142 Massage!

    The massage was touching the body to clam the mind and heal the spirit. It was not just a luxury; it was a way to a healthier and happier life.

    A good massage depends on the ambiance, the equipment, and a masseur! Suzane and Morgan were already impressed by the former two and now wanted to know about the masseur.

    "You can rest assured on the quality of our masseurs," Tanya 's voice was filled with confidence, "So please specify your choice of massage you wish to have."

    "Yes," Suzana and Morgan clicked on their respective screens to select out of multiple options, "We're done."

    "Good," Tanya signaled them to stand, "Please follow me."

    Suzane and Morgan nodded and followed her as they left the hall.

    A minute later~

    The three of them arrived in a corridor which has access to multiple rooms.

    "Please wait a minute," Tanya clicked on a virtual interface on a door to one of the room, "Mr. Morgan, you can enter."

    The door slid open to reveal a large room. At the center, there was a massage table while the floor below was covered with a soft blanket to massage oil staining the floor.

    A middle-aged bulky man was standing near the massage table. He was clean shaved and bald with a brown skin tone.

    Morgan was struck on the corridor in disbelief.

    Shouldn't there be a female masseur for him?!

    He wouldn't cheat on his wife but as a man, he would like nothing more than having a female applying oil on him.

    But now a bulky man was going to massage him?!

    "Is there anything wrong?" Tanya asked.

    "N-no, but a male masseur," Morgan answered.

    "Slesone is a well-known masseur," Tanya spoke confidently, "He is well versed with the structure of the human body so you could expect the best quality.

    "....." Morgan wanted to decline but he didn't know how without sounding pervert.

    He couldn't tell Tanya in front of his own wife that he wished to have a female masseur!

    "What about my wife?" Morgan asked after he gripped with reality.

    "She would be served by our best masseur so there is nothing to worry," Tanya's voice contained an obvious trace of excitement as she continued, "I'm sure your wife would always wish to come back after the massage therapy is done."

    "Oh," Morgan nodded.

    He has heard about the popularity of the spa especially among women.

    "Please," Tanya requested Morgan to enter the room.

    "Yes," Morgan entered the room.


    Tanya guided Suzane to a room at the end of the corridor.

    "Here is your room," Tanya clicked on the virtual interface of another room, "I hope you have a good time."


    The room was larger than the one before. The lights were dim since the only source was the votive candles.

    Suzane slowly stepped inside and was surprised by the perfect temperature in the room. Just like the other room, there was a massage table at the center of the room along with a small footstool.

    Some distance away, there were two circular tables filled with bottles of oils, hand towels, fruit and cheese platter, and so on.

    "Your masseur would be here shortly so get ready," Tanya said from the entrance of the room, "Please get changed and tie your hairs."

    "I will," Suzane moved to a changing room connected to the main room.

    A few minutes later~

    Suzane stepped out with a white towel wrapping her body. There was a faint fragrance of incense and flowers inside which elevated her mood.

    She glanced at the circular table where glass bottles containing oils were placed. The scented plant oils were added to the massage oil and then placed in the glass bottle.

    The oils were extracted from mutated flowers and other plant parts. Not only did they offered a pleasing scent they also have great healing properties.

    Suzane moved towards the massage table. She lied flat on her stomach and waited for the masseur to enter.

    "Sorry for making you wait," A familiar voice entered her ears.

    Suzane was startled as she saw a man slowly stepping towards her.


    Kiba was wearing a loose fitting shirt and a tight-fitting sports shorts. He glanced at the gorgeous curves which were covered nothing but by a towel.

    Her curly hairs were tied exposing her fair neck. Since she was lying flat on her stomach, her breasts were pressing against the massage table.

    "Lovely to meet again," Kiba licked his lips, "It pleasures me to no ends to serve you today."

    "Y-you are a masseur?" Suzane tried to make sense of things.

    When she met him the first time, she believed he was a mercenary. Then she meet him at a gym where he was her special instructor!

    Now he was even a masseur?!

    Just how many jobs he was working on?!

    "A man needs money to sustain himself and his hobbies," Kiba explained with a smile, "The spa is the only profitable venture I own."

    "You even own this place?!" Suzane was having a hard time understanding the extent his influence held.

    Kiba didn't reply, instead, he pulled the towel down to expose her back.

    "Ah!" Suzane felt his fingertips stroking on her back. The strokes alternated between a firm and light pressure.

    He moved up and down on her back while ensuring the pressure was soothing as well as strong enough to relieve the tension from her muscles.

    "You're not bad," Suzane muttered.

    "I have just started," Kiba took a glass bottle containing oil.

    He squirted some scented oil on his palms and then gently rubbed it over her exposed back.  The oil along with the pressure helped her relieve the stress her body was holding.

    "Let's get started for real."

    His oil-stained fingers lightly ran over her exposed back making her feel a tantalizing sensation.

    "Now that's definitely good," Suzane closed her eyes as the knots inside her body were released.  His fingers traced the contours of her body, from head to the toes, in a slow and gentle manner.

    Kiba applied extra oil on her buttocks and rubbed them in a circular manner. His fingers parted the cracks of her ass, allowing the oil to flow below.

    "Ahh!" Suzane released a loud moan as she felt a finger rubbing oil on her vaginal openings.

    She would be lying if she said she wasn't expecting this, but still, she was caught off guard.

    "There is too much tension here," Kiba inserted the index finger inside her pink coverings.

    Suzane was struggling to control herself as his finger glided deeper. Just as she embraced the feeling developing inside her, she felt his finger move out.

