144 No To Politics!

    The drawing room, Dream Rise House.

    Zed sat across a circular table filled with various breakfast dishes. As he took a bite from a sandwich, his eyes were on a virtual screen in front of him.

    The screen displayed across a hundred names along with small images.

    "There are just too many people arriving in the city," Zed swiped the list down with the eye gestures, "They are from the government?"

    [[Yes.]] Claudia answered.

    "They sure have sent a big backup," Zed said after completing the sandwich, "But then again we did create a lot of trouble for them."

    He wiped his hands on a napkin and then took a glass of orange juice.

    [[We are only partially responsible for this.]]

    "Hmm?" Zed looked surprised as he took a sip from the glass.

    [[Police sources believe there are revolutionaries in the city. A location was raided but those revolutionaries moved out minutes before.]]

    "Wow~" Zed placed the glass on the table, "Never expected the blind move would help us to this extent."

    Days ago, as Kiba, he had wreaked havoc on the police headquarters. He has let out an impression of him being a revolutionary before killing the investigators.

    While he believed the government would be busy finding a revolutionary in the city, he didn't expect there were real revolutionaries in the city since this place was filled with government agents.

    [[Perhaps the revolutionaries were here to sail in the dangerous waters for profit just like other organizations.]]

    "Guess so," Zed closed his eyes, "Everyone wants power for themselves no matter how they try to justify it with ideals and virtues."



    A little over four years ago in the slums.

    A huge crowd of slum dwellers was gathered in an unnamed street. There was fear in the eyes of slum dwellers as they looked at a made-up stage.

    A white-haired man with glasses was standing on the stage eying the crowd.

    He was none other than Castor Damon!

    "The entire order of the world would change after our exploration ends," Castor Damon spoke in a voice filled with passion and excitement, " Every single of you would be remembered as heroes who changed the world for better."

    Zed was standing among the crowd, afraid, just like the others. He glanced at the corners of the street where armed men were on guard.

    Every single of the armed man had their laser guns aimed at the crowd to ensure there was complete obedience.

    "BSE79 is not just a simple meteorite," Castor Damon continued, "It holds the key to the future of the world."

    A man with short blonde hairs joined the stage and muttered something in the ears of Castor Damon.

    After a short discussion, the man with short blonde hairs took over the stage while Castor Damon stood behind him.

    "The world would usher in a new era where you would be treated with respect and dignity," The man's voice was filled with both melancholy and hope that struck the crowd, "I promise there would be no more deaths from cold and starvation! So join us for an expedition which would transform the world into a revolution of the masses!"

    "Yes!" A middle-aged slum dweller loudly shouted, "No more hunger and cold!"

    "Enough of this slum life!" Another slum dweller at the end joined in, "Let's improve our future!"

    Zed looked on as slowly the people around him slowly joined in agreement. The crowd was jostling with cheers and excitement.

    "Haah~ Everything is staged," Zed thought in his heart.

    He was sure the slum dwellers who shouted first were planted by the man on the stage. Others slowly followed thanks to the herd mentality.

    The first step in managing the crowd was to manipulate those among the crowd. He didn't know how this was done, but he knew the intention.

    The armed men and the two on the stage wanted to control the crowd by fear and hope!

    Carrot and stick!

    "Let's change the world!" Zed shouted with full force, "No to hunger and cold!"

    He joined in the crowd with more excitement than the others. He was sure many like him were pretending but none of them let it show on their face.

    "O' great soldiers of the revolution," The man on the stage signaled the armed men to guide the crowd, "Let's begun the expedition and change the world for better!"




    Back then he didn't know what revolution referred to but now he knew. Castor Damon was working with revolutionaries to seek Cosmic Spark.

    "Change the world for better," Zed clenched the glass of juice with such a strong force that it shattered.

    The orange juice split around mixed with droplets of blood. He glanced at the pieces of glass struck on his bleeding hand.


    "It's fine," Zed shook off his head, "I just hate how they tried to make us believe it was for the greater good till the end."

    Claudia remained silent for she knew the events which unfolded after he and the slum dwellers left the slum to explore the meteorite.

    "Let's change the topic," Zed placed his palm on the table as a humanoid droid arrived to cleanse the wound, "Any tasks for Kiba?"


    The virtual screen in front of him now displayed the images of multiple women.

    [[Your teacher has made multiple requests for you to have a session with his blindfolded wife

    "Aha~" Zed smiled as he remembered the feeling of having Vienna in his arms, "Ryan is truly an ideal husband."

    [[...There are more targets.]]

    "Naa," Zed made a swiping gesture towards the screen, "As a student, it is my duty to fulfill the request of my teacher."

    [[The request was to Kiba and not Zed.]]


    [[This request is for latter. For now, you have to join Lady Felicity in the academy unless you wish to revisit the dispensary.]]


    Zed rushed out of the house...


    Six hours later~

    Zed walked out of the academy along with Felicity.

    "Let's go somewhere for a trip," Felicity said after they reached the parking lot.

    "Trip?" Zed was hesitant.

    "Yeah," Felicity looked at him and said, "Next week would be a good time."

    "There would be no good time if I go with you!" Zed thought inside.

    "You will come, right?" Felicity asked.

    "Of course," Zed nodded but inside his heart, he thought, "Do I have a choice?"

    Felicity opened her cell phone to suggest possible locations.

    "Felicity!" A voice came from behind.

    "?" Zed and Felicity turned around and saw a black-haired young man rushing towards them.

    "Cleo?" Zed muttered. He was startled to see her elder brother here.

    "I have been waiting for you," Cleo looked at his watch before continuing, "We have to hurry."

    "What happened?" Felicity asked.

    "Guests have arrived and we have to welcome them," Cleo hastily answered.

    "Bastards," Felicity cursed in a not-so-lady-like style, "Just how many guests I have to welcome?!"

    "...A lot," Zed muttered thinking about the report Claudia has shown him.

    "Zed is right," Cleo nodded, "Father is waiting for us."

    "Why does dad has to be a politician?!" Felicity stomped her feet.

    "Politics give influence even over the powerful ones," Cleo answered with a smile.

    Even the strongest mutants have to work under the framework established by the government. No matter how strong one was, they couldn't stand alone against a powerful organization like the government.

    The government, in turn, was ruled by the president, the Senate and the world council.

    Of course, the world council was the supreme authority but the power enjoyed by the Senate wasn't to be underestimated.

    Cleo believed the influence held by their father as a senator was envious worthy. He wished to follow his father's footsteps and become a powerful politician.

    For now, he planned to win the mayoral election which would be held in a few months.

    "Politics is just an eternal loop without any ends," Felicity said with a deep sigh, "I never understood your fascination nor do I have any interest in following father's footsteps."

    "...Your choice," As Cleo opened the car door with his right hand, the tattoo of Ouroboros was visible, "Even if you don't like politics, it wouldn't stop pursuing in one way or the other."

    "I don't care," Felicity took a seat beside in the car. She turned her head towards Zed and said, "Don't forget the trip next week."

    "Next week?" Celo was startled with a trace of worry visible in his eyes, "You can't go anywhere next week!"

    "Hmm?" Felicity looked at him in confusion.

    "T-there is going to be a party where we are invited," Celo explained in a composed tone, "All government agents and guests would attend it."

    "Damn!" Felicity's mood was ruined to see her trip plans failing.

    Zed, on the other hand, secretly rejoiced...
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