141 Mistress Massage Centre

    The cafeteria was full of arguments and discussions on the prophecy of the hero that was promised to the world.

    Everyone was muttering words like a hero, Messiah, Lord, savior, and a few others. There was a sense of genuine admiration and fascination among the people regarding Kiba.

    Even though Zed has closed his ears, he could still listen to the loud discussion.  No matter how shameless he was, even he felt awkward about the exaltation of his other self.

    "Haah~ Claudia and that kid are a deadly combo," Zed thought with a sigh, "Erone is surely going to get a lot rich today."


    The other students, on the other hand, were still on the website of Wife Hunter Society. The webpage of Background of Lord was filled with flash animation.

    [Don't miss the chance to join the followings of the great Lord.]

    The sage in the animation wrote on the scroll in front of him. His features were otherworldy and each word wrote he wrote, was bewitching to the soul.

    [Contribute to the cause of the Lord! Let's construct the greatest church in the world to celebrate the birth of our hero!]

    The next moment, the sage disappeared from the page and the donation portal opened.

    [Donate with open hearts!]

    Everyone clicked on the donation tab to contribute! They didn't need any more convincing to the cause!

    "I'm donating a thousand dollars!"

    "So cheap!"

    "I'm donating five thousand!"

    "Seven thousand!"

    "Ten thousand!"

    Each contribution was higher than the last. Every person behaved like a fanatic believing the money was the medium for the attention of the Lord.

    Some were contributing due to fear, a few for genuinely supporting the website and the rest for blessings and favor!

    The donation portal has a 'Request to Lord' box where a contributor could state their pray.

    "Don't bless my girlfriend," a student who has contributed ten thousand dollars wrote, "Please."

    "Great lord, don't favor my mom and sister," a student who didn't have faith in the women of his family typed.

    "Biology teacher is my crush," a thin guy muttered as he typed on the screen, "Please don't bless her!"

    Not everyone was asking for themselves though. There were students who were thinking about the welfare of others!

    "My friend has a girlfriend while I don't," a student with thick glasses muttered in his heart, "Please bless his girlfriend!"

    The singles especially were asking Kiba to 'bless' the girlfriends and mothers of their friends! To ensure their wish was conveyed properly.

    "The history teacher is the worse teacher," a bulky student typed, "But he has a beautiful daughter!"

    Some students didn't forget to ask favors for their teachers!

    Just like Zed predicted, Erone truly made a fortune from the website any longer even though only around 10% visitors donated!

    Only Erone knew for what cause he would use the money!



    Mistress' Massage Centre was the most popular spa in the city. Located on the outskirts of the central district, the spa was free from the chaos of the city

    The spa was surrounded by natural greenery. Every part of it was rich with the aroma of flowers.

    As one enters the spa, one would walk through a track filled with special pebbles so designed that it improves the blood flow of the body.

    The aim of any spa was to promote relaxation, relieve stress and boost one's mood, and this spa took its goals seriously.

    Just the entrance was designed to meet these requirements so one couldn't help but look forward to the real massages offered inside.

    Currently, a couple parked their car outside and stepped on the track to enter the spa.

    The couple was none other than Suzane and Morgan!

    "This is wonderful," Morgan inhaled the fragrance from the flowers as he stepped forward, "I'm so glad we are here."

    "This is all thanks to you," Suzane responded with a smile, "You were able to get a coupon for us."

    "Haha, that was nothing," Morgan said this but there was a smug expression on his face.

    He has heard great praises about this spa but the cost was so high that it almost gave him a heart attack.

    He checked on the internet to find discounts but there was no success.

    Yesterday though, a miracle took place!

    When he opened the website of the spa, there was a notification pop-up saying he would be gifted with a 70% discount due to him being the 100001st visitor!

    Such a high discount made him dance in joy!

    After all, he was trying to get a chance to enter the spa, and now the Lady Luck blessed him with such an opportunity!

    "I'm damn lucky," Morgan laughed. He was looking forward to the spa facilities inside.

    A few minutes later, they entered the spa.

    Inside, a woman clad in white clothing greeted them with a warm smile.

    She has dark black hairs spanning to the end of her back. Her nose was short and pointed while her skin tone was fair.

    All over, she has an attractive appearance suiting her slim figure.

    "Welcome to Mistress' Massage Centre," The woman's smile was as radiant as the morning sun, "I'm Tanya Rosales, the manager of this spa."

    "The manager?" Morgan was surprised the manager was there to welcome them.

    "Yes," Tanya nodded her head, "It isn't always I get to meet such a lucky man like you."

    "Ah!" Morgan and Suzane nodded in understanding.

    "Please follow me," Tanya brought them to a large hall.

    The flooring was made from the wood of a mutated tree known for medical properties.  The only source of light in the room was the candles giving it a pleasing appearance.

    Then there was the rich flavor of incense in the room which was nothing less than a delight for the senses.

    At the center of the room were four white chairs. Suzana and Morgan took seats on the two chairs at the end.


    The wooden flooring parted and two large bowls of water appeared below the chairs. The couple drowned their feet inside the water.


    Just the ambient environment inside made them lose the stress and anxiety. The energy circulation in their bodies amplified thanks to the water below. They even felt the impurities inside them were cleaned out by the powerful fragrance of the incense.

    "Just what are this incense and water?" Morgan wondered as the muscle tension inside his body eased while the pain he never knew alleviated.

    "Please relax," Tanya politely continued, "And choose what type of massage you wish to have."

    She waved her hand and two screens appeared in front of the couple displaying the menu.

    "We offer massages such as hot stone, aromatherapy, deep tissue, trigger point, shiatsu massage, prenatal,--"

    Tanya was reading out the choices when she heard a burst of faint laughter from Morgan. She closed her lips and looked at him with a frown.

    "Prenatal massage is obviously out of choice," Morgan offered his explanation, "My wife is not pregnant."

    "Don't be like that," Suzane looked at Tanya and said, "I apologize for his rude behavior."

    "It is fine," Tanya waved off her hand like it was nothing, "We offer prenatal massage since your wife might become pregnant now. sO having her learn this massage is beneficial for the future."

    "Pregnant today?" Suzane and Morgan looked at each other in dismay.

    What does she mean by that?

    "The relaxing atmosphere here increase the sexual drive," Tanya smiled like the wind of the autumn, "This obviously enhance the chances of getting pregnant later on."

    "I have no plan of having a third child," Morgan stated his intentions.

    "The choice was never yours, to begin with," Tanya explained in a pleasant tone.

    "?" Morgan has a confused expression on his face. '

    Only he can result in the pregnancy of his wife!

    So how can the choice not be his?

    "I'm just kidding," Tanya said with a smile but her voice didn't seem she was kidding, "Anyways, please select your options."

    "Sure," Suzane and Morgan glanced at the screen.

    "We have the best masseur in the industry," Tanya continued with a radiant smile, "I'm sure the lady would definitely be pleased by our service."
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