76 Kind & Naive

    The house of Daniel and Sarah was built in an area of some 3000 sq.feet. The outer perimeter was surrounded by an invisible electromagnetic force field to prevent all forms of intrusion. There were even fighting droids and drones constantly on guard to look out for an intruder.

    Inside the drawing room, Daniel and Sarah were kneeling on the floor. Kiba was crouching in front of them but he suddenly turned his face back after hearing a familiar voice.

    "Agatha?! How..." Kiba muttered in disbelief.

    Daniel was also shocked by the sudden entrance of Sarah inside. He couldn't understand how she could enter after all the security arrangements.

    "Have the security equipment failed?" Daniel thought this could explain how both Kiba and Agatha could barge in.

    Agatha ignored thieir shocked reactions. With a sigh, she said,"Kiba, let us return."

    "Return? I still have to settle a score," Kiba got over his surprise.

    "You have punished them enough," Agatha walked towards him and said," There is no need to ruin them further."

    Agatha was able to realize what he planned to do after thinking of the events at the restaurant, the words he told before leaving, and his dreams.

    She could also guess why he wanted to destroy Sarah's marriage.

    The pain of a physical injury is temporary and so is the loss of financial resources. Even death is also momentary.

    Kiba wanted to give the couple an eternal pain by taking away what they truly cared about. He wanted them to experience humiliation and trauma they have never faced.

    "I refuse," Kiba stood up from the floor and opened his cell phone.

    "No!" Sarah screamed again. Her eyes were filled with tears as she continuously begged.

    Agatha snatched away the cell phone before he could press 'send'.

    "Agatha, return my phone," Kiba coldly said.

    "You have to indulge your love with all her wishes when she is pregnant with your child," Agatha caressed his face with her fingers as she continued,"Surely you won't deny me the right to be indulged?"

    Daniel and Sarah have their eyes wide open.

    "She is truly pregnant with his child?" Daniel muttered. He has thought it was just a false rumor when he ran the news.

    Agatha has a smile on her face but Kiba could see the firmness in her eyes. If it was someone else he would have used force but not with Agatha. He gritted his teeth and walked towards the exit.

    "Phew~" Agatha walked behind him and said, "Thank god I still have some charm left."

    Daniel was still in his Lizard transformation. After looking at the situation, he was sure he could use Agatha and the child inside her to take away the recording Kiba has.

    Without any warning, he jumped up and dashed towards Agatha. Kiba has just reached the door when he felt Daniel catching up to Agatha.

    Just as he was about to use his powers, his expression turned into shock.

    "This is..."

    Daniel tried to catch Agatha but his body passed right through her.

    "Intangibility?" Daniel muttered. He turned his body back and saw Agatha having a cold expression on her face.

    His eyes also noticed the look of horror on his wife which startled him.

    "Daniel...what happened to you?" Sarah's face has lost color.

    "What do you mean?" Daniel was having a bad premonition. He looked at his body parts and was terrified by the discovery.

    His body has become transparent like a ghost. It was like he was a phantom with no materialistic existence.

    "W-what?!" Daniel felt his scalp turning numb.

    "Am I really that much of an easy target?" Agatha's voice was full of coldness as she arrived in front of Daniel, "I saved you and your wife after what you have done to me but yet you dare to target me again?"

    Agatha pushed her right hand towards lizard-form Daniel's heart. His body was like a ghost but when her palm gripped his heart; the heart materialized.

    "Ahhh!" Daniel felt a pain he has never felt in his life.

    His breathing turned hectic and his entire body lost color. He transformed into his normal self but the pain increased further.

    The veins on his body were shivering as the blood flow turned chaotic.

    "Urghhhh!" Daniel continued to scream like a pig being slaughtered. Agatha's face was cold as she applied more force on him.

    "Please spare him," Sarah's forehead was on Agatha's heels, "He is the father of my children."

    Agatha's expression remained cold and she further increased the pressure on Daniel's heart. Daniel's face was filled with blood, foam, and sweat.

    "Please...you are about to become a mother. You should know the importance of a father in a child's life," Sarah pointed at her family portrait and said,"I beg you. Please let him go."

    Agatha looked at Sarah's begging expression and then the family portrait.  She gave a deep sigh and freed her grasp on Daniel's heart.

    With a thump sound, Daniel fell on the floor.

    "There would be no forgiveness next time," Agatha said, "I swear that on my child."

    "Thank you," Sarah wiped her tears and proceeded to help her husband.


    Agatha arrived in front of Kiba and said, "Let us return."

    Kiba nodded his head and the two of them were surrounded in rays of white light.

    When Agatha opened her eyes, she found themselves in the bedroom of their apartment.

    After washing her face in the washroom,  she returned to the bedroom.  She noticed Kiba was still angry.

    "I am sorry for forcing you in public," Agatha apologized. She could understand that his pride and ego would have been hurt after she forced him to change his decision.

    "You think I am angry because you hurt my ego?" Kiba looked at her and said," I don't want to admit but your existence is far important than my ego and pride. So there is no question of me feeling hurt for you changing my decision."

    "Then why are you so angered at me?" Agatha asked.

    "Because you are far too kind," Kiba lied down on the bed and said, "The world would never reciprocate your kindness. You already experienced it but yet you spared Daniel."

    "I couldn't bring myself to devoid his children of their father," Agatha lied beside him and said, "I thought what if my role was reversed with Sarah, and I felt frightened."

    "That's why you are naive" Kiba placed his hand on her belly, "If the roles were reversed then you can be sure that no one will spare us or our child."

    "I..." Agatha knew what he said was the truth, "I promise to never repeat today's behavior again. "

    " It is fine if you learned the lesson.  Honestly, you should have just allowed me to deal with things," Kiba said with a sigh. He could understand her thinking so he truly didn't blame her.

    "I would never allow you that," Agatha's voice suddenly turned firm.

    "Hmm?" Kiba was surprised.

    "I don't want you to become a monster due to me or Hope," Agatha said in a solemn tone. She was aware he wanted to ruin Sarah's life in order to take revenge for her.

    But such an act could haunt him throughout the life since the mental burden would be far too high. This was the main reason why she stopped him from publishing the news clip.

    "What are you talking about? I did what I did because I wanted to," Kiba refuted.

    "You think I didn't notice the guilt in your eyes when we talked after the news was out," Agatha has a smile on her face, "I know you far better than you give me credit for."

    "You are right about the guilt I felt for you, but you are wrong if you think I will feel haunted or remorseful for ruining someone else's life," Kiba said.

    Agatha was startled by his words.

    "My sense of wrong and right is far different from yours or others in the world," Kiba explained further, "Otherwise you think I can pursue my dreams in our society?"

    Agatha couldn't help but smile. Indeed his way of thinking was far too different.

    "Yet I still like you," Agatha lied on his chest and said, "You have truly brainwashed me."

    "Here I thought you brainwashed me seeing how docile I am now," Kiba smiled as well.

    "Still I hope you don't turn to the dark side ever again," Agatha ran her fingers on his face, "I like the skirt chaser Kiba more than the cold-hearted Kiba I saw at Sarah's house."
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