138 Those Blessed by Lord!

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    The cafeteria, Royal Heart Academy.

    Many people have opened the donation page just like Zed.

    Unlike Zed though, the male students and male staff members were afraid when they read the message for male viewers.

    [Lord has ways to punish you!]

    This sentence ringed inside their minds like a clap of thunder. None of them need to be told about the 'ways' by which the Lord punish the male offenders.

    Almost everyone in the academy were from a rich background so without any hesitation, most of the male quickly made generous contributions for establishing a church in the name of Lord!

    It's better to be safe than sorry!

    "Are you dumb?" Few sound-minded women slapped on the male students' backs, "This site isn't owned by Kiba!"

    "Don't be idiots by wasting your money!"

    "You guys resemble those people in the chat who would forward a message because of evil warning in the message!"

    "You think a guy like Kiba would care about a church on his name?"

    "Kiba only cares about one thing and it isn't money!"

    "Truly education has made you into fools."

    The male students who had just donated lowered their heads in shame and embarrassment. As they thought further, they indeed realized they were being naive to act so quickly and donate.

    Alas, they couldn't take back the donation. The only thing they could do was blame their luck.

    Zed, on the other hand, was speechless by their behavior. He never imagined his fellow students feared his other persona so much.

    But then he thought how most of his affairs were with women from higher society. The students here belonged to the same higher society so obviously, they know about his sexual exploits.

    "Erone would earn a decent profit if more idiots visit the site," Zed thought.

    The young women who wished to increase their chances of blessings from Kiba sighed in disappointment. They knew how outlandish their wishes were for Kiba chose women on his own without caring about their status.

    Zed ignored others and once again focused on the phone. He scrolled down the webpage, and as he did, he finally realized what was bugging him as odd ever since he opened this website.

    Erone has used a style of writing which was very similar to Kiba's way of speaking!

    "Only she could be responsible," Zed bitterly thought.

    While Agatha and Eva knew his style, they didn't know it well enough to copy.

    "Claudia!" Zed opened a chat window on the cellphone.

    [[How are you, sir?]] Claudia messaged on the chat.

    "Not so well thanks to you," Zed typed.

    [[What do you mean, sir?]]

    "You are responsible for this society, right?"

    [[...partially, sir.]]

    Zed pressed his forehead as the intensity of the headache amplified. He wasn't sure earlier of his guess, but now Claudia pretty much made him realize his worst fears were true.

    "Why?" Zed typed a few moments later.

    [[I was aware Erone has plans to form a fan club. I believed you care about him since you spared him back then. So I helped him partially.]

    Zed wanted to loudly shout that he didn't care about him at all! But now it was far too late to make his intentions known.

    What can he do after the website was up and running? All he could do was let it go just like the last time.

    "Partially?" Zed quickly typed on the screen.

    [[I suggested few ideas to him through fake profiles on social media.]]


    Zed wondered just how 'few' were 'few'.

    "Donation was your idea?"

    [[No. He wished to earn so I just guided him with a better method.]]


    Better method?!


    You literally made him blackmail the readers by using Kiba!

    [[A devotee needs money to eat and support his hobbies.]]



    You mean making out with girlfriends of his friends?!

    Zed shook his head as he recalled the confession of his devotee. He still remembered how excitedly Erone confessed to drinking 'holy juices'.

    "You should have asked me," Zed wanted to cry but had no tears to shed.

    [[Years ago you said I shouldn't ask you for small matters. I believed providing some ideas to your loyal follower is only a small topic not worthy of your attention.]]

    No matter how he argued, Claudia found ways to put the blame back on him. Even he started feeling that he was at the fault here and not Claudia.

    "....." Zed closed the chat window tried. He sighed deeply exhausted by the findings on the website and the activities of Claudia.

    Felicity, Jessica, and Loren noticed his strange reactions as they had their lunch.

    Felicity glanced at him with complete disdain. She couldn't stand his behavior of taking an unhealthy interest in the lives of celebrities.

    She believed it was her responsibility to ensure he had more interest in the real world.

    If she couldn't do this then she would fail in her duties as a sister. An outcome she didn't wish to see.

    After a few seconds of contemplation, Felicity made a mental note to take him for an adventure somewhere really fun. She had multiple choices and after some thinking, she decided to use all the options.

    Alas, poor Zed was ignorant of the trouble he had created for himself once again.

    He opened the browser to browse the website further even though he knew he wouldn't like what he was about to see.

    He opened the menu and pressed on another option.

    Women Blessed by Lord.

    When Zed opened this page, his eyes almost popped out of the socket. The list of women whom Kiba has 'blessed' was filled with 100+ names. The good part was that these affairs weren't really a secret since news or gossips regarding them were already available in public domain.

    Further the list didn't have the name of the women with whom his affairs were private. This was reassuring since most of his affairs were discrete without the knowledge of husband or boyfriend or parents.

    The list contained names, image and a short description of the women concerned.

    "Small mercy," Zed muttered as he read the names on the list.

    [1. Maya Sifron - Housewife- The first known lucky woman to be blessed by the Lord.]

    [ Married to a managing director of a popular corporate, she was a poor soul devoid of happiness. The Lord took mercy on her in the fall of 2021 at her house.]

    [Her husband found her on the bed as she became one with the Lord. What a glorious sight was that for the husband to discover his wife in the arms of the Lord.]

    [Revered is Maya for she would always be remembered as the first of the blessed ones.]

    [2. Irene Summers - Heiress - The first known maiden to be favored by the Lord.]

    [How marvelous the beginning of the year 2022 was for the Delta City and its young occupants. The heiress of Delta Food Chain transformed into a woman on the 1st January thanks to the grace of the Lord.]

    [All the struggles between the young men for the favors of Irene Summers ended thanks to the blessing of the Lord. Truly the great Lord works in mysterious ways to spread peace and prosperity.]

    [3. Savannah Horton - Actress- The first of her profession to be graced by the Lord.]

    [Savannah had been married to a popular movie director. Theirs was a love marriage but alas, not a happy one under the test of the time. The Lord's heart was filled with sadness after seeing the unhappy couple, so he decided to fill their lives with happiness.]

    [The movie director is now popular for his tragic love stories.]
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