139 The List Expands!

    Women Blessed by the Lord contained a list of 121 women from various backgrounds. They were women whose affair with Kiba were not really a secret with news and gossips regarding them being out in media and gossip portals from years.

    Not all of them were really 'affairs' as some of them were short-lived relationships. Like Kiba's relationship with Irene Summers lasted two months which included the initial courting period.

    Kiba parted with Irene on rather good terms. In fact, months later, she thanked Kiba during a public speech when she took over Delta Food Chain.

    She expressed her gratitude to him since he helped her evade the greedy clutches of the men who were after her wealth instead of her heart.

    What she further admired was that he never tried to make her believe their relationship would last forever.

    When she started dating Kiba, she has just turned 18.  She was at an age where lovers often promise the moon and eternal love so strong that even the gods would be jealous.

    But Kiba was different in his conduct which was why she felt attracted to him even besides the good looks and strong personality.

    From the start, Kiba told her the time they would spend together, no matter how short, would be enough for them to last till their final breath.

    With time they may move on with new lovers or with a new family, but when they look back on their lives, they could say they didn't regret the time they spend together.

    Just how many people can dare say such things in the starting of courtship?

    The other men tried to earn her favor by using the outdated cliche lines of love and following similar lines of courtship. Something she absolutely detested for she knew it very well that most of them were attracted to her fortunes no matter how beautiful she was.

    As far as Irene was concerned, Kiba was a breath of fresh air offering her something no other man offered. He never showed even the slightest bit of interest in her fortune or her company. The only thing he showed interest was her.

    In the two months they stayed together, she felt like a queen spoiled by her king. There were wild parties which would last till mornings, and then there were nights where they would be in each other's arms.

    Two years after they broke up, an interviewer of a popular magazine asked her opinion on Kiba to which she said:

    "A man every woman want as a lover but definitely not as a husband!"

    When Kiba heard came to know her words, he smiled and had a drink remembering the times they spend together.

    A rake was someone who ensures his past lover remember him fondly no matter how short the time they spend together was. Sometimes it felt good to have a relationship where there were no broken hearts.

    It was a different matter that his habit of seeking relationships with married women often resulted in broken hearts.

    Like in the case of Savannah Horton. As her marriage turned sour, she found solace in the arms of Kiba. Alas, her husband lost his faith in love after he discovered her relationship with Kiba.

    On the bright side, her husband became a super hit director with back to back blockbusters on tragic love stories.

    [The great Lord's punishment is also a blessing in disguise.]

    When Zed read this part, he had an awkward smile.

    "Claudia truly gave him many nice ideas," Zed thought as he moved further down the list.

    [4. Kiera Valdez - CEO - The first of the business to rise in the name of the Lord]

    [Known for her cold temperament and ruthless takeovers, Keira Valdez was often referred to as the evil queen in the field of business.]

    [She was a woman who lacked any warmth in her life. The heavens took pity on her state as one day she fell under the vision of the Lord.]

    [The great Lord showered her with such warmth that she lost all traces of coldness.]

    [5. Aimee Mercado - Student - The first to be rescued by the Lord.]

    [Aimee was shattered by the deaths of her parents. She jumped from the terrace of a 100 storied building to reunite with her parents.]

    [The Lord rescued her from the madness and further gave her the familial warmth and love. Aimee is now running a hospital to fight depression.]

    [6. Gracie Weaver - Government Officer- The first to get a confidence boost by the Lord.]

    [Gracie was an absolute beauty but alas, she lacked confidence in both personal and professional space. The Lord took pity on her and helped her gain confidence in herself.]

    [Glorious were the methods of the Lord since now, Gracie has reached the top hierarchy in the city. She now had multiple suitors asking for her hand all thanks to the Lord.]

    [7. Holly Gould - Singer - The first to tutelage under the Lord]

    [Holly was an amateur singer struggling in the competitive music industry to meet the day's ends. The fate smiled on her after she turned for she met the Lord in a singing competition.]

    [Impressed by her 'competitive spirit' during the audition, the Lord blessed her. She won the competition and is now a brand to reckon.]

    Zed rubbed his forehead as he read down the list further. All the names were familiar and he could remember the time he spent with them like it was yesterday.

    [71. Gilly Welch - Housewife - The first from the police fraternity to be blessed by the Lord.]

    Many of the students in the cafeteria were similarly reading the list. When they read this name, they turned their heads around to glance at a table in the corner.

    Alex Welch! (Chapter 47)

    The son of the police chief and Gilly!

    Alex's expression turned extremely unsightly as he felt the gazes of others on him. He clenched his teeth so hard that they were on the verge of shattering.

    "Fuck you, Kiba!"

    He knew about the affair his mom had with Kiba. Two years ago, Kiba was caught in a compromising position with the wife of a junior officer. (Chapter 130)

    The scandalous part was that the scene occurred at the house of the police chief who was hosting a party for the donors of the police fund!

    The details turned out to be more damaging with the junior officer blaming the wife of the police chief for hiding the details!

    The story took a twist when it was found out that the wife of the chief was having an affair with Kiba from months! That too under the eyes of the chief without him realizing anything!

    The police chief resigned in anger and shame at the scandal. For what kind of police officer he was if he couldn't even know the affair of his own wife!

    [Gilly was a neglected housewife handling the stress from her husband's demanding job. Further, she was a young mother taking care of her children without any support, her life was full of sorrow.]

    "I made her life full of sorrow?" Alex felt his blood pressure increasing.

    [The Lord took pity on her state and gave her a massage at her house! The massage did wonders for she gained an extraordinary glow!]

    Massage to relax her?!



    Alex's eyes turned completely bloodshot. His entire body was trembling as he read the words. He was having a hard time controlling the anger boiling inside him.

    Nearby, the other students continued their discussion.

    "Alex's mom and dad got divorced, right?"

    "Yeah, but they got back together."

    "Actually they broke up again."


    "She was caught with Kiba again."

    "Amazing! I mean damn!"

    Alex's expression was as ugly as it could get. The remarks were like arrows of fire striking at his weak spots.

    He clenched his fist and punched on the table in front of him.


    The table shattered in fragments and the food dishes fell all around.

    "Just ** you all," Alex loudly cursed before dashing out of the cafeteria.

    The others lowered their voices as they discussed the list.

    "Poor guy!"

    "Yeah! So pitiful!"

    "Hey, Sam!"


    "Your mom's name is at #87!"

    "What?!" The boy name Sam fell off from the chair horrified by the words he heard.

    "I was just kidding!"


    "Mabe her name is there at the end!"

    "You never know!"
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