140 Prophecy!

    (Note: The chapter is twice as long!)

    The cafeteria, Royal Heart Academy.

    "I never knew we got so many artists due to Kiba!"

    "Kiba has truly given rise to many stars in the entertainment industry!"


    "Anyways, so many women were blessed by Kiba?"

    "I have known about few of them but not all."

    "The website owner must have made a lot of efforts to compile this list."

    "This alone deserves donations!"



    Meanwhile, the student named Sam gritted his teeth and stood up from the floor. He couldn't match his eyes with the fellow students after what happened now.

    Sam glanced at the fellow student who had just played a prank on him by saying his mother's name was there on the Women Blessed by Lord.

    The male student was rather unfazed as he enjoyed the attention he got for playing such a smart prank. He was now the center of attention in the cafeteria and he felt elevated.

    "You never know your mother or sister's name might be there in the future," the male student remarked after which he started laughing loudly.

    The other male students beside him became silent as they stopped their discussion. They were afraid that this fear might manifest into reality.

    Kiba didn't even spare the wife of the police chief so how could their mothers and sisters be safe?

    Just how can they be sure that the fate of Alex wouldn't become their fates?

    Then would they be able to show their faces to anyone else?!

    Just five minutes ago, they were taking pleasure in the plight of Alex but now their expressions turned extremely ugly. They didn't dare look at the list on the phone any longer afraid of facing their worst fear.

    Some of them even closed their phones and placed them back in their pockets. All their interest in the list was gone.

    The male student who played the prank, on the other hand, continued to laugh. He was fascinated by his wits to outsmart his male friends.

    "You're right on that," a female student adjacent to the prankster male student nodded in agreement "Maybe even your girlfriend's name is there."

    "....." the male student from before stopped laughing.


    Earlier he joked for he didn't have any women in the family but what about his future girlfriend?!

    "If I marry and have a wife then," The male student's face was extremely unsightly as this thought struck in his heart.

    He lowered his head feeling a sense of dread he had never faced before. He felt butterflies fluttering inside his stomach as his mind showed him the 'possibilities' of the future!


    "Lord, please spare my future wife!" He prayed sincerely inside his heart. Never once in his life, he has shown such sincerity to his own god as much as he was showing to the Lord.

    He wasn't the same though. Most of the male students similarly prayed inside their hearts.

    "I would never look at any women with bad intent," a twenty-some old student muttered, "So Lord please don't target my girlfriend."

    "I will contribute ten thousand dollars for the construction of the holy church," a twenty-three fat student joined his hands, "All I ask is for you to let me have a wife who is free of your blessings."

    "I will even become a member of the church," a boy with freckles prayed with eyes closed, "Please take me as an apprentice and teach me the ways of the blessings."

    Some distance away, Zed's mouth was wide open after listening to the discussion among his fellow academy students.

    They were praying to Kiba?!

    Are they for **ing real?!

    And ** the church!

    He wasn't going to take any apprentice nor share his methods!

    Zed gave a deep sigh and shook his head. He gave a quick glance at the names and was relieved to see there was no mention of Agatha on it.

    He was sure Claudia was responsible for this since she knew his bottom line. Then there was also the retraction given by SBC News and other outlets for broadcasting the news about Agatha's pregnancy.

    So there was no way Erone would publish about Agatha in the list.

    Of all Kiba's affairs and relationships, Agatha was the most unique. She was someone with whom he has a good friendship from years ever since he arrived at the city.

    For more than three years, she was kind to him when she didn't have to. This was the reason why he never tried to have any intimate relations with her.

    But in the end, the nature of a man was difficult to suppress forever.

    Kiba was Kiba!

    When he saw her marriage with her Jack breaking due to Jack's affairs, he seduced her.

    He didn't use any dirty methods due to the respect for her, but she was still vulnerable and he took that as an opportunity!

    It was a different matter that the seduction resulted in many unexpected things. Agatha became pregnant with his child.

    Somehow 'he' manipulated the events without him 'knowing' to ensure that the world believed the child Agatha was carrying belonged to Jack.

    Only after the H News event did he learned this truth.

    For him, this was as dangerous as the end of the world!

    Someone who has dreaded the possibility of becoming a father would now become a father in five months!

