132 Dreadful Death

    (A/N: This chapter would be confusing if you don't remember the conversation between Irina and her brother from Chapter 59.)

    There was absolute silence in the house. There was no more sound from the falling debris or the broken furniture.

    The dining room was completely broken with the rubble and furniture lying in a corner. At the center of the room, Athol was on his knees.

    His entire body was precipitating in cold sweat. From the corner of his mouth, blood was leaking due to the destruction of his tiger-head attack from before.

    He was completely exhausted with his organs suffering from internal damages. All he wanted was to rest but he couldn't.

    His face carried multiple emotions: anger, fear, and despair. He looked at his hated enemy with nothing but dread.

    "Police are not incompetent," Athol did his best to sound convincing, "You would be caught sooner or later."

    He was sure the only hope for survival was to rely on his organization. Killing a police officer would anger the entire police force. After all, if today one officer had been killed, then tomorrow another officer might be killed.

    This kept the police force united during external threats even if there was an internal rivalry. This also ensured no one would want to make the entire police force as an enemy no matter how one strong is.

    One can escape or run but there would be no peace if a lookout notice was issued. Even if one kills a few police officers, more officers would follow the trail.

    The only way to live would be either to join mafia or a powerful organization, but this would mean the loss of freedom.  No organization would accept a murderer on the run unless it can gain benefits.

    Athol carried a faint hope that Kiba would see the reason and let him go. He was ready to promise to let go of this matter if he can survive.

    "You sound very confident in your claims of police might," Kiba said with a smile, "But then so did the people before you, and yet here I'm."

    Kiba's words were like a clap of thunder on Athol's ears. The smile and the casual style of talking made his heart hollow in trepidation.

    "People before me?" Athol's eyes turned wide in astonishment as a realization hit him, "You have killed cops before?!"

    This should be impossible!

    Most of the police murderers were caught and punished! A few were on the run but there was proof to hold them guilty!

    "There is no way Kiba has murdered them!" Athol tried to pacify his heart, "He is just lying!"


    There were few accidents in which police officers died!

    Athol shuddered as this thought struck his mind. The thought was like a dagger piercing his heart.

    He knew how dreadful the word 'accident' was since as a cop, he has orchestrated many accidents!

    Many of the police encounters were staged as accidents. This not only gives police officers credibility as justice enforcers who have killed evil but also gave them fame and money.

    Athol tried to remember the death of police officers which were passed as accidents or casualties or even health issues!

    "Officer Sulin suddenly died by a heart attack even though he was fit before.

    "Officer Millam was killed during the chemical blast in Greedy Wolf Gang's headquarters along with the entire gang. According to the forensic report, the gang was making some explosives when the blast occurred.

    "Lady officer Killy died when she was undergoing power enhancement in the government lab. We believed it was a device malfunction..."

    Athol's entire throat turned dried as he remembered a dozen cases from last three and half years after the arrival of Kiba in the city.

    Before today he thought of them as nothing more than unlucky freak accidents which resulted in casualties. He never believed them as man-made accidents for there was no reason to believe otherwise.

    There was never any hint of proof which could point out the accidents were not accidents. But now after hearing Kiba's words, he was sure Kiba was responsible!

    He didn't know why he killed so many police officers and others but there was no more doubt in Kiba's role.

    "Then there are few murders where the culprits pleaded innocence even after seeing the evidence! The culprits were seasoned criminals so no one believed them but it possible that Kiba..."

    Athol scrambled back not daring to look at the man in front of him. The little hope he had of living died with the guesses.

    As he backed away on his legs and hands, his pant turned wet. A foul liquid dripped from his pant to the floor.

    His stomach churned in despair as his mind flashed his possible fate.

    "Please spare me," Athol begged as his spent body tried its best to escape, "I will never try to frame you."

    Kiba didn't say anything but looked on as Athol dragged his body outside the dining room.

    "Please..." Athol didn't look back but he sensed a menacing vision on him. He felt thousands of ants crawling on his skin trying to sip his blood.

    "I don't like killing," Kiba said without any emotions in his voice, "But when I kill someone, I make sure to enjoy it."

    "Don't...sir, please..." Athol muttered glancing back.


    The debris and the broken furniture in the room started floating.  The fragments of glass and dishware joined together to transform into the utensils.

    Athol looked in disbelief as brick and stones moved above and filled the gap in the walls.  The dining table was back at the center of the room filled with glassware and the empty pizza box.

    "H-how is this possible?" Athol muttered as the room was restored like there was no destruction, to begin with, "Just how many abilities he has?!"

    Kiba slightly moved his right hand forward. A blue spark manifested from the tip of his index finger.

    "From the fire, we were born," Kiba said as the blue spark flew towards the gas pipeline in the kitchen, "And it to fire we shall return."

    "NO!" Athol desperately used all his strength to stand on his legs. He stood up and took support from the wall to escape.

    The blue spark passed inside the pipeline and reacted with the gas. The spark was all the gas needed for it to create an explosive fire.


    A blue flame ripped apart the pipeline. The flame started a chain reaction and soon it filled the entire room.

    The furniture blew to the restored ceiling before burning to ashes. The fire sprinklers activated but the meager amount of water wasn't enough to stop the raging flame which was like a dragon.


    The wiring in the house short-circuited and the electronics blasted as the fire expanded. The domestic droid exploded a moment later.

    Athol has reached the living room when he sensed the fire catching up. The sofa and the couch burned to nothingness as the fire surrounded Athol.

    "NOOOOO!" Athol released a blood-curdling scream as the fire engulfed him. The fire scorched his body black as it invaded his insides.

    Athol fell on the floor rolling in pain. The floor was nothing less than a bed of lava, and it only increased his agony.


    He tried to grasp for air but all he breathe in was the flame. His skin melted like wax to reveal the corroded insides.

    "S...to..p," Athol begged for the final time.

    "Stop wasting your efforts on me," Kiba said in a cold voice, "Instead, if you believe in a god, now is the time to pray for a cool bath in the afterlife."

    Kiba looked at the wailing scorched black body in front of him without any emotions.

    "And I hope your god is omnipotent enough to fulfill your wish."
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