137 Wife Hunter Society!

    Inside an apartment in a middle-class community.

    A man in twenties was sitting on a couch inside the bedroom. He has an oval shaped face with dark eyes and short black hairs. His physique was strong with his straight posture hinting to professional training.

    Currently, the man was sitting opposite a computer desk. The computer was connected to multiple servers required for personal hosting of a website.

    The wall behind the computer desk was decorated with some fifty posters of women. Some women were in modest clothing and some in not so modest clothing.

    The women were from various backgrounds and professions. Actress, models, socialites, businesswomen, housewives, and so on.

    The women on the posters were from different ethnicities carrying ranges of skin tones. One can really say the posters were truly inclusive.

    Even the greatest feminist couldn't find a single point of discrimination on the posters.

    "Lord Kiba truly never discriminates," The young man thought with deep reverence in his heart, "He has relationships with women of all background and colors."

    The people of the world like to preach about equality and brag how they don't judge others on their skin colors or their backgrounds.

    But the reality couldn't be further from this and the history is the biggest proof. There was a deep sense of prejudice inside and one would always discriminate with people who don't share their colors and background.

    "Lord Kiba is the only true broad-minded man in the world."

    Just how many people can be so open-minded like Kiba who don't care about ethnicity or profession?

    The young man was full of admiration as he glanced at the poster on the middle of the wall which showcased Kiba sitting on a golden throne like a rightful emperor.

    "No! He is not a human but a god!" The young man corrected his thoughts.

    Only a god can be so inclusive and show 'love' without indiscrimination.

    "Yet the world doesn't know about his noble deeds!" The young man's eyes were filled with unyielding determination as he typed on the keyboard.

    A moment later, the computer screen was filled with the welcoming page of Wife Hunter Society.

    The young man had created this secret society to spread enlightenment to the ignorant masses! He has to let the world know about the sacrifices his lord had made!

    The time would change and so would the people. The men of today would be ashes of tomorrow but the records of history would live forever.

    He wanted to create annals of the great lord so that not only the current generation but even the future generation would know about the noble deeds!

    "And earn some money in the process," A faint sound of reasoning ringed inside his brain.


    The cafeteria, Royal Heart Academy.

    Zed, Felicity, Loren, and Jessica waited in anticipation as the waiter served the lunch dishes: sandwich, salad, pasta, casserole, enchilada, and soup.

    Felicity was in the middle of savoring pasta when she suddenly turned her head around to glance at the table of Gante and Ralin.

    "Why are they acting like that?" Felicity asked seeing how close those two were sitting with their eyes on their laps.

    "Don't know," Zed answered as he sipped in the soup. He could care less about their activities for he has a schedule to follow since his other form has many tasks to complete.

    "There is something strange," Felicity still looked on the two's activities.


    [Wife Hunter Society - The savior of women]

    Gante and Ralin looked at the welcome banner with shock on their faces. They glanced at each other to make sure their eyes weren't playing a trick on them.

    "Savior of women?" Gante faintly muttered. He wondered what deeds has Kiba done to deserve such a grand title.

    Does having affairs with married women and taking maidenhood of young women counts as qualifications to become their savior?

    'If so then I want to become a savior as well!'  Gante and Ralin thought in their hearts.

    "There should be some real content," Ralin was sure there has to be a reason for the website to be on top search results, "Scroll down."

    The two were so engrossed on the phone that they didn't care about the lunch dishes on their table.

    "What are you two being so secretive about?" A voice came from nearby.

    Ralin and Gante abruptly turned their head around after they heard the question.

    "F-Felicity?" Gante stammered seeing Felicity standing opposite their table.

    "What is so important for you to ignore the lunch?" Felicity asked further.

    She was very curious about their activities so she left her table and arrived next to them.

    Some distance away, Zed and others were looking at Ralin and Gante as well. Not only them but almost everyone in the cafeteria had their attention on the two.

    They have seen the engrossed expression the two carried when staring at the phone. Most wondered if Gante and Ralin have found a leaked question paper or something like that.

    Some thought they were looking at some nudes but the majority disclaimed. The cafeteria was no place for such things!

    This was why everyone was delighted when Felicity moved to find out the truth!

    "N-nothing really," Gante shook off his head while his fingers moved to press 'back' on the phone.

    He didn't wish Felicity to see the types of the website they have opened. For a long time, he had a crush on her, and he didn't want her to know the types of websites he was surfing.

    He wouldn't be able to show his face to anyone if she found about his activities so he quickly pressed 'back'.

    "You sound suspicious," Without any warning, Felicity grabbed the phone from Gante's hand.

    "Please don't!" Gante and Ralin jumped together to grab the phone back.

    They have only pressed back once so the search result was still open on the web browser.

    "Definitely suspicious!" Felicity turned around to prevent the phone from being taken away.

    Gante and Ralin's hearts jolted with a bad feeling as they saw Felicity looking at the phone screen.

    "Women seduced by Kiba," Felicity read out the search topic.


