122 Rake!

    The Police Headquarters.

    Neither Emily nor the woman officer knew the aura of melancholy around Kiba was for a different reason instead of what they assumed.

    A few hours ago he has recalled the words of Elissa which was responsible for his melancholy...

    "I'm glad you're here," Emily said in a voice filled with affection.

    She recalled all their meetings till now. The embarrassing police interview, the witty and philosophical conversation during the dinner where he changed her views on the world, the ways how he played with Morgan, and now this.

    The woman officer looked in disbelief as Emily tightly hugged Kiba. Emily has forgotten the existence of everyone after she wrapped her hands around him.

    All she cared was returning the affection this man has shown her. She didn't think he was her type of ideal man nor she believes there would be any meaningful relationship in the long run.

    Yet she hugged him.

    She wanted to have the moment with him regardless of the future. For far too long she has been blinded by the thoughts of the future and the views of others.

    The recent happenings after arriving at the city have made her realize just how short life could be. She finally understood life was far too important to waste on the opinions of others.

    Now she wanted to live for herself even if it was for a short moment. A few moments of happiness together were more meaningful than meaningless long-lasting relationships.

    "That was unexpected," Kiba muttered with a smirk as they left each other's arms.

    "Yeah," Emily's misty blue eyes were filled with a seductive force no man can ever resist, "I'm hungry for some food."

    "Me as well," Kiba looked around the protestors some distance away, "We should go somewhere else but not here for food."

    "Good idea," Emily said as Kiba's hand moved on her arm. Rays of white light surrounded both of them and in the next moment they teleported out.

    "Emily is not her usual self," the female officer was shocked by the happenings, "That womanizer must have hypnotized her!"

    She shook her head helplessly knowing her friend was like a sheep under the grasp of a wolf.

    "God saves the naive women," the female officer sighed deeply.


    An hour later~

    "That was a good meal," Emily said as she placed her eyes under a retina scanner, "We should go there again."

    "I would love that," Kiba looked on as the door to her apartment opened up.

    "Give me few minutes to freshen up," Emily removed her jacket as she proceeded to the washroom, "Feel free to explore in the meantime."

    Kiba didn't need to be told for he has always considered other's homes like his own. He wasn't least bit uncomfortable as he walked around the apartment.

    "Nice room," Kiba has to confess that the government has been giving five-star treatment to the investigators, "I wonder just how long they could afford to give such freebies any longer after today's incident."

    Kiba has a smile as he stepped in the bedroom. He sat on the bed while his vision passed on the attached washroom where Emily was taking a quick shower.

    "It was good she was not there," Kiba thought as he retracted his vision, "At least now I don't have to worry about the investigation for a long while as the government tackles the mess I have created."

    Ten minutes later~

    "I'm sorry for making you wait," Emily said after she stepped out of the washroom. She has wrapped a white towel around her body which covered her breasts and the mound below.

    "I'm sure you are going to make up for it," Kiba curled two fingers in the towel to tug it away, "Besides a fine lady like you never need to apologize."

    Emily was surprised by his actions so quickly. She was expecting things to happen but not so fast.

    Before she knew it, both of them were naked with his hands wrapped on her waist. He lowered his head to hers as their lips joined for a kiss.

    The warmth of his lips drew away the least bit of hesitation she had as she enjoyed his soft caressing.  His one hand was on her torso drawing her body against his, while his other hand was cupping the curves of her ass.

    Her eyes were closed as the kiss turned frantic and the touches more intimate. His tongue parted her willing cherry-red lips to explore her sweet mouth.

    Down below, his hand lightly rubbed on her ass to savor the soft and firm flesh. Her breasts were pressing against his chest as he pushed her torso while his tongue wrapped around hers.

    His erection was poking above her clit and she felt a jolt throughout.

    She has never felt such a passionate but yet brazen kiss before. A lightning passed through her as his hand moved from the curves of her ass to the front of her body.

    "Ah," Emily lightly moaned as their kiss broke.

    "You are beautiful," Kiba complimented from his heart as his eyes cherished her gorgeous body, "A true piece of art."


    Emily didn't get a chance to thank as his lips once again joined hers. She felt her feet leaving the floor and when she opened the eyes she lying on the bed.

