133 Losing Sanity

    The entire house seethed in flame while black smoke dissipated in the night sky. The people from the neighbourhood noticed the fire which was spreading like raging wildfire.

    Parents took their children in their arms as they hurriedly left their homes.  Many were in nightclothes and some were even almost naked when they rushed out of their houses.

    The dread of the blue fire left them no time to contemplate about the loss of their valuable property or their clothes.

    "Gas explosion!"

    "Damn! The fire is spreading to my home!"

    "It has started from Athol's home!"

    "Is Athol inside?"

    "I don't know!"

    "Call the fire department!"


    Inside Athol's home, the fire continued its onslaught of destruction. In what remained of the living room, there were two living beings.

    One was Kiba who was intangible unaffected by the inferno of fire. The other was Athol on the floor.

    Athol wriggled in agony unable to mutter a single word. His skin melted and blood evaporated making him experience a pain he has never thought was possible.

    Even though his nervous system was burned away, the pain only increased further. He felt as if his entire consciousness was fried under fire.

    Athol wanted to die but the fire didn't allow him to die yet. Not even in his worst nightmare, he expected to face a time when he wanted to beg for death.

    Kiba looked at Athol with any emotions on his face. He didn't think he was doing anything extreme by giving Athol such a death.

    If he was going to kill someone, he wished to enjoy the feeling.  This feeling was something ethereal and satisfied the very core of his being.

    There was joy from every single cell of his body whenever he took a life.  The happiness of taking away life was no less heavenly than the sensual pleasures.

    He didn't wish to admit but he truly enjoyed this sensation. He no longer knew if it was his true self who enjoyed this sensation, or whether it was his powers which enjoyed this sensation.

    At such times he could not differentiate between his true nature and the urges created by his cosmic form.

    Whenever he killed, he felt free from shackles he never knew existed, to begin with. It was like a load was removed from his body and giving him liberty.

    Meanwhile, inside his brain, the single gray particle flashed. It was like it was feeding on the sensation enjoyed by Kiba.

    As the gray particle flashed, Kiba felt a strong urge to kill further. He just wanted to destroy and kill these insignificant beings outside.

    He was like a hunter sighting countless preys. The preys which didn't deserve to live in this world.

    Unconsciously, he clenched his fist and the fire around the house turned more violent as it absorbed energy from him.

    The people outside on their street backed away. Their eyes turned wide in horror as the fire expanded at an unbelievable rate.

    The fire was like it has its own consciousness as it moved away from the houses to target the people on the street.

    "W-what's going on?"

    "How can the fire leave the houses and come after us?!"

    "The fire trucks would take a long time before they arrive!"

    "We have to do something!"

    "Watch out!"



    "Someone help please!"

    A male mutant formed a protective barrier around him and his children. Similarly, a female mutant surrounded herself and her boyfriend with layers of soil.

    A middle-aged man, meanwhile, waved his hands towards the sky, and the next moment, heavy rain started pouring.

    A young girl spun her hands in a circular motion to summon columns of air in order to dissipate the fire.

    Inside the house, Kiba's eyes were cloudy. There was no clarity in them just like his muddled thoughts.

    "Annoying insects," Kiba muttered as he clenched his another fist tightly, "None of them deserve to live."

    He was like a hunter offended by the sight of struggling prey who he deemed to be insignificant.

    Outside, the blue fire raged in excitement as its might suddenly increased. It was like a young dragon evolving to its mature phase.


    "W-what?" The mutant protecting his children with the water barrier felt the water evaporating.

    He clenched his teeth and used further power to enhance the barrier, but in response, the fire grew stronger countless times.

    The fire expanded and moved towards the sky as if to fight the rainy clouds. The middle-aged man who has summoned the rain felt a chill down his spines.

    "Just what type of fire is this?" He thought with deep dread as he found himself engulfed by the fire.

    "ARGH---!" The female mutant and her boyfriend released blood-screaming cries as the fire destroyed the layers of soil and engulfed them.

    "No!" The young girl backed away with tears in her eyes. The column of air she has summoned proved no longer useful against the raging inferno of fire.

    The entire street was in a frenzy as the blue fire engulfed countless lives. Parents tried to get their children out of danger but alas, there was no difference for the fire between the young and the old.

    Inside Athol's house, Athol was dead leaving behind nothing but a skeleton.

    Some distance away from the skeleton, Kiba has a smirk on his face as he sensed the deaths outside.

    "Haha," Kiba let out a burst of laughter filled with joy, "This is so much fun."

    There was a negligible trace of gray in the half-blue portion of his irises as he laughed.


    The silver bracelet on his right wrist started buzzing as strong vibrations manifested from it. The vibrations passed the layers of his skin and passed inside the nerves which connected with his brain.

    "Argh," Kiba looked down at the bracelet with a struggling expression, "Damn."

    He brought his other hand on the bracelet to take it away, but then the next moment, the bracelet released more high vibrations.

    "Stop it, Claudia!" Kiba clutched his head with both his hands. The vibrations were jolting his entire nervous system and ultimately his brain.

    All traces of joy he felt were killed under the severe headache. The gray particle inside his brain stopped flashing and once again, become dormant.

    Kiba's entire face was drained with sweat after he regained his sanity. As if sensing his state, the bracelet stopped releasing vibrations.

    Kiba closed his eyes while his senses covered the entire neighborhood. He sensed the desolateness on the street along with the scorched skeletons still engulfed in fire.

    "How could I do this?" Kiba opened his eyes unable to believe the carnage he had carried out. All he planned was to kill Athol but not the bystanders.

    This was why, at the start, he purposely allowed the fire to slowly spread and give enough time for the people in surrounding houses to escape.

    But now...

    Kiba gritted his teeth in anger and frustration at his own actions. His expression turned unsightly as he imagined the horror those innocents suffered due to him.

    He might not care about the lives of those who died, but he hated killing them without any reason...
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