145 Breach

    Inside an apartment in the staff quarters of Royal Heart Academy.

    "It is done," Ryan thought as he glanced around the bedroom.

    The candles at the corners and the use of perfume in the air gave the room an ambient environment.

    On the bed, his wife, Vienna, was lying down in a black bikini. Her eyes were covered with a blindfold.

    No matter how one looks at the scene in the room, it was perfect for a romantic night promising a lot of sex.

    "Honey, I can't wait," Vienna's low voice came from the bed.

    From weeks, she was begging for her husband to repeat the same performance like that day when 'he' took 'pill' and made love with her. She was completely shocked by how hard and large 'he' felt back then.

    Sadly she never felt him like that ever again.

    "Me neither," Ryan thought in his heart, "For you to be **ed by another man."

    Just the very thought made him have a hard-on.

    His eyes went on the wristwatch to check the time.

    "Damn, just how late he would be," Ryan was feeling both humiliated and excited at the prospect of waiting to be cuckolded.


    A column of white light manifested at the entrance of the bedroom.

    Ryan turned around as the rays of white light converged together into Kiba.

    "Apologies for the delay," Kiba said in a barely audible tone, "There were other jobs I had to handle."

    Ryan looked at Kiba with multiple expressions. He hated him for making love with his wife the last time by using the blindfold of hers to his advantage.

    Yet a greater part of him was excited when he **ed her in front of him.

    Later on, he researched and realized that many men have a fantasy of watching another man make love to their wives.

    This discovery shocked him out of wits for he never believed he had such fantasy, but the events from that fateful day proved his conjecture false.

    "Nice environment," Kiba nodded in appreciation at the ambiance of the room.

    Ryan didn't know how he should reply at this.

    He has created this environment so that another man could have his own wife!

    "Have fun," Kiba moved towards the bed while removing his shirt.

    Have fun?!

    Ryan gritted his teeth at the words but yet he couldn't say anything! He truly wished to have fun by the upcoming events!

    Kiba licked his lips as he eyed Vienna on the bed. He slipped on the bed and tickled her feet.

    "Ah!" Vienna was startled by the touch. The blindfold didn't allow her to anticipate when her 'husband' would make a move on her.

    Some distance away, Ryan looked on as Kiba slowly moved on the bed with his hand slipping on her body.

    Soon, Kiba's lips closed with hers. She felt his hand moving on her bra as their kiss intensified.

    The taste and warmth she had missed of this tongue were once again invading her mouth. Slowly her tongue moved to meet his and they entangled.

    Their saliva mixed with each other and soon, she felt him sucking on her tongue. He lied on top of her as he savored the taste of her mouth.

    His hands moved behind her back to free her from the bra. Her pink nipples were a sight to behold and Kiba moved below to appreciate them.

    Ryan has turned into a bundle of nerves. He was incensed at the scene of his wife tits being sucked by another man but yet he was turned on.

    Kiba pinched her nipples occasionally as he sucked on them. He nibbled from one nipple to another like a hungry child.

    "Ahh," Vienna gasped as his face slid further below. He kissed her on the belly before arriving between her thighs.

    She flinched as she felt him nibbling and licking her pussy through her panties. His tongue was soon greeted by the wetness.

    He pulled her panties aside to savor her pink vaginal foldings. His hands slipped underneath to cradle her ass.

    "Oh god!" She let out a moan as his tongue barged inside her pussy. Her sweet taste engulfed his tongue.

    His one hand moved on the top of her clit. She squirmed in delight as his fingers rubbed on her clit.

    "Damn! She is wet!" Ryan muttered while rubbing his crotch. He looked on as Kiba moved to her face with his cock against her lips.

    Vienna felt his cock brushing on her lips. She opened her lips to welcome him into her mouth.

    She gasped as she felt him grow further. He pushed his cock inside her mouth while his hands held her head.

    Slowly, he took strokes in and out of her mouth by guiding through her head. A few minutes later, he smashed his cock into the back of her throat.

    She let off a gasping moan which was no less than the sound of a seal. She gagged sucking a cock which wasn't her husband's.

    "She is truly a cocksucker!" Ryan muttered as he took out his dick to jerk off.

    Vienna continued to slobber down on Kiba's cock. Her mouth dripped down saliva on her breasts as he finally let go of her mouth.

    He pulled her up on top of his waist. he adjusted her hips as he began to slide his cock into her pussy.

    "Fuck!" Vienna cried as his cock barged in her. She closed her eyes as she savored the feeling of pain and pleasure inside.

    As she became accustomed to him, she moved up and down on his cock. She felt firecrackers exploding inside her as his cock struck her ends.

    Kiba pushed his face on her breasts as she rode over him. The wetness and warmth of her further blinded his senses.

    He rolled her around and changed the position to missionary. His lips were on hers as he pounded her.

    The sound of her pussy slapped with his balls along with her moaning reverberated in the room. She screamed and huffed as he slid in and out.

    "Oooo yes!" Vienna writhed as the orgasm hit her just as he cummed inside her. She breathed heavily lying on the bed with Kiba on top of her.

    Far away, Ryan has stained the floor...


    An hour later~

    Kiba teleported out after making love with Vienna in every position.

    Ryan moved on the bed and removed his wife's blindfold.

    "I love you!" Vienna kissed him violently.

    "I love you too!" Ryan expressed his intent.

    No matter how strange their sex life was, he loved her. He has embraced being a cuckold and didn't regret this the least bit...


    Meanwhile, somewhere in the city.

    Two figures landed on the terrace of a skyscraper. One of them was a middle-aged man with a long brown beard.

    He kneeled down respectfully as the other figure, a girl, moved to the end of the terrace. The girl was in her early teens with a pale skin tone and dark yellow eyes.

    She has long wavy dark pin hair, with two locks hanging down. She was wearing a light blue dress with floral patterns.

    The girl leaped on the top of the balustrade and looked down at the jostling crowd on the streets.

    The light from the stars radiated her beautiful face as her gaze concentrated. Her eyes didn't see the world as it appeared, instead, they saw the world in its primal form of energy.

    There were no more people in her vision, but instead, she was seeing the true hidden layers of the world.

    "Lady Alice," the middle-aged man spoke in a low voice, "Have you discovered something?"

    Alice turned towards the middle-aged man before sitting down on the balustrade.

    "The city has changed," Alice's voice was melodious but her tone was nonchalant, "It is different from two years ago when I passed by."

    "What do you mean?" The middle-aged man politely enquired.

    "I'm not sure but," Alice raised her head towards the night sky.


    "I think there has been a breach in time."
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