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    They both jerked and trembled until the aftershocks of the orgasm passed. Suzane lied on the table savoring the fading feeling of the euphoria.

    She took a towel and cleaned the sweat from her body.

    A few minutes later~

    "I need another round of massage if you don't mind," Suzane looked at him with a teasing smile.

    "Anything for a customer," Kiba moved forward to join her for another deep massage.



    Morgan stepped out of his massage room. He looked refreshed with all signs of stress and pain removed from his body.

    He even felt young and energetic, and he now finally understood why this spa was so popular among the top echelons of the city.

    "Mr. Morgan."

    Morgan looked behind and saw Tanya standing some distance away. She still has a perfect smile on her face.

    "How was the massage?" Tanya asked.

    "Excellent," Morgan answered. He was initially hesitant to get a massage from a male masseur but truly the man knew his stuff.

    "That's good to know," Tanya expressed her delight through the words.

    "Where is Suzane?" Morgan asked.

    "She is still in her massage therapy," Tanya answered.

    "How long it shall take?" Morgan further enquired.

    "At least half an hour," Tanya answered with a smile, "It all depends on Suzane."

    "So long?!" Morgan was startled. He wanted the masseur to continue his massage but the masseur declined by saying the timing was fixed.

    Yet her wife was getting an increase?!

    This was unfair!

    "The needs of a woman are different," Tanya understood his trouble so she explained, "The women have so many stresses in their life whether it is family or household or job-related."

    Tanya listed out at least a dozen issues faced by women including the emotional sacrifice the women make for their families.

    "The spa center was specially designed in keeping mind the needs of women," Tanya continued, "I'm sure you would be delighted by the changes the treatment would bring."

    "I understand," Morgan was himself feeling rejuvenated.

    "What type of treatment she is getting?" Morgan curiously asked since Tanya said there was a unique treatment for the women.

    "A deep tissue massage," Tanya answered in a pleasant voice, "Truly deep one with special tonic and nourishment."

    "Oh," Morgan judged that Suzane would have a transformation at a very deep level.

    He wondered about the changes in Suzane after the massage since he has felt good improvements in the body along with an increase in libido.

    "I hope the special tonic and nourishment would bring a wonderful transformation in her," Morgan prayed in his heart.

    He couldn't help but wait in anticipation of the night they would spend together.


    Almost an hour later~

    The door at the end of the corridor opened.

    Startled, Morgan dashed towards the room. He glanced inside and saw a massage table at the center of the room.

    Suzane was standing next to the table along with a woman clad in white clothing. The woman was holding a towel.

    "She should be a masseur," Morgan thought.

    His eyes then moved on Suzane to further check her out, and he couldn't help but open his mouth in a pleasant surprise.

    Her skin was radiating with while her face was flushed red. No matter how he looked at her, her body seemed to be new and rejuvenating with exhilaration.

    "This should be the effect of the deep tissue massage," Morgan contemplated.


    Ten minutes later~

    Morgan and Suzane left the spa building and stepped on the track made of pebbles.

    The greenery and the fresh fragrance of the flowers mingled in the air. The couple stopped on their path to enjoy the feeling of the nature.

    "This was the best massage I had," Suzane pecked Morgan on his cheeks, "Thank you for bringing me to this heavenly place."

    "It was nothing," Morgan turned his head towards her, "I'm glad you liked it."

    "Oh, I loved it," Suzane leaned her head further to kiss him further, "And we should definitely come often."

    "Well..." Morgan was hesitant.

    The cost was not something he could afford regularly. He couldn't get a 70% discount every day no matter how lucky he was!

    "My masseur gave me a 99% discount for a year!" Suzane brought out a golden card from her purse.

    "What?" Morgan took the card in disbelief. The text on the card read: 'A gift for a lovely couple on a special occasion.'

    "Special occasion?" Morgan looked at her in confusion.

    "I was the 1000th customer of my masseur so it was a gift," Suzane explained.

    "Ah!" Morgan was pleasantly surprised, "We both have terrific luck!"

    "You have no idea!" Suzane remarked as she leaned on his shoulder.

    Inside the spa.

    Kiba was standing in front of a window which opened towards the exit.  His eyes were on Suzane and Morgan as they walked out with hand in hand.

    "They are more intimate than before," Tanya arrived next to him, "A good massage can truly do wonders."

    "Yeah," Kiba continued with a smile, "Our spa is meeting its goal of bringing people closer."

    "Far too close in some cases," Tanya flicked her fingers, and the next moment, the window closed.

    "Just doing my job," Kiba closed his eyes and said.

    They both took seats on a sofa couch. A female staff served them with two glasses of red wine.

    "No doubt you're doing a great job," Tanya took a sip from the glass, "But if you continue giving such heavy discounts then this venture would go in a loss just like your other ones."

    "Haah~ I think by heart," Kiba released a long sigh, "I'm really not suited for running a business."

    Most of the businesses he owned as Kiba were in losses. He was basically paying out of his own pockets to run them.

    The losses were especially high in Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd. and Maiden's Love Circle. Even he felt a headache when he thought of their expenditure.

    While he believed money was made to spend, one has to earn it! He basically saved nothing as Kiba!

    Thankfully, as Zed, he owned many profitable ventures. They were mostly managed by Claudia so he could still be a billionaire. Then there was the help of Eva which further ensured he wouldn't sleep on streets.

    "You're right on that," Tanya placed the glass of wine on a table nearby. She turned towards him and said, "Anyways, I wish to have a relaxation massage as per the company policy."

    "Free massages for employees?" Kiba gulped down a mouthful of wine before placing it away, "I'm giving far too incentives to my staff.'

    "You owe me many massages from last month," Tanya slid a hand on his pant, "Now is the time to make up for the past."

    "Truly no rest for me," Kiba closed his lips with hers.
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