146 Backlash

    A warehouse in the downtown of Delta City.

    The seven revolutionaries were standing in front of a glass wall. The wall partitioned the warehouse in two and on the other side, there were around twenty people strapped on glass tables.

    Some of them were young and others old with both genders in equal numbers. They were unconscious but from time to time, they would wriggle in pain.

    Their faces were filled with blue patches. The patches would move around the face as if trying to escape.

    "Would it work?" Yuizi turned her face away from the glass wall and looked at the head of the command.

    "It will," Rufus nodded his head, "We have properly followed the procedure suggested by Count Viper."

    "If any accident takes place then we...." A man named Simon muttered. His eyes unconsciously moved on a wooden table upon which a cylindrical glass pod was lying.

    The blue nanites inside the pod were seething continuously.

    "As long as we follow the plan everything would be fine," Rufus said in a confident tone, "Just two days and everything would be over."

    "Yes," Yuizi glanced at the people strapped on the tables and muttered in a low voice, "Their contribution would always be cherished."

    Rufus and others nodded with approval.

    "Excuse me," Rufus took his leave from his companions and walked out of the warehouse.

    He took out a tablet from his coat and clicked on the screen to open an encrypted conference app.

    "We're ready," Rufus said as the image of a young man appeared on the tablet screen, "What about your preparations?"

    "I have done my part," The young man said with a hint of nervousness, "You would be able to land a heavy blow on the government."

    "Don't speak as if you're doing me a favor," Rufus said with a bit of annoyance, "You're going to benefit from this."

    "...." The man didn't reply for a minute, "You can't fail at the promise you gave me."

    "Of course, I won't," Rufus sighed and said, "Just ensure she arrives at the venue and we would handle the rest."

    "I would," The man said after which he ended the video conference.

    Rufus turned around and stepped in the warehouse.


    Delta City Park.

    Zed spent time with Felicity in a thrill park. Jessica and Loren accompanied them, and the two couldn't help but marvel at the relationship between Zed and Felicity.

    The two looked on in surprise as Felicity dragged Zed to the Hell ride. He protested but yet he seemed happy when he accompanied her.

    The relationship between them appeared to be strange from the perspective of Jessica and Loren.

    The two sat down on a park chair, with ice cream in their hands, while thanking their luck since Felicity spared them from the ride.

    "Now that I think about it," Loren took a bit of the ice cream, "He would only attend academy when Felicity is there."

    "Yeah," Jessica nodded her head, "He doesn't show the least bit interest in the academy even though he is a top student."

    "Felicity seems same," Loren said after contemplating a bit, "She would always complain about Zed but she cares about him a lot."

    "They are strange," Jessica smiled as she remembered the first encounter and the latter events, "But they are wonderful people."

    Loren glanced at Jessica and smiled in agreement.

    "You like him, don't you?" Loren asked after a moment.

    "Huh?" Jessica was caught off guard by the sudden question.

    "I have noticed," Loren added.

    "I-I don't like him...I mean I do like him but not in that sense..." Jessica's cheeks were as red as tomatoes as she tried to explain.

    Loren laughed seeing the nervous attitude of Jessica.

    "Don't laugh," Jessica tried to gain composure but her face was still flushed.

    "Sorry," Loren tried her best to control her laughter, "But you were fidgeting so I couldn't stop."


    "If you like him then tell him," Loren glanced at the rollercoaster in which Zed was sitting next to Felicity.

    "I..." Jessica didn't know how to reply.

    She didn't like him as in love but she did admire him after the help he has given her.

    "He doesn't have a girlfriend you know," Loren turned her head towards Jessica before continuing, "And nor he seems to be the type of guy who cares about status or wealth so there is no reason for you to have low self-esteem."

    "But he is poles apart from me even if not for that," Jessica shook off her head, "I don't wish to ruin what we have by bringing this matter."

    "Your choice," Loren sighed in disappointment, "Just remember you might regret later on for letting this moment pass."

    "Let nature takes its course," Jessica continued with a smile, "But you sure sound like an expert even though you never had a boyfriend."



    An hour later~

    Zed leaned on Felicity's shoulder.

    "So tired," Zed muttered exhausted.

