19 Felicity Weisz Part 1

    Lager Kestone never thought he would be insulted in such a way. He did think it was wrong of him to ask Kiba about his secrets but surely Kiba doesn't have to humiliate him in such a way!

    Lager Kestone wanted to teach him a lesson, but then he thought of the report which specified how powerful Kiba was, and then he also thoughts of the plans he has for Kiba a few months later. He controlled his emotions and took his leave after reminding Kiba to not miss the beauty pea-gent.

    "As I thought, he has some malicious plans for me," Kiba thought when the old man left.

    He has angered Lager Kestone on purpose. If Lager's aim was only to earn Kiba's favor than the former wouldn't bother any longer after hearing Kiba's insults. But the fact that he still invited him for Miss Delta even after such humiliation made it more likely of him having some malicious intent.

    After a few minutes, Kiba cleared his mind and once again started enjoying the food. The meat dishes were made from the flesh of mutant beasts' so they were extremely beneficial for mutants like Kiba who need more nutrients. The stronger the power the more energy one need to intake.

    Meghan Adley didn't know what to do. She was conflicted if she should continue to sit with Kiba or not. She was a fashion model, so she couldn't dare to be in the company of someone who has offended the biggest fashion tycoon in the city. Lager Kestone was not someone she could offend. He was someone who has full control over every fashion model's destiny in Delta City.

    But then she thought how Lager Kestone has invited Kiba to be a judge even after the humiliation.

    "Even Lager Kestone didn't dare to offend Kiba so my initial decision is right. I need to be under Kiba's wings!" Meghan Adley decided.


    Carole gave a deep sigh when her sources informed her about the small episode between Kiba and Lager Kestone.

    "He always likes to create trouble. I will have to entertain Sir Lager," Carole said to Hank Webley. Their table was at the center of the hall next to the stage. Hank and Carole were accompanied by three young people out of which one was a young lady.

    Carole was the chief secretary of Hank Webley and the power she held in White Angel Corporation wasn't to be underestimated. But she felt helpless seeing Kiba causing one trouble after another in the span of few hours.

    "Carole, there is no need. Kiba would have his reasons for causing the scene," Hank Webley said. He knew Kiba wasn't as reckless as he showed to be.

    Hank Webley was an old fox, so he knew there was more to the situation, especially seeing Lager Kestone's behavior.

    "Kiba is interesting," The young lady in her early twenties said. She was sitting next to Carole.

    The two young men sharing the same table had an ugly expression on their face after hearing her words. They were trying to earn her favor but now she was finding a stranger interesting!

    "Felicity, haven't you heard how dangerous Kiba is?" One of the young men said to the young lady. He has a handsome face with brown hairs.

    "Gante, you need to find some excitement in life. Life is boring if we don't have danger in it," Felicity said. She was a raven-haired beauty with fair skin complexion.

    "Lady Felicity, I am afraid Sir Gante is right regarding Sir Kiba," Carole said.

    She couldn't let Felicity be a part of any scandal otherwise the Senator would definitely blame White Angel Corporation. The senators acted as a people's representative for World Government on the global scale.

    The power wielded by the senators wasn't to be underestimated which is why Felicity was given such treatment by Hank as she is the only daughter of Senator Patrick Weisz.

    "Carole, don't act like my mom!" Felicity said.

    "You want to meet Kiba?" Hank asked Felicity. How he could not know how young girls were always attracted to the bad boys?

    "Yes! Uncle Hank, you are the best!" Felicity excitedly said.

    "Let's go. I have a meeting with him later on anyway, so I might as well introduce you to him," Hank said with a smile. Actually, Hank was waiting for one more guest for the meeting, but he didn't mention it.

    "Sir Hank..." Carole didn't know how to stop her boss. The expression of two young men was getting more and more ugly.

    They have heard the legends of Kiba, and they were afraid Kiba would seduce Felicity.

    "If a woman has a taste of Kiba's cock once, then she would be always his cock's slave! She would never be satisfied with another cock!" This was an urban legend among the youths of high society. Supposedly the legend originated from the mouths of rich wives.

    The two young men were trying to earn Felicity's favor so how can they see their crush becoming a slave?

    "I will protect her!"

    "I will not allow her to become a slave!"

    "I am ready to die if I can protect Felicity from Kiba's clutches!"
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