    Kiba was sitting at the corner of the bed marveling at the sight of her body. He slowly kissed his way up her slender body. His kisses were soft and short as he kissed from her thighs to her belly.

    Tinges of current passed through her as his lips arrived on the curves of her breasts.  His short but intimate kissing was driving her wild.

    He kissed her cleavage with his right hand cupping her right breast. Her nipples were light pink and puffy.

    His mouth moved on her right nipple to nibble on it. Her nipple trembled at the touch of his lips.

    She released a low but sexy moan as his tongue licked her nipple. His tongue made soft circles around the outline of her nipple.


    His hand fondled her breast while his mouth savored her nipple. He moved his mouth over both her nipples to suck them in.

    "Ooo don't stop," Emily moaned as she cupped her breasts together as his hungry mouth sucked her nipples like a beast.

    He moved his hand down to the edge of her mound. He curved a finger at the start of her clit.

    "Ah!" Emily squirmed as his finger rubbed her clit and then moved to the vaginal openings.

    Kiba lowered his body to make his head lie between her thighs as he appreciated her folded coverings.

    "Oh god!" Emily bite down her on her lower lip as his tongue touched her coverings. She let out a delighted moan as his tongue barged in her waiting pink pussy.

    His tongue tasted the sweetness of nectar as he licked her inside. His fingers rubbed the top of her clit and she squirmed loudly.

    She grasped his blonde hairs as he sucked on her clit and then below. His mouth was filled with her juices as he tongue worked on her pussy.

    "You are sweeter than honey," Kiba said as he moved his head towards her to kiss her on the mouth.

    "Oh!" Emily tasted her juices from his mouth. His tongue rolled inside her mouth to spread her sweetness.

    He held her body during the kiss to swipe the position. She was on top of him while he was on the bed enjoying the feeling of her breasts on his chest and his cock dangerously close to her pussy.

    Emily parted her lips with his as she positioned herself on his cock. He controlled his hips to slowly enter inside her.

    "Ahhh," She felt a bolt of lightning throughout her body as his cock penetrated her to the edge. Her eyes were tightly shut as she accustomed to him.

    Her pussy was tight and wet, and Kiba felt a seductive warmth inside. He put his hands on her hips as she begun to bounce on his lap.

    "Oh god," Emily's breathing became heavy as she rode him and felt his cock touching her limits. Her back arched as she increased the pace.

    Kiba moved one hand to rub her clits in a circular motion as she bounced on him. She trembled from ecstasy and her vaginal muscles clenched tightly around his cock.

    Kiba leaned her body to meet his as he took control. He swapped her on the bed with him on her top.

    He spread her thighs apart as he plunged into her welcoming pussy. She squirmed and moaned as he thrust deep into her.

    His face zeroed on hers to share a wet kiss while his cock rammed in with a much stronger force.  His chest pressed on her breasts tightly while he pushed inside her.

    "Cum with me," Emily said in between their kiss as she felt close to orgasm. She clenched her shoulders tightly as holts of orgasms invaded her.

    Her body trembled and huffed in delight as she felt him pumping loads of cum inside her.


    Emily was lying beside Kiba covered with a white blanket. She ran her hand in his golden hairs while her eyes were looking at his half-golden and half-blue pupils.

    "Is this a one night stand?" Emily asked a few moments later.

    "I don't know," Kiba caressed her face with his hand, "Depends on what you want."

    "We don't have a future together, do we?" Emily asked with a smile.

    She knew his womanizer nature and she wasn't naive enough to believe he would settle down with her. She didn't regret the night though for it was her choice because she wasn't looking for love.

    The world has changed with time and so has the mindset even if few things remained taboo.

    She was independent and knew one true eternal love was just a fantasy. She has seen close couples breaking up and moving on with new lovers.

    Even married couples were estranged from each other even though they continued in the relationship.

    Maybe true love existed but she has never seen it so far. What she liked about Kiba was that the time they spend together, he made her feel like she was loved and cared for.

    He might have many women in his life but during the time together, he made her feel she was the only woman who mattered. Even during lovemaking, he cared more about her pleasure than his own.

    "Future?" Kiba looked at her with a smile, "I don't know, but I know we are going to spend a lot of time together now."

    He moved on top of her with his hand cupping her breasts while his lips closed into hers.

    "You truly are a rake," Emily mused as their lips joined...
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