

    Zed wondered. He looked at Enchantia, but she seemed oblivious or at least pretended to be.

    "Reverse the changes," Zed said, rather firmly. "And stop interfering."

    [[Sighs~ Fine.]]

    Enchantia relented. She wanted to have some fun before she got to the serious part but realized she would be disappointed.

    The Alphas were stunned further.

    Just what was going on here?

    How could Zed speak to Enchantia like this without any consequences?

    And she even agreed to his demands?! Demands and not requests!

    "Is she the same Reverend Enchantia from the records?" Alan asked his wife.

    "yes, the one and only," Katherine replied wryly. "I guess the stories of what happened in the core region were true."


    The barrier shattered, and the phantoms flew out.

    Since Zed was the closest, a few phantoms eyed him evilly, their incorporable claws flashing brightly.

    "!!" Katherines expression changed.

    This time Zed was in real danger! Enchantia wouldnt intervene to save him!

    Ignoring the phantoms charging at her, she turned into a beam of light and speeded forward.


    She had only crossed halfway when twenty phantoms crashed into her from the sides.

    "Get lost!" Katherine released her full powers.

    She couldnt allow her daughters heart to break!

    Meanwhile, only one phantom acted against Zed while the others stood still.

    That phantom swept its claw at Zed, and he quickly ducked, letting it pass over him. Flames burst under his feet, and using it as a propelling force, he plunged into the phantom with his right fist.

    The phantom smiled wickedly.

    It was an incorporable existence. Only when it wanted did its body parts turned materialistic!

    This kid with flame abilities could forget about landing any damage! As for destroying it, it was impossible even for those Alphas!


    Zeds fist passed right through its chest, but instead of completely passing through, he stopped it in mid-chest.

    The fist then erupted with sizzling golden flames!

    "I always wanted to see if this works," Zed said with a polite smile. "Thank you for giving me the opportunity."

    A large volume of flame exploded out, creating an enormous hole in the phantoms body.

    The heat the golden flames emanated startled other phantoms and even Alphas. Because they were melting the very essence of the phantom.

    Zed didnt waste time. Given the element of shock, now was the best time to handle the nearby phantoms.

    Jumping above the burning phantom, he stretched his hands and started spinning, forming a tornado of flames.


    Golden flames blasted outwards and took the shocked phantoms in their embrace.


    The phantoms wailed as their bodies caught fire.

    "You got to be kidding me!"

    Flame King slapped himself again.

    This time it was to awaken himself from whatever nightmare this reality was. Because there was no way the flames of that kid could do what even his cant!

    "Im seeing things!" He told himself when the scene didnt change. "This is only an illusion!"

    There was another person who was equally shocked like him, though for another reason.

    It was Katherine!

    She has escaped the attacking phantoms and closed the distance with Zed to save him. But now with the flames so close to her, she sensed something she didnt dare believe.

    "This isnt true!"

    Katherine muttered to herself.

    "The flames cant be carrying the presence of that villain!"
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