116 Dinner! Part II

    Morgan was extremely pleased by the seating arrangement. He was sitting opposite Emily while Kiba was next to him.

    Suzane was opposite Kiba. On an extra seat next to Kiba was Olly.

    "Didn't expect to see you here," Morgan started the conversation.

    "I was just here for dinner with my new acquaintance," Emily politely pointed towards Kiba, "He was nice enough to accompany me."

    She believed it would be unfair and rude if she ignored Kiba's existence after all he has done.

    "I see," Morgan glanced at Kiba with slight mockery, "Is he clear of the investigation?"

    "Yes," Emily nodded, "How is your work going on?"

    Morgan and Emily started conversing with each other. It was mostly Morgan making the conversation so that Kiba wouldn't get a chance to participate.

    Kiba, on the other hand, took out his cell phone from the pocket. He opened an encrypted messenger app and wrote a message.


    "Hm?" Suzane opened her cell phone as it vibrated. She saw a message notification from 'Fitness Goals' app.

    [You are looking hot] - Trainer.

    Suzane was startled but didn't let it show on her face. She turned upwards and saw a slight smile on Kiba's face.

    Fitness Goals was an app given to her by Kiba for communication. He has assured her the app was fully secured with 'anti-husband' privacy feature.

    This ensured she wouldn't be worried about her investigator husband finding of her special gym sessions through her messages.

    [Thanks. You are looking handsome as well] - Trainee #132

    [I wanted to feel those lovely assets covered by the dress.] - Trainer

    [You are on a date and yet you are thinking of me.] - Trainee #132

    Kiba didn't reply but instead removed his shoes. Without letting anyone know, he stretched his right leg and stopped when his foot touched her legs.

    The table clothing didn't let anyone know about his movement but she felt it was incredibly bold.

    "Ah!" Suzane opened her mouth in shock as she felt his foot moving between her knee-long dress.

    "Are you fine?" Emily who was seated next to her asked.

    "Yes," Suzane reassured her and Emily rejoined her conversation with Morgan.

    She felt a tantalizing sensation as his toe rubbed on her inner thigh. The toe moved in a circular motion on her soft and smooth thigh. Slowly, it moved to the end of her thighs.

    "How is your stay so far, Morgan?" Kiba suddenly asked.

    "Good," Morgan wasn't pleased but he nevertheless answered.

    "I'm glad," Kiba then looked at Suzane, "How about you, ma'am?"

    "G-great so far," Suzane answered with a bit of red on her cheeks. Now his toe was poking on her panties.

    "That's so good to know," Kiba said with a smile, "Any complains?"

    "No complains," Suzane answered with her face getting more flushed as his toe barged in the panties, "Everything is nice."

    "You look unwell," Kiba pushed against the table as he passed her a glass of water, "Please relax."

    "Oh...of course," Suzane felt his toe inside her vaginal coverings. When he passed her water, he has moved ahead to push his toe.

    "Suzane, is everything alright?" Morgan also noticed the deep red on Suzane's face.

    "Ooof course, honey," Suzane just wanted to moan for Kiba's toe was now rubbing over her vagina with more force, "I just needed a glass of water."

    She has never found herself in such a situation and that too in public with her husband and son nearby. The danger and the risk involved turned her on.

    [Stretch your legs] - Trainer.

    Suzane read the message and did as asked after removing her sandals. She stretched her legs till they reached his table. She slightly moved her feet around to arrive on his pants.

    Kiba moved his hands below the table. His vision passed the table and he saw her perfectly shaped feet and the deep red nail polish.

    He unzipped his zip and let her feet feel his hardon.

    "Fuck!" Suzane cursed inside. She felt his raging hardon touching her feet.

    "Olly, how is the academy?" Kiba asked unflustered as Suzane's feet wrapped around his cock

    She lightly moved her feet up and down his cock while his toe rubbed her pussy.

    "Everything is fine," Olly answered. He was on his guards throughout and from what he has realized of Kiba so far, he would never speak unless he has a reason.

    "That's so nice to hear," Kiba muttered as Suzane's feet bobbed up and down on his cock.

    [I can't handle it any longer.] - Trainee #132

    She could barely concentrate any longer as she felt sparks bursting inside her. She wanted to go down the table and ** him but she knew that would be too much to expect.

    [Same here. Just make an excuse for going to the washroom.] - Trainer

    [Morgan would get suspicious] - Trainee #132.

    [Trust me and just go to washroom] - Trainer.

    They both retraced their legs and adjusted their clothes. The food was yet to arrive since they ordered more dishes.

    "I'm feeling flustered," Suzane said to her husband, "I'm going to the washroom."

    "Sure," Morgan said without thinking much.

    "Morgan, you should accompany her," Kiba said, "It is wrong to leave a lady untreated alone."

    "Dream on, kid," Morgan thought. He knew Kiba was looking for an opportunity to get free time with Emily.

    "Olly, go with your mom," Morgan looked at his son and ordered.

    "Yes, dad," Olly stepped up and joined his mother.

    Kiba looked dejected. Morgan now felt his decision was more wise.

    Five minutes later~

    The manager ran to their table.

    "Sir Kiba, your car is having trouble," The manager said.

    "Trouble?" Kiba looked annoyed, "Solve it then."

    "We are not able to," the manager said with a sorry expression.

    "You useless idiots," Kiba took his leave after taking apologizing to Emily, "I would be here ASAP."

    "Haha," Morgan was feeling the night was only getting better.


    In front of a woman's washroom, Olly was standing with a confused expression. After his mother went inside, the staff here stick a notice saying the washroom was under maintenance and asked guests to use another washroom.

