131 Trust!

    The dining room.

    Kiba was sitting on the dining table with his chin resting on his hands. His legs were on a chair while his eyes were on the owner of the home who was standing some distance ahead.

    "You're such an ungrateful man," Kiba said with a deep sigh, "All I did was help your wife in ensuring the milk doesn't go waste but you misunderstood my intentions."

    "!#@%~" Athol muttered god knew how many curses after hearing the explanation.

    When he muttered the name of his ex-wife, Saskia, he didn't expect Kiba would remember him as an ungrateful man.

    Milk doesn't go to waste?

    Are you some milkman on a mission to conserve all the milk in this world?!


    What was there to be misunderstood with your face on Saskia's breasts?!

    What help?!

    "Sucking on my wife's breasts is not some help!" Athol loudly said.

    "Haah," Kiba shook off his head in disappointment, "You were like this back then as well if I remember it right."

    "Obviously, any sensible man would be like this!" Athol angrily said, "Or you expect me to buy your explanation?!"

    "Then tell me what happened back then for you to assume I'm lying?" Kiba asked in a serious tone.

    "You're asking me for real?!" Athol's blood pressure was increasing with every passing moment, "You were planning to ** my wife!"

    "Planning? How would you know that?" Kiba has an expression of frowning on his face, "Are you some psychic or someone with the ability of divination?"

    Athol's heart veins almost burst from anger after he heard the questions. What incensed him further was the expression used when asking such questions.

    He is asking for real?

    You gotta be kidding!

    Who needs abilities to guess such stuff?!

    "Your limited worldview and negative attitude towards the life made you assume the worst," Kiba said after getting no response from Athol.


    Limited worldview?


    How was this related to worldview?

    Negative attitude?

    There was nothing about the attitude in this matter!

    "Why are you making it sound as if everything is my fault for catching you and Saskia?!" Athol's eyes were complete red.

    A green flash of light wrapped his hands with a green tiger phantom appearing behind him.

    "Because you are truly at fault," Kiba left the dining table, "You blamed Saskia with no fault of hers."

    "Die!" Athol could no longer handle the mockery.

    He brought his hands forward and aimed them at Kiba. Two green streams of light manifested from the center of his palms and flew towards Kiba.

    The destructive might from the energy stream broke the tiles on the floor in fragments. The ceiling showed signs of cracks while the dining table shattered in fragments of wood.

    The green streams were like a storm of chaos as they rushed at Kiba with fragments of wood, titles, and ceiling wrapped in it.

    "Nothing good ever comes out of violence," Kiba slightly waved his right hand in a gentle manner.


    Golden ripples radiated from his hand and soon they converged in the form of a force field surrounding him.


    The green stream of light collided with the force field and green sparks flew. The sparks struck with the walls and started breaking the foundation of the home.

    "Damn it," Athol was sweating heavily.

    He has faced Kiba before so he knew how strong he was. But he didn't expect him to have the ability to create a force field.

    Athol gritted his teeth and transferred his entire energy to the tiger phantom behind him.


    The tiger leaped from behind like the king of the world. Its canines were the epitome of death and nothing seemed to escape from its might.

    The entire ceiling above shattered and the room was filled with dust particles. The furniture from above crashed in below as the tiger phantom lunged on the golden force field.

    Athol turned around and started dashing away. He has spent his full energy on the last attack not for killing Kiba, but instead to divert his attention.

    He knew his strength so he didn't expect to win. All he wanted was to buy some time to leave the house and contact for help.

    He was sure Kiba wouldn't dare kill him on the street in presence of onlookers and surveillance cameras.

    Meanwhile, the entire dining room was full of smoke and dust filled with the noise of colliding objects. The tiger phantom struck its teeth on the golden force field followed by its claws making scratch marks.

    "How noisy," Kiba said annoyed.


    An enormous illusory hand appeared above the tiger. The hand caught the tiger in its palms.


    The tiger desperately struggled to leave the hand. The claws struck on the illusory hand but much to its disappointment, there was not a single scratch.

    "Your master is running away," Kiba clenched his right palm slightly, "So I can't play with you."


    The illusory hand clenched its palm tightly. The tiger phantom wailed in desperation as it shattered away in particles of green energy.

    Meanwhile, Athol has reached the living room exhausted from the earlier usage of his power. He showed no sign of stopping as he rushed ahead towards the main exit.

    "Yes!" Athol sighed in relief looking at the door five meters ahead of him.

    Just five more meters and he would be safe!

    Even with all the exhaustion, he rushed ahead powered by a force he never knew existed till now.

    It was the force of survival instinct! Every single cell of his body contributed to this force!

    Four meters!

    Three meters!

    Two meters!

    One meter!

    "Finally!"  Athol moved his hand forward to unlock the door. His hand suddenly stopped while his body trembled.


    He coughed a mouthful of blood as he felt the connection with the tiger phantom disappearing. The backlash of his attack being destroyed dislocated his internal organs.

    "Shit!" Athol bite his tongue to let the pain help him retain consciousness, "I can't afford to lose consciousness now!"

    He brought his hand towards the door again.

    "Yes! I'm safe!"

    Just as he reached the lock, space before his eyes blurred. The door faded and all his eyes could see was a blinding white light.


    Athol desperately cried as the white light enveloped him.


    When Athol opened his eyes, he was on his knees. He was back in the dining room.

    There was no more dust or smoke inside even with all the destruction. The fragments of furniture and walls were on the corner of the room.

    Some distance ahead, Kiba was standing with his arms crossed.

    "It doesn't suit a cop to run away," Kiba said with a hint of mockery in his voice.

    "Y-you won't get away with this," Athol's forehead and face were soaked with cold sweat.

    "I'm sure I will," Kiba said with a smile.

    "Don't be so overconfident in your abilities," Athol felt the insides of his stomach twisting in dread. He wished to live and he was ready to rely on the might of police force.

    "I'm indeed overconfident," Kiba took a step ahead, "But it is not because of my abilities."

    "What?" Athol looked at him in fear and confusion.

    "I'm overconfident because I trust the police force," Kiba said as he stepped forward, "You see the police force has never broken my trust."

    "Trust on what?" Athol couldn't understand Kiba at all.

    He was not relying on his abilities but on the police?

    Athol was himself relying on the police for survival but now even his enemy is relying on the same?!

    This didn't made sense!

    "Trust on the incompetence of the police force," Kiba patiently explained.


    This is your reason for overconfidence?!

    Are you kidding with me?!

    The police force is not incompetent!

    "The police force has lived up to this trust for the last four years," Kiba crouched in front of Athol, "And I'm sure they will maintain it in the future."
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