    The entire canteen turned completely silent with everyone trying to make sure they heard it right.  The next moment, everyone burst in a peal of loud laughter.


    "You heard it as well, right?"

    "Maybe they think they can become Kiba by searching about him?"

    "Seems so."

    "Truly desperate."


    Gante and Ralin lowered their head with their faces as red as tomatoes. It was nature of people to take fun in another's plight and the same was now.

    "Shut up," Felicity's voice shattered the laughter in the cafeteria, "Does anyone of you dare to show your browsing history?"

    The laughter instantly died with no one daring to answer Felicity's question.

    "If not then keep your trap shut," Felicity completed her words with full disdain.

    Gante and Ralin were pleasantly surprised by Felicity's words. Earlier they inwardly blamed her for their predicament, but now she had helped them instead of taking joy in their situation.

    "She is truly kind," Gante thought to himself.

    "An angel born on earth," Ralin muttered.

    He now believed not only was she beautiful outside but inwardly as well.

    "What is this?" Felicity didn't really care about the two's opinion as she brought her attention on the phone.

    Her eyes turned wide in surprise as she read the top headline link on the search.

    "Wife Hunter Society?"

    There was absolute silence in the cafeteria so the words reverberated until the end. Everyone turned dumbfounded by the mention of this strange society.

    Even the cafeteria staff were equally startled by the clickbait title.

    Kiba was famous in the city and his popularity increased further after the news of Agatha's pregnancy was played by SBC News.

    There is always an attraction for any news on celebrities and this was especially true for any news on Kiba.

    After all, he was the most infamous of the celebrities thanks to his womanizing habits. Infamy attract more attention when scandals were involved!

    Kiba was the only Wife Hunter known in the city, and now a society on the same?! This was more than enough to arouse their interest!

    Almost on a cue, everyone opened their phones to search for this mysterious society.

    Only Zed hasn't laughed earlier but when he heard the new words spoken by Felicity, his expression turned rigid.

    "There is a society for my other form?"

    He turned around and saw Jessica and Loren searching for this society on the internet.

    No matter how innocent and pure-hearted one is, there is always a deep sense of curiosity regarding the 'evil'.

    This was the current state of many of the innocent young women here. The same applied to Jessica and Loren.

    Even Felicity was checking the website much less others. Of course, her reason was different for she didn't care about the gossips regarding Kiba at all!

    The only reason she opened the society website was to know more about the man named Kiba since he wasn't afraid of dangers just like her!

    After all, she was relying on Kiba to teach Zed on how to be fearless and live for the thrill. She believed Kiba can help to lower the burden she carried by making Zed into a fearless man.

    Then she could freely leave the city and visit the Paradox Dimension without regrets.

    Zed saw the expression on her face and he could pretty much imagine her thought process.

    He complained of hardship for how was he supposed to fulfill her impossible wish of Kiba meeting Zed?!

    "This is a propaganda site!" A minuter later, Felicity muttered in disappointment, "That Kiba guy must have hired some PR company!"

    Alas, Felicity's words fell on deaf ears for everyone besides Zed, Loren and Jessica were still glued to their phone screen.

    The others didn't care about Felicity's remark and continued to browse the glorious website dedicated to Kiba.

    "...I don't need a PR company!" Zed bitterly muttered in his heart.

    Felicity sat back on the chair and started eating her lunch dishes. She ignored Zed as well for she still remembered how he was glued to the tv screen when news regarding Agatha's pregnancy was shown.

    She was sure he would open the website sooner or later so she allowed nature to take its own course.

    The only reassuring part for her was that Jessica and Loren didn't further care about the site as they too resumed the lunch.

    "I should check as well," Zed did live up to Felicity's guess.

    The very next moment, his face was sweating profusely after he saw the image of Kiba sitting on a throne.

    "Erone Ciun!" Zed muttered the name of the perpetrator inside his heart.

    The scene from a few weeks ago was still fresh in his memories. He had seen the same poster in Erone's apartment along with posters of women so he was sure of the mastermind behind this society.

    Zed was in a daze as he scrolled down further in the website's homepage reading the titles Erone has given him.

    He stopped scrolling and clicked on the menu to know more about the website.

    "This..." Zed was terrified as he saw the multiple options on the menu.

    Just how vast is this website?!

    Background of Lord, Women Blessed by Lord, Seek Blessing from Lord, Discuss the deeds of Lord, Become a member, Donate, etc.


    Are you kidding with me!?

    You should have more than enough revenue from advertisements to run the site!

    So why the heck do you want donations?!

    "That kid is too cunning," Zed pressed on the donation tab in the menu. He wanted to know how Erone had justified this move of his.

    [To make a church for our Lord, we need funds!]

    "....." Zed felt a severe headache as he read. The more he read, the more he regretted opening this website.

    [The church would exist till the end of times in order to pass the glorious teachings of our Lord!]


    [If you are a woman then you should donate with an open heart! Lord is your savior and your contribution to the church would increase your chance of blessings!]


    [If you are a man then you should donate more then the women! Otherwise, Lord has his own ways to punish you!]

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