    Except for the guests leaving from the washroom, no one has entered but his mother was still inside.


    The female washroom was large suiting a seven-star hotel.

    Suzane was standing in front of the washbasins upon which a large mirror was placed.

    "Sorry for the wait," Kiba teleported behind her, "I missed you."

    Suzane turned around as Kiba leaned into her. She closed her eyes as their lips meet.

    His arms went around her back as he savored her lips. Her breasts rubbed on his chest while his tongue parted her lips to explore her mouth.

    Suzane was welcoming and her tongue swirled around his. Their kissing turned more passionate as the moment passed. It became more fevered and frantic with time.

    "I need you inside," Suzane muttered as their kiss broke, "We don't have much time."

    Kiba didn't reply as his mouth moved on her cleavage. He knew he couldn't remove her dress fully due to time constraints but he didn't mind.

    He cherished the taste of her explored flesh. He lightly fondled her breasts from her tight dress and he could see her erect nipples.

    "Please," Suzane said, "We need to hurry."

    "Dear, no one can stop us when we need each other," Kiba leaned back to sit on the washbasin stand, "Time might be low but I need your mouth on my cock before it explores you elsewhere."

    "You are such a tease," Suzane squatted down and unzipped his pants, "You really don't fear anything."

    She sat his cock free and hold it in her hands. Her delicate hands slowly began to stroke his cock while her lips closed in.

    She kissed the head of his cock gently and then her tongue parted from her lips. Her tongue licked over his shaft till its end while she continued to stroke him faster.

    She moved her mouth back to take his cock inside. She slide his cock to the end of her throat and then began to bob up and down.

    Her hands, in the meantime, rubbed over his testicles. She felt him further growing inside her mouth as her tongue wrapped around.

    Her eyes moved on his face while she took him to the ultimate bliss. She could see nothing but pure lust in his eyes and she knew, he was seeing the same in hers.

    "Please," Suzane freed his cock and stood up, "I need you inside now."

    She opened the dress enough for him to see her pink foldings which were dripping and waiting for him.

    Kiba jumped from the washbasin stand. He slid a hand behind her neck and pulled her towards him.

    He took her in the arms by her shoulders such that his cock was on the top of her pussy.

    "Oh god," Suzane guided his cock inside her, "Finally!"

    Suzane's body trembled as his cock went all the way in. Kiba pressed her hips tightly as he started stroking inside her.

    Suzane's expression was of bliss mixed with slight pain. She leaned on to kiss him as his cock stretched her to the limit.

    He felt her soft lips back on his lips while his cock savored her wet and warm pussy. He rammed with more force as the wetness inside her increased.

    "Yes! Don't stop!" Suzane gasped loudly as her favorite cock slide in and out of her. She tried her best to muffle her voice afraid of her son hearing her but as time passed on she didn't care.

    She was in her heaven and didn't care for anything as long his cock continued to slam inside her.  She felt a  delicious tingle developing inside her.

    Kiba held her tightly as he felt her at the crest of an orgasm. Her body shivered and she wrapped her hands around his neck as the ultimate bliss took over her.

    "Oh god, I'm cumming!" Suzane felt firecrackers exploding inside her. Her vision turned blank and there was nothing but the ebullition of joy from her body.

    Suzane's head was leaned back with her eyes closed. She was savoring the moments of joy while Kiba was also close to his limit.

    "Don't cum inside me," Suzane could feel him thrust getting more powerful as he reached close to release, "Not today, please."

    Kiba took out his cock from her pussy and left her on the floor. She crouched down to take him in her mouth.

    Kiba pushed his hand on the back of her head as he exploded inside her mouth.

    "Mmmm," She felt a volcano of cum inside her mouth. He continued to press his hand on her head until she swallowed him completely.

    "I need to hurry," Suzane was huffing for air while her body was sweating profusely, "I hope they don't become suspicious."

    "They won't," Kiba adjusted his clothes, "You can rest assured on that."

    "You truly take care of everything," Suzane looked in the mirror to make sure there was nothing on her body to arouse suspicion, "If only every man was like you."

    "If every man was like me then I would be jobless," Kiba helped her with her dress, "So let the world be as it is."

    "You are evil," Suzane remarked before leaving the washroom.



    Olly couldn't believe his mother was inside the washroom for more than twenty minutes. He was getting impatient and suspicious after the maintenance sign was put.

    A staff member suddenly came and removed the maintenance sign.

    "What is going on?" Olly wondered. He has a theory but he didn't wish to believe it.

    "Olly," The washroom door opened up as Suzane walked out, "Sorry it took so long."

    "It is fine, mom," Olly didn't let his suspicion show on her face, "I hope you are fine now."

    "I'm great now," Suzane took the lead and proceeded towards the diner.

    "That's good," Olly joined in from behind.

    "Thank you, Olly," A familiar male voice entered his mind, "You are truly a good son."

    Shocked, Olly turned around and watched Kiba stepping out of the female washroom with a relaxed smile.

    "That was so relaxing," Kiba said as he stretched his hands, "Once again you made great contributions."

    "Don't tell me," Olly's eyes were wide open with shock as he confirmed his worst suspicions true.

    "Your father would be so proud of you," Kiba said with a kind smile, "You made sure no one barge in when I and your mom explored our relationship."

    Olly felt the world exploding as Kiba's words set in his mind. He thought of how he has constantly stood on guard outside the washroom while his mother and Kiba 'explored' their relationship.

    "I have helped him again?" Olly's heart palpitated like crazy.

    "Good job," Kiba said as he walked away, "I look forward to more cooperation in the future."
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