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    Agatha's apartment.

    Agatha was lying on the bed with her legs exposed. Kiba was sitting at the corner massing her feet.

    "I never knew you were such a good masseur," Agatha smiled as the relaxing sensation elevated her senses.

    "There are many things you don't know about me," Kiba sighed as he remembered the conversation with Eva from a few days ago.

    Agatha had shown her trust and faith in him by sharing her secret but so far, he couldn't even tell her about his student life much less about his other secrets.

    "Don't overthink," Agatha looked at him with kindness, "We have all the time in the world to share what we want."

    She knew the dilemma he had ever since she visited his lab and saw the entrance of Section IV. There were things he wished to share but couldn't.

    "Thank you," Kiba took a handful of almond oil and applied on her toes, "You truly are far too kind and generous."

    "I have no choice," Agatha carried a faint teasing smile, "Otherwise how will I get such a talented servant for me and my daughter?"

    Kiba smiled in response to her words. He glanced at the baby bump.

    Agatha was in the fourth month of her pregnancy and there were months left before she gives birth to Hope.



    Poseidon entered the crystal temple with a white bead in his hand. He glanced at the crystal throne and was deeply startled by the state of Rhea.

    Her complexion was pale while her body was much thinner then he remembered.

    "Holy Seer," Poseidon greeted with a deep bow, "How are you feeling?"

    "Not good," Rhea answered honestly.

    Days ago she was almost killed when the gray matter corroding her entire being. The attack subsidized with gray matter becoming dormant but the side effects of the attack were far too worse.

    If that wasn't enough, yesterday, she felt a strange resonance from the gray matter inside her body for a few seconds.

    She felt as if the gray matter was resonating with its source but yet there was something completely strange about the resonance.

    She was sure this strangeness was the reason for her current condition and it worried her further.

    "How are your wife and daughter?" Rhea asked about Anthea and Melina.

    "By your blessing, they are doing well," Poseidon respectfully answered.

    "That's good to hear," Rhea continued with a faint sigh, "Melina is the future of Atlantis."

    "...our future is you," Poseidon faintly said.

    "I'm afraid my future is bleak," Rhea had a self-deprecating smile, "My life is no longer in my own hands."

    Poseidon became silent at the words.

    The events from a month ago were fresh in his mind.  After learning about the possible existence of Cosmic Spark in Delta City, he requested Rhea to gaze in the future.

    He originally believed it was a golden opportunity to strengthen Atlantis with new power but in just minutes, the opportunity turned into a disaster.

    The god of Atlantis was injured and infected with a strange matter. Poseidon knew very well the crisis he had brought to Atlantis due to his greed for power.

    "I'm sorry," Poseidon kneeled on the floor, "Everything is my fault."

    "Stand up," Rhea waved a finger and Poseidon was back on his feet, "Even if not for you, my fate would still be same."


    "Anyways, why are you here?" Rhea asked since she hasn't summoned him.

    "There has been an incident in that city," Poseidon shattered the white bead in his hand.

    The next moment, the temple was filled with virtual images.


    Rhea saw the golden lightning phenomenon in the wasteland and the appearance of dark clouds in the city.

    "Did this event took place a week ago?" Rhea asked a moment later.

    "Yes," Poseidon was surprised by her words.

    Has she seen this event in her visions of the future?

    "No, I haven't seen this," Rhea answered the unasked question.

    It was five days ago when the gray matter attacked her so she connected the dots.

    "Did something happened yesterday as well?" Rhea asked further.

    "No," Poseidon had access to world government information so he was sure of this.

    "Is that so?"


    The inner zone of Paradox Dimension.

    The enormous castle was chained to the ground with chains made from the bones of various species.


    A deep sigh originated from the castle startling the living beings nearby.

    The titans and giants some distance away trembled in dread as their bodies tore apart by a strange force.


    They exploded in a mist of blood. The next moment, the mist of blood was absorbed by the chains connecting to the castle.

    Inside the castle.

    The man on the throne of darkness retraced his vision back from Delta City after giving a sigh.

    "The second onslaught of reality is weeks away," The man gave another sigh, "If only blood was thicker than water."


    Royal Heart Academy.

    Zed was sitting in the cafeteria along with Felicity, Jessica, and Loren for lunch.

    On a table nearby, two students were enviously gazing at Zed. They were the same ones who swore to protect Felicity from Kiba's clutches a month ago. (Chapter 19).

    Gante and Ralin were with Felicity when she expressed her wish to meet Kiba at White Angel Corporation.

    The two were afraid due to the urban legend associated with Kiba and hence dreaded Felicity's meeting with Kiba.

    Of course, things turned out much different from what the two imagined. Kiba didn't even flirt with Felicity, and from what the two could tell, Kiba seemed afraid of her!

    This behavior truly startled them for Kiba they knew wasn't like this.

    What startled them further was how Kiba promised to have a 'man to man talk' with a 'friend' of Felicity. The others might not know who that friend was, but the two knew it was Zed.

    They were sure 'man to man talk' would mean Kiba guiding Zed into how to get women!

    So how can they not get jealous?

    Personal coaching by Kiba!


    The number one womanizer in the city!

    His name was synonymous with affair and scandal!

    The two could imagine how Zed's luck with women would increase exponentially after learning from Kiba. This made them angry and hurt for they too have tried to learn Kiba's secrets but failed.

    "Damn it," Gante gritted his teeth, "He had four girlfriends after he joined the academy."

    "The number would rise after he learns from Kiba," Ralin added while staring at Zed.

    "If only we were acquainted with Kiba," Gante opened his smartphone to search for the latest news on Kiba, "Then we can learn from him."

    "That would be so great," Ralin nodded enviously, "Do you think Zed had that meeting with Kiba?"

    "It doesn't seem like---" Gante was saying when his eyes suddenly turned wide in astonishment.

    "What happened?" Ralin looked at Gante's smartphone, "This is..."

    "Could this be real?" Gante muttered glancing at the top link on the search result.

    "Open it," Ralin pushed Gante to click on the link, "It is on the top of results so it should be genuine!"

    "I guess so," Gante nodded as the website loaded.

    The screen was filled with an image of Kiba sitting on a throne.

    A banner flashed above the image of Kiba.

    [Welcome to Wife Hunter Society - #1 knowledge portal on Lord Kiba - The savior of women!]
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