    He once again started massaging her thighs and then her back.

    "Such a tease," Suzane complained in a low voice.

    "You were saying something?" Kiba asked as his hands cupped her ass.

    "N-nothing," Suzane closed her eyes as two fingers slid inside her vagina.

    "Really?" Kiba spread her ass wide with his other hand.

    "Yes," Suzane felt his fingers moving up and down.

    "That's good to know," Kiba removed his fingers and patted her buttocks, "Roll up."

    Suzane did as she was asked and a few seconds later, she was now lying on her back. The towel was still covering her breasts but not for very long as Kiba tossed it away.

    "We don't need unnecessary distractions," His hands slowly worked up from her stomach in a relaxed manner.

    "Ah!" She flinched as his hands arrived on the curves of her breasts. He slowly caressed the swelling below her nipples in a circular motion.

    "Give me a second" Kiba wiped his palms with a hand towel, "We need to follow different the new method."

    "?" Suzane looked with surprise as Kiba brought a tray containing fruits and cheese.

    He took out a strawberry from the tray and brought it towards her closed lips. She slowly parted her lips to take the strawberry in her mouth.

    "Save some for me," Kiba rubbed a finger over her lips. His face zeroed into hers and slowly, their lips meet.

    The strawberry inside her mouth was now surrounded by two tongues rolling in as one. Suzane and Kiba sucked in each other's lips with the taste of strawberry moving in their saliva.

    She felt his one hand moving below to cup her right breasts. He fondled her breast while his mouth chewed on the sweetest strawberry the world has to offer.

    Suzane felt her tongue melting into his as the time passed. Slowly their lips parted and he brought his complete attention on her breasts.

    He fondled her breasts with both hands in a slow and gentle manner. From the side of the curves, his hands moved towards her nipples.

    "Ohh," Suzane relased a light moan as his hands piched her nipples. Aroused from the teasing and caressing, her nipples turn hard and erect.

    Suzane looked in surprise as he took a bottle containing cheese and squirted on her aerola. He rubbed the cheese all around her nipples while giving them a soft pinching.

    Kiba lowered his head on the top of her right breast. His tongue wrapped around her nipple.

    Suzane felt a bolt of current passing through her nipple as he licked on it. His tongue savored the taste of the chesse on her breasts.

    He pressed her breasts together and fondled them while his mouth sucked one nipple after the another.

    "This is the best type of massage," Suzane moaned.

    "Let's make it better," Kiba passed a hand on the back of her neck to tilt her head forward while his other hand cupped her breast up.

    Suzane's tongue parted from her lips to lick over the aerola. Kiba's tongue joined hers and soon they were both licking over her nipples in delight.

    She felt a mix of different taste as their lips once again joined for a kiss.  As the kiss intensified and their tongues mingled, she left the table.

    "We need to get ready for the main massage," Kiba said as their mouths left each other.

    "We do," Suzane nodded as her eyes moved to his sports shorts where the buldging outline was on display.

    He slid off his sports shorts and his throbbing hard cock sprang from confinement. Her delicate hands stroke his cock a few times, after which she bent down.

    She kissed the head of his raging hardon with her soft red lips. Her hands, in the meantime, gently rubbed the testicles.

    She placed her tongue at the base of his shaft and slowly licked back to the head of his cock. She then slowly slid his cock into her mouth.

    Kiba grabbed a handful of her soft hairs as Suzane looked at him. Their eyes meet as she slid her lips up and down the shaft of his cock.

    Slowly as she built the momentum, she opened her mouth wider to take him further down till the end of her throat.

    She continued this motion for a minute allowing his cock to enjoy the warmth and moist feeling of her mouth.

    There was a smile on her face as she freed his cock from her mouth. She stood up and glanced at him with eyes filled with anticipation.

    "Time for the main massage," Kiba wrapped his arms around her waist to position her on the edge of the table.

    He swiftly angled his hips while she opened her thighs further apart.  She held her pussy lips between her fingers on each side and pulled them apart letting him see the slinkiness inside.

    Kiba glanced at the scene with fascination while he rubbed the head of his cock up and down her entrance.

    "Please," Suzane's face was flushed from the teasing, "Don't make me wait."

    His cock throbbed in excitement as he pushed it against her opening. He applied some more force and her moist vagina engulfed the head of his cock.

    "Oh god," Suzane clenched the table tightly as his cock gradually advanced into hers, "I have missed this."

    "Me as well," Kiba slowly advanced deeper into hers. He could feel her pussy covering his cock with warmth and wetness as he penetrated further.

    "Ahh," Suzane felt a jolt of pressure and discomfort as he reached the end of her pussy. He quickened his pace and she gradually became accustomed to him.

    "Faster," Suzane muttered with her head arched back. She clutched his shoulders tightly with her nails clawed deep in his skin.

    Kiba pulled her into him and began ramming inside her with more force. She started matching his thrust as he continued driving inside her.

    "Ohhhhh **," Suzane moaned loudly without restraints.

    Kiba closed his lips to hers as he pumped her harder and slamming her out of her mind.

    "Ohhh Yesss!"  As he thrust frantically into her deepest depths, the orgasm took over her. She begun shaking uncontrollably with every part of her body relaxing in blasts of pleasures.

    Kiba, on the other hand, shut his eyes tightly as he reached his limit. Her pussy clamped on his cock as he melted and released a thick rope of cum inside her. The cum slowly oozed from her overfilled pussy down the cracks of her ass.
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