    Perhaps if not for Agatha's help and patience, he would never be able to accept this reality.

    "Hope," Zed closed his eyes and smiled, "Even if she wasn't mine, I would have protected her due to the promise I gave to Agatha."

    The promise was something he gave even before learning the truth of her paternity, and now after knowing the truth, the worth of the promise only increased further.


    A minute later, Zed opened his eyes and switched off his cell phone. He had enough of the website.

    "Had enough of celebrity's life?" Felicity asked in an annoyed tone.

    She never understood the unhealthy fascination people show in the lives of the rich and the famous. As far as she was concerned, the celebrities can jump in a volcano and she wouldn't give a damn.

    Why should people care about the affairs and scandals of the others? Isn't one's own life enough instead of seeking joy in the imaginary life of another?

    She believed the only thing people should care about is their own lives and those of their loved ones. Life is

    "...Yes," Zed answered.

    He could understand her annoyance with the interest he was showing in the Wife Hunter Society but he was helpless since it concerned him!

    Zed gave another sigh for his inability to explain her the truth. He resumed lunch...


    The rest of the students, on the other hand, were still discussing the contents of the website. They were also shocked by the sudden devotion shown by their mates inside the cafeteria.

    "How is Kiba the Lord?" A male student with long brown hairs muttered, "He is a devil for everyone to fear him so much!"

    "Yeah," Few females silently agreed, "But a very attractive devil."

    "...." This was not the response the males wanted to hear!

    Isn't calling him attractive confirming that feel their fears were well-founded?!


    The women should not find him attractive!

    Just from when did a womanizer become someone to be admired and revered?!

    Shouldn't the women fear a man like Kiba the worst after knowing his history of flings?!

    Or is it true that the women are truly attracted to men with bad reputation?!

    Or could it be the women like a man with more experience in the bed!?

    The male students' minds were in chaos as these thoughts ran across their minds. The females, on the other hand, were taking joy in the conditions of the men.

    "Those praying to him are just fools," a male student suddenly spoke loudly, "And the same is true for those who admire him and find him attractive!"

    He was afraid of Kiba 'blessing' his girlfriend but he didn't let it show. He believed now was the time to get the support of everyone and remove the fear of man known as Kiba!

    They have to let the females know they weren't scared of Kiba! They have to let the women know that there were more than enough worthy males to compete against Kiba!

    Only then could they sleep peacefully without any dread!

    "Sooner or later, Kiba would be destroyed if he continues this habit!" Another male student added, "There would be justice!"

    It wasn't clear whether he was stating a fact or trying to convince himself that such a thing was possible.

    Suddenly, every male in the cafeteria found a sense of hope as they listened to these words. When people are at their lowest, they are ready to cling to any support!

    "He has broken the hearts of many!"

    "The sins of destroying marriage have accumulated beyond the limit!"

    "The true god out there would punish this demon!"

    "Gods would never let this sinner go scot free!"


    "Earlier we were just overreacting!"

    "Kiba isn't omnipotent nor he is the lord!

    "He is just a human like us with limited lifespan!"

    "He couldn't sleep with every beauty!"

    "Nor would every woman agree to sleep with him!"

    "Definitely true! Not every woman is born to be his!"

    "We were worried for nothing!"

    "Kiba is nothing to be scared of!"

    "Let's check other pages!"

    Everyone brought their attention back to their phones with more determination.

    From the drop-down menu, almost everyone clicked on 'Background of the Lord'. The males especially were more eager when they opened this page.

    No one in the city knew about Kiba so the excitement was understandable. The male students wondered just what type of information was being placed on the page.

    Why were they so curious about his background?!

    This was in order to prepare themselves better for the war!

    After all, the easiest and most secure way to win any war is to know the enemy!

    And the most basic part of knowing the enemy was to know the background!

    It is the background which decides how a man becomes what he has become now!

    "The page has loaded!"

    The vision of everyone was glued on their cellphones as the webpage appeared in the format of a scroll.

    The scroll was placed on the lap of a sage who has a long white beard. The features of the sage were very extraordinary and captivating.

    The next moment, an ancient looking brush manifested in the hand of the sage.

    The sage slowly moved the brush on the scroll to write words. The words were golden and when one looks at them, it was like they were hypnotic.