    The night he has spent as Kiba has taken away all his energy and now the thrill park. He was completely worn out by living two lives with one body.

    "Don't be lazy," Felicity sat down on a park chair along with him.

    Zed didn't listen to her words and instead, he placed his head on her lap.

    Many people nearby in the park looked at them in surprise and shock.

    "Such a cute couple," A woman who was running a food stall said.

    "They must be new in love," A man near her muttered.

    "Bring back memories of our youth," A middle-aged woman who was accompanying her husband said

    "I wish we could be like them again," The woman's husband agreed.

    Felicity and Zed didn't hear the discussion, and even if they did, they wouldn't care if people misunderstood their relationship by mistake.

    "How could you be so tired?" Felicity asked.

    "I was working overnight on a project," Zed muttered with his eyes barely half open.

    Felicity didn't really believe his words. As she thought of countering him, he closed his eyes completely as sleep overtook him.

    She sighed with a smile while looking at his sleeping face.

    "How could I ever leave this city with such a troublesome brother?" Felicity ruffled his hairs in a loving manner.


    A few miles away from Dream Rise House.

    Two figures, a young girl and a man, leaped from one tree to another as they arrived at the outskirts of the villa. The security droids, the motion sensors and the thermal scanners in the vicinity remain oblivious to the presence of the two.

    They were none other than Alice and the middle-aged man.

    "Lady Alice," the middle-aged man glanced at the waterfall upon which the villa was partly built, "Is this the place where the breach in time has taken place?"

    "I'm not sure," Alice sat down on the branch of a tree, "But this place is definitely connected to the breach."

    The middle-aged man traced the surveillance features in the region.

    "The technology is good," the middle-aged man said with disdain, "But compared to our noble family, it is nothing."

    "It is because we are outside," Alice said as two streams of invisible red light flew from her eyes and moved inside the villa.

    "?" The middle-aged man politely waited for an explanation.

    A minute later, the streams of light returned back in her eyes.

    "How surprising," Alice closed her eyes.

    "What happened?" the middle-aged man looked at her.

    "There are secret passages inside the villa and the security features are definitely more powerful than here," Alice answered.

    She conjectured that the security outside was purposely kept low. Most likely, she believed, it was in order to not let anyone get suspicious about the scale of technology the villa owner owned.

    "How is that surprising?" The middle-aged man asked. It was nothing surprising for large houses to have hidden passages or secret rooms.

    "The hidden passages and elevators are connected to some underground facility," Alice said with an obvious trace of excitement in her voice, "But my ability couldn't infiltrate the facilities."

    "WHAT?!" The middle-aged man's expression turned frantic.

    He didn't dare believe the words he has heard.

    "The ability which originated from Sovereigness Parcae was futile?" The middle-aged man's throat turned dry.

    He knew very well the talent Alice was blessed with.  So for her to fail could be only attributed to the strangeness of the villa.

    "Hmm?" Alice and the middle-aged man turned their heads as they heard the sound of a car dashing by.

    The large gates outside the villa opened up allowing the hovercraft to enter.

    Alice looked on as Zed and Felicity stepped out of the car.

    "That man owns the villa," The middle-aged man said after glancing at a report on his phone screen, "Nothing extraordinary about him."

    "Oh?" Alice's pupils turned red and two rays of invisible light left her eyes.

    Zed didn't notice anything as the rays of light landed on him. He entered the house along with Felicity.

    Far away, Alice's eyes turned wide with horror as she felt her energy connection severed.

    "Cough!" Alice coughed up a mouthful of blood. Her body shook heavily with her face losing all traces of color.

    "Lady Alice!" The middle-aged man rushed forward to gave her support as she fell from the tree.

    "Argh!" Alice's felt her insides twist in agony, "We have to leave."

    "Understood," The middle-aged man carried her in his arms and leaped away.

    After ten minutes, they arrived at an artificial lake. Alice took some water from the lake and splashed it on her face.

    "I'm fine now," Alice cleared her face and sat down, "That was close."

    "What happened before?" The middle-aged man enquired.

    "I tried to check his Strings of Fate," Alice answered in a low voice, "But the energy from my ability was ripped apart after entering his mind."
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