123 Never Lie!

    Rake! A man who is habituated to immoral conduct, particularly womanizing.

    In the society, women are often bound by the chains of relationships which suppress them.

    The chains which ensure they serve the role of tender and civilizing force by becoming an example of eternal commitment and loyalty.

    This didn't mean women didn't have their own desires. They too have their dark fantasies in which they are free and pleasured.

    Fantasies which the normal men could not satisfy for they too are bound by the moral convictions of the world or are simply incapable due to their own innate weakness.

    But Rake was different! He might be immoral and dishonest but he was seductive.  From the beginning of time, there has always been a strong attraction to the forbidden and taboo.

    Women were the same in this regard.

    The rake offered them what their deepest fantasies desired! Pleasure without any bonds! Love without any ties!

    The rake never followed what was considered as moral and standard behavior of a gentleman! His past would be filled with conquests of women from various backgrounds, but that only increased his charm to the women.

    An affair with such a man was rare and thrilling no matter how short it was.

    Emily considered Kiba as a true rake from his behavior during the interview, dinner and then after the attack on police headquarters.

    A rake was someone who seduced his targets by his conduct and words. Emily believed no men could compare to Kiba in either word, conduct or even his performance in bed!

    Women desired him and men envied him!

    "No wonder he is hated by Morgan and other men," Emily thought as she begun another session of lovemaking with Kiba...


    The Seventh Floor of Delta Police Headquarters.

    Liam was sitting in a conference room. On a chair opposite to him was a virtual projection of Mason Maxwell - The President of World Government.

    "The revolutionaries have not taken responsibility for today's incident," Mason's expression was gloomy as he continued, "But our sources have confirmed that a team of revolutionaries has crossed Blood Dunes on a mission."

    "Was their mission to screw us here?" Liam gritted his teeth as he recalled the losses he has suffered. Just yesterday, few of his comrades died by the strange incident in the wasteland and now today the revolutionaries killed few of his other comrades.

    "We don't know," Mason could understand Liam's frustration, "But chances are those revolutionaries might be in the city."

    "The revolutionaries might be here for the shard of Cosmic Spark," Liam guessed after thinking of the propaganda the masked man spread in the city, "They have helped Castor Damon secretly four years ago so they already know its existence or at least should have a guess."

    "Maybe or maybe not," Mason shook off his head, "Anyways, I would send forces here to help you and your team. You already have equipment with you so there is nothing to worry."

    "Worry?" Liam's eyes were bloodshot, "The masses here are looking at us like we are some genocide maniacs. And you are saying there is nothing to worry?"

    Liam knew it pretty well that he couldn't resort to force on the protestors easily. The government has to keep its image of democracy and this meant his hands were tied.

    "Masses are fools," Mason said without any emotions, "They will move on from this topic in a short time. And if not, we will bring a new topic to distract them after some time."

    "You politicians sure are the most dangerous bunch," Liam said annoyed.

    He knew what these distractions would be. They would start new mutant tournaments, celebrity world tour, etc. In worst cases, there might be even financial or security crisis to get the people in line by making revolutionaries as a scapegoat.

    "For the time being try to be low key," Morgan ignored Liam's words as he ordered, "The pressure I'm facing from the councilmen is killing me so give me some good result as soon as possible."

    "I would try," Liam said but in his heart, he wasn't optimistic given the recent happenings and the threat of those revolutionaries...


    The next day.

    The Cafeteria, Royal Heart Academy.

    "Now now," Felicity scrutinized Zed from head to toe, "How great of you to show your face today."

    "I was busy with some stuff," Zed slowly reasoned as he took a seat opposite to hers, "There was some insurance check due to the hover car incident."

    He couldn't tell her that he skipped yesterday to launch an attack on the police headquarters. So he used the hover car incident when the monk attacked him.

    "Really?" Felicity asked with a smile.

    "Y-yes," Zed was having a bad feeling but he has already told a lie and he couldn't back away now.

    "You sure have got guts to lie again and that too this soon," Felicity clenched her fist and from the floor, green vines materalized.

    Zed sensed the vines and he instinctively left the chair, but alas he was too late. From behind, the stems of flowers from the vases on tables extended all around to create an impenetrable net.

    The petals of flowers expanded and pushed him ahead. From the floor, the vines clutched his legs.

    "Felicity, there is a misunderstanding!" If it was someone else besides Felicity then he would already have counter attacked by now, "I can definitely explain!"

    "I made sure there is no trouble for you due to the car explosion," Felicity waved her hand to push the table behind, "Claudia has shared the details with me so there was no way you could be busy due to car issue."

    "Claudia knew?" Zed felt betrayed by his trusted aide.

    She should have warned him before so that he could have made another excuse.

    He knew it better than anyone the type of fiend Felicity was when she was angered, and he knew she has every right to be after his multiple lies.

    "Yes," Felicity rubbed her hand in anticipation, "And now it is time for you to learn that you should never lie to me."


    Jessica, Loren and others in the cafeteria closed their eyes and silently prayed for Zed...
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