    It was as if the color, the font, the background, and almost everything on the webpage was carefully designed to entrance the viewer.

    [Long ago, a great prophecy was made by the great sages of the past! When the world is in turmoil and shrouded by darkness, a hero would be born!]

    Everyone in the cafeteria was dumbfounded by the words. They read the words again to ensure they have read it right instead of their eyes playing a trick on them.


    "There are indeed many prophecies about great calamities from eons..."

    "But those prophecies don't make sense on a website as this!"


    "We're forgetting the last part!"

    "A hero would be born?!"

    "Kiba is the hero?"

    "The sages prophesized about a wife hunter as the hero?!"

    "Were they smoking weed to make such a prophecy?"

    "That guy is a demon in disguise!"

    "He is no hero!"

    "There is more description on the page!"

    "What? Just how long is the prophecy?"

    Everyone brought their eyes back on their cellphones to read further.

    [The society of today has been infected with greed, ego, ignorance, anger, and hate! Only one positive force can get rid of such negativity from this world!]

    "There is truth to that."

    "Yeap! My grandma says the new generation is more cynical and prone to anger and hate."

    "So the prophecy was about this turmoil and darkness?"

    "But what is this positive force?"

    "No idea."

    "Let's read further."

    [Love! The only happiness and the source of positive force in this world is to love!]


    "I don't understand how love is supposed to be the answer."

    "Me neither."

    [Wherever there is love, there is no hatred or anger or war! Love is the equivalence of peace!  Alas, we are far too engulfed by the negativity that we have lost our ability to show true love.]


    [Worry not for our Lord was the hero that was promised by the sages! The hero who would answer hatred and violence with love!]

    "Answering with love! That sounds so great!"

    "Don't be naive!"


    "You think Kiba is a hero?!"

    "He takes the maidenhood of innocent virgins by fooling them with his soft tongue and charmful appearance!"

    "There was no love involved in that!"

    "He has a habit of targetting married women for one night stand! Just where was love involved in that?!"

    [The ignorant masses have a wrong concept of love! But unlike us, our Lord knows the true meaning of love!]


    "Son of a bitch!"

    "We are not ignorant!"

    "It is you who don't know about love!"

    [How were we born? How would we survive after we die?]


    "No one knows how are born beside the biological process."

    "It is the greatest mystery in the world!"

    "But surviving after dying?"

    "What does he means by that?"

    [Answer is love! The greatest form of love is to make love! We were born from the lovemaking, and we would survive after our deaths through our children who will be born through love!]

    "That's true."

    "Why am I feeling the words make sense?"

    "I am feeling the same as well."

    "Could the prophecy be right?"

    "So far it seems so."

    [Sages have said the greatest way of spreading peace in this world is by making women happy! All women needs is love, but alas, we men have failed badly!]

    Zed covered his ears with his hands. He couldn't stand to listen to the conversation any longer.

    As Kiba, he has always taken joy in trolling but today, someone was using his name to troll others. This made him feel embarrassed for he believes only he had the right to troll.

    "Not trolling but brainwashing," Zed corrected his thoughts.

    He was sure by the end, Erone would be able to get few patrons from the students here for his website.

    He swore to chide Claudia later on for helping Erone to create this mess.

    [Men have been blinded in their journey of power and money! We men have failed in our responsibilities but thankfully, our Lord chose to make up for our fault! He blessed the world by descending in this lowly realm.]

    "The writer is on the mark!"

    "My boyfriend was always busy with other stuff instead of giving me attention!"

    "We women are to be cherished but men have been such a disappointment!"

    "Only Kiba is different!"

    "We need more men like him!"

    "No! There could be no other man like him!"

    "He is the true man!"

    [From years, our Lord has been making love with women of every race and ethnicity without any discrimination! Whether it is a maiden or a housewife, our Lord has never backed away from his responsibilities of making love with them!]

    "He is right!"

    "Kiba had never discriminated!"

    "Only a true soul without any malice can love everyone!"

    "Kiba is truly great!"

    "I always thought Kiba as an evil man but I was blind!"

    "I'm sorry for calling him as wrong!"

    "Kiba is the hero!"

    "No! He is the Lord!"

    "The savior of women!"

    "The Messiah the world needs!"

    "Long live the Lord!"
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