644 Unforgivable Sin!

    "Lady Katherine, are you alright?" Zeds voice ringed in her ears.

    She opened her eyes and found Zed before her, looking at her with warmth and concern.

    That made her feel like she was sick and behaving erratically.

    Otherwise, why else would she behave like this?

    But she was sure she wasnt sick nor she could be faulted. Perhaps except for being a poor judge of character.

    "Looks can be deceptive! How could I forget something so basic?"

    Katherine asked herself.

    "Greatest conmen always seem warm and sincere! Thats how they fool the world!"

    She reminded herself.

    "Lady Katherine, whats wrong with you?" Zed asked yet again.

    Katherine stop talking to herself and looked at him. He seemed confused, and this baffled her.

    Surely he knows that knowing his secret has shaken her to the core. So why is he looking at her like that?

    "Or maybe Im crazy and delusional!" Katherine whispered. "There is no way he could be Kiba!"

    Her gaze moved to the side, and she observed the sorry state of ice and obstacles. All of them were crushed and lingered with traces of golden energy.

    Golden meant she wasnt crazy!

    "Are you trying to break my mind?!"

    Katherine started backing away.

    She seemed to forget she was an Alpha and could easily disappear from here.

    "How can you accuse me of such a thing?" Zed was hurt by her accusation.

    Katherine continued retreating while being careful of him.

    "Watch out!" Zed suddenly warned.

    "Stop deceiving me!" Katherine didnt stop backing away.

    She knew he was fooling her yet again!

    But he wasnt, not this time.

    Just a meter behind her was a shard of ice protruding from the icy floor. She didnt notice it, and as one of her heels entangled with it, she stumbled.


    Katherine fell hard on the floor with her legs raised. Her skirt lifted up a bit, exposing her drool-worthy legs and a bit of her glistening thighs.

    Given her powers, she naturally wasnt harmed in the slightest, but embarrassment was a different matter.

    She looked over her raised legs and saw Zed before her. He was looking at heror maybe between her skirt!

    If it was Zed alone, he wouldnt do such a thing. But he was also the shameless Kiba!

    Who could say he didnt check her silky white panties? Or admired her arousing curves?

    She quickly lowered her legs and adjusted her skirt.

    Zed crouched to her side and politely said, "I wasnt deceiving you."

    Katherine looked at him, not knowing what to say.

    "The floor must be cold."

    Ever being the kind gentleman, Zed warmly offered her his hand.

    She didnt take it and instead looked in his eyes. There was the familiar innocence she was so fond of, but there was also the devilish glint she knew too well.

    Just who was he?

    Zed or Kiba?

    Which one was real?

    Zed looked back at her, and she lifted her back to rise. But she didnt fully, only rising enough to come eye-to-eye with him.

    Her gaze moved down his eyes and arrived on his lips.

    They were different from Kiba like the rest of him, and yet they were so familiar. She knew how electrifying they felt, how they tasted when pressed against hers, and the effect they carried.

    Her gaze moved from them and once again focused on his eyes.

    A silent pause arrived between them. Neither of them did anything except stare at each other.

    Cold breaths continued to escape from their mouths and collide, but instead of turning into ice, sparks erupted.

    Before they knew it, their lips also collided for a hungry kiss.

    Her lips frantically squeezed against his, feeling a delicious sensation that made her hot and excited.

    Her hands moved to his face, and she held him tightly, afraid the kiss might end.

    Her fears were unfounded, for he had also initiated the kiss with the same passion. She realized it as he swept his tongue out and pressed between her lips. Her lips opened, and his tongue wantonly dived into her mouth, soon entangling with her tongue.

    He took hold of her waist and pulled her closer to him, so close that she fell on top of him. In turn, his body slipped to the floor, holding her as the kiss turned hotter.

    Her chest pressed against his, and she could feel her n.i.p.p.l.es protruding almost out of her blouse and making contact with him. This took her excitement to another level. It resulted in a mini-orgasm that washed over her neves and curl up her toes.

    She celebrated the orgasm by shoving her slippery tongue in his mouth, and he wrapped his arms around her, holding her in the pangs of pleasure.

    Seconds passed, and below her stomach, she felt something very hard and long pressing against her, and she moved one of her hands from his face to the zip of his pants.

    She quickly pulled the zipper down, and his c.o.c.k sprang out, towering upwards.

    As she touched it, she was amazed by the sheer thickness that her fingers couldnt fully wrap. She hurriedly brought her other hand to it. After wrapping both hands, she began to massage up and down the incredible length, appreciating the hardness and throbbing heat.

    Just this much made her tantalized p.u.s.s.y tingle, and juices leak out, staining her panties. She could only imagine what effect having him inside would do.

    "He would tear me apart!"

    She thought as she broke the kiss to breathe.

    "I might be able to handle it, but what about Sophia?"

    She visualized the taboo scene of her daughters n.a.k.e.d body entangling with his, his c.o.c.k buried deep inside her.

    "Ohhhhh godddd!"

    Katherine cried as the scene sent her adrenaline flying pasts the limits, and she reached the peak of ecstasy.

    Her body shook, and her heart thumped loudly.

    A storm of pleasure exploded through every cell of her body, and she yelped.

    "Oh no! What have I done?!"

    The orgasm was mind-blowing, and it cleared her mind. Her shaking body turned into a prismatic beam of light, and she disappeared, appearing some hundred meters away from Zed.

    "How can I let l.u.s.t control me?!"

    She asked herself while leaning against a wall.

    The pleasure has overwhelmed her, and she could barely move. But she knew she committed an unforgivable sin.

    There was no justification for it, none.

    "I betrayed Sophia!"

    She eyed her daughters love as he rose to his feet and turned towards her. Their eyes made contact, and she didnt dared maintain it, afraid he would see her shame. Or do worse  ignite the spark of l.u.s.t!

    Her head lowered, and she closed her eyes.

    "Sophiaforgive me."

    She whispered while trying to suppress the pleasure flooding through her.

    Just then, a hand slipped from behind and wrapped her taut midriff. Another hand ran over her soft arm, caressing it as a face nuzzled in her neck.


    Katherine was dumbstruck. Her eyes moved to the side, and she caught a glimpse of strands of golden hair.


    She barely managed to say as he took her earlobe between his lips and bit down.

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