111 Tired

    "What is going on?" Kurtis couldn't believe the state of Akshobhya. Just a minutes ago, he was a healthy middle-aged man filled with vigor and vitality.

    Now, in the span of a minute, he has transformed into an ancient man. His body was rotten and filled with wrinkles while his eyes were cloudy.


    Kurtis looked above and his eyes turned wide in disbelief. The dome was cracking apart and from what Kurtis could tell, the dom has undergone vicissitudes of time.


    Kurtis looked down and saw the floor similarly cracking in fragments.

    He then remembered how the dome and floor were connected to the blood cubes and crystal platform, which in turn, were linked with Akshobhya.

    "Such powerful decaying force," Kurtis was further horrified as he saw the storage beads on Akshobhya were similarly rotting away.


    The dark expanse of outer space was cold and desolate but it has its own beauty and charm. The twinkling of the stars and the outline of the planets were mesmerizing to the soul.

    Alas, Kiba couldn't enjoy this celestial sight. He hovered above Earth's orbit surrounded by a golden column of light.

    His eyes were closed as blood trickled out of them. His face was pale with exhaustion and droplets of sweat oozing down mixed with blood.

    "Phew~" Kiba has never felt so worn out in his life. He opened his eyes and turned around ignoring the burning sensation.

    He gathered the final bit of his strength to rush back home...All he wanted was to rest after confirming the safety of those who mattered to him.


    The wasteland only had one intact piece of landmass but now even that was destroyed. Far above, the sky was filled with dark clouds and golden lightning creating indomitable pressure on the ground.

    Currently, 25 people were standing in what used to be a landmass before. Now there was just groundwater.

    "There is no sign from Kazir and others," Liam said with a frown.

    "Are they dead?" Morgan has an unsightly expression on his face. He didn't dare believe the deaths of so many investigators in such a short time.

    Just some 14 hours ago, the main team has arrived but five of them died. Even 15 of Morgan's team died.

    The only consolation was that he survived by being absent from the wasteland.

    "I should be grateful to that kid called Zed for sending the sons of my colleagues to the hospital," Morgan bitterly thought, "If not then I would be here on duty and definitely die. Who would take care of my children and wife?"


    Morgan, Liam, and the rest looked above. The dark clouds and golden lightning started fading away.

    "Just what is responsible for this?" Morgan muttered.


    A deafening explosion reverberated in the air above as the dark clouds disappeared and a golden column of light dashed towards the ground.

    "What is that?" Liam was startled.

    He felt a life-threatening force from the golden column of light. Just as he decided to back away, the column of light faded away in mid-air.

    "I'm regretting this mission," Morgan said.

    "...same here," Many of the teammates agreed.

    Liam wanted to rebuke his team members but didn't. He knew they were here mostly due to the benefits involved instead of duty.


    Section I, Dream Rise House.

    Kiba teleported inside the lab. He was in a complete mess with his clothes being ripped apart in the return journey.

    [[Are you fine, sir?]] Claudia asked.

    Kiba opened his eyes and saw some of the equipment damaged. Most of the lab was intact thanks to the force field protection but signs of explosions were present on the wall and few damaged equipment.

    "I'm sorry," Kiba apologized.

    He could imagine Claudia must have a hard time neutralizing the Section IV after his disappearance.

    [[Sir, the damaged equipment could be replaced. There is no need for you to worry so much.]]

    Claudia was glad to see her master safe. She has closed Section IV after his disappearance so the scale of destruction was within her capacity.

    "Have I done more damage?" Kiba sat down on the floor trying to relieve his strained body.

    [[Lady Felicity and Lady Agatha are in no danger.]]

    "You don't have to make it sound pleasant for my sake," Kiba just wanted to sleep on the floor without any care but he knew there were things he has to do, "Did I harmed them?"

    [[Lady Agatha wasn't harmed since she immaterialized herself. But Lady Felicity fell unconscious with faint external injuries.]]

    "Where is she?" Kiba tried to stand up from the floor without success.

    [[She is resting in the villa.  I won't recommend you to see her in the current state.]]

    "Yeah," Kiba nodded his head, "I have never felt so exhausted and tired like today."

    [[I seem to recall you were in a similar state of exhaustion after you spent a night with ten women.]]

    "...." Kiba was completely caught off guard by the remark.



    "That type of exhaustion is pleasant to the body, unlike my current state."

    [[Pain is pain no matter how you look at it. If you can enjoy one type then why not the another?]]


    [[Would you like to have your body checked in detail?]]

    "...Yes," Kiba said.

    A humanoid droid offered him support and brought him on the glass examination table.

    Half an hour later~

    [[Data would be ready in few minutes]]

    "Sure," Kiba took a glass of energy drink from a droid.

    [[Have you identified the enemy?]]

    "No," Kiba shook off his head, "I did invade his consciousness but couldn't get anything much since he was more expertise than me in psychic ability.]]

    [[What have you got?]]

    "I saw a giant golden wheel with eight spooks," When he invaded Akshobhya's consciousness, he saw the outline of the main entrance to the monastery.

    Later on, he couldn't get more information since Akshobhya was on guard after the formation of the reverse link.

    [[You mean a Dharma Chakra?]]

    "What did you said?" Kiba asked startled.

    [[Dharma Chakra.]]

    A virtual screen appeared in front of him showing multiple images of Dharma Chakra.

    "Yes, this was what I saw. That monk has great reverence and fear towards this wheel."

    [[I have some minor details about Dharma Chakra if you would like to know.]]

    "Not now," Kiba tapped on the screen and the data of his body appeared, "I am dead tired."

    [[No signs of any abnormalities in the body. No abnormal activities in the brain either due to the psychic attack.]]

    "Is that so?" Kiba asked.

    [[Are you feeling something odd?]] Claudia asked.

    "Nothing besides the exhaustion," Kiba sighed as he stood from the examination table, "But I just remembered what you said about my ability warning me this as a life and death crisis."

    [[I presume you came close to death seeing you went to orbit and exhausted yourself.]]

    "Honestly speaking I didn't felt close to death at all," Kiba took a set of clothes from a droid, "I did strain my body to its limit but it was not life-threatening."

    In a corner of his brain, a small gray particle lied dormant undetected by the technology of men...
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