149 Nanites

    Delta Military Base was in the form of a business park with multiple buildings spread out.

    Recently the base has been occupied by the investigators and the new backup team sent by the government.

    As per rumors, the base contained some special equipment which required 24*7 hours security protection.

    Whether the rumors were true not known, but the security of the base has been amplified after the arrival of investigators a month ago.

    Hundreds of humanoid droids were guarding the perimeter and only allowing people with proper security clearance to enter the base.

    A three storied building at the center was the most heavily guarded facility on the entire base.

    The third floor.

    At the end of the corridor, a thick metallic door was placed.

    The metallic layer and the force field surrounding was strong enough to survive even nuclear destruction.

    The door indeed lead to what resembled a bunker-like facility but inside, there was only a piece of single equipment in the shape of a generator.

    Morgan was standing next to the equipment with a heavy expression.

    "This is our trump card to overpower whatever caused that golden lightning phenomenon," Morgan muttered.

    He glanced around the room but other than him, there was no one.

    "My colleagues are having fun but here I'm struck with equipment," Morgan complained of hardship.

    He wanted nothing more than spending the night out with his wife at the party hosted by the mayor, but the rules dictated for him to supervise the facility tonight.

    "Like anyone would dare attack here."


    Suddenly, a deafening explosion sounded in the distance.

    "What?!" Morgan was terrified by the sound. He dashed to the control panel some distance away and was horrified by the scenes on the monitor screen.

    "The base is under attack?!"

    The screens were full of blue mushroom clouds.

    "Could it be...?!" Morgan's entire face turned pale as a possibility struck his mind, "Those revolutionaries must have implanted nanites in the bodies of some staff members!"

    He backed to the end of the facility with his body shivering. He looked at the metallic door and hoped that the facility was truly powerful enough to resist the explosion.

    "I have to contact Liam!" Morgan opened his cellphone.


    The Delta Mayoral Office's building was full of chaos as multiple explosions simultaneously occurred on the nineteenth floor.

    The blue mushroom cloud expanded and begun moving towards the lower floors.


    The architectural glass shattered into fragments and so did the security droids in the air before the fires of the explosion engulfed them.

    The security forces, at the entrance of the building, were in a state of disbelief as they looked at the higher floors.

    The reporters, on the other hand, focused their cameras on the floors engulfed by the explosion. All the cameras could capture was blue smog and the deafening sound.

    "Start the rescue mission!" A police officer shouted to his subordinates.

    "Bring the fire truck!" A security agent said on his phone.

    "Damn! The building is full of VIPs!"

    "If they die then we would have a hell to pay!"

    "How did such a thing happened?!"

    "There is definitely some deep conspiracy!"

    "Stop the discussion and help in the rescue!"

    On the nineteenth floor.

    Inside a private room connected to the hall.

    The room was stylish and luxurious, but the ten members inside the room were in no mood to think about the design.

    Before the explosion took place, they entered the private room for a discussion. They never thought this would save their life.

    "Mayor, you have done good work to design this as a bunker," An old man said as the sound of raging destruction from outside the room reverberated inside.

    "I'm afraid this is not a type of compliment I like to hear," The mayor said with a deep frown, "I made this after what happened to the mayor of Sakura city."

    "Smart decision," Sylvan nodded his head, "We could survive those nanites."

    "Let's hope so," The mayor said.

    "We would live for sure," Sylvan was in the middle of continuing his sentence when he noticed a person dashing towards the exit.

    "Patrick, stop!" The mayor and others caught him.

    "Let me go!" Patrick's eyes were bloodshot, "My daughter is in the hall!"

    "Think rationally!" Sylvan shouted, "You would just be giving your life for nothing!"

    "You should know about the nanites true power!"

    "No one can survive that explosion!"

    "You're lying! Felicity won't die!" Patrick's face was soaked with tears...


    The hall was filled with fires of the explosion as it raged and expanded. Most of the guests were already killed by the explosion.

    Only very few remained with them using their abilities to barely retain their lives.

    Liam has covered his body with diamond shards. His scalp was numb with pain as shards continue to shatter under the might of the explosion.

    "Fuck," Liam cursed.

    He truly wished he has allowed Morgan to take his place in the party.

    Some distance away, a cocoon made of vines was engulfed by the blue mushroom cloud.

    "Cough!" Felicity coughed up blood.

    Only a single layer of the vines remained, and she felt the situation turning worse by every second.

    "I won't give up!" Felicity clenched her teeth and raised her hands to bring out more power as she saw the flames destroying the final layer.


    Suddenly, the silver bracelet on her right wrist shook with faint signs of current manifesting on it.

    "This..." Before Felicity could think further, the bracelet released blinding silver light.


    She slowly opened her eyes with a shocked expression on her face.

    A silver rectangular barrier has surrounded herself. The silver barrier was filled with small hexagonal golden coatings.


    The waves of the explosion struck loudly on the barrier without any damage.

    "The bracelet Zed and Claudia gave me," Felicity clearly remembered the scene of the day Zed gifted her the bracelet in Claudia's stead.

    [[Lady Felicity. The barrier can only resist the force of explosion but not the true danger.]]

    "True danger?" Felicity heard Claudia's voice from her bracelet.

    [[Please cover all your pores. Also, try to hold your breathing as long as you can.]]

    Felicity nodded and covered her body with faint wooden covering. She held her breath as asked knowing now was not the time to inquire anything.

    Unknown to her, Claudia knew the true crisis.  Through the bracelet, she could sense particles of nanosize trying to pass through the barrier.

    The particles were gaseous and almost impossible to detect. Claudia didn't know what they were but she was sure of one thing: they were dangerous.

    [[Master should be here in a minute but those particles...]]

    Some distance away, Liam released a heart-wrenching scream. He was protected from the explosion by the diamond shards, but his body was trembling.

    "Damn! Those nanites have invaded!" Liam clenched his head tightly as he felt his very structure of body being attacked at a genetic level.

    He lost focus and the diamond shards dissipated.

    "NO!" Liam cried for the final time as the explosion engulfed him.


    The might of explosion increased and with more vigor, it attacked the barrier surrounding Felicity.


    Just then a large column of white light landed on the broken floor and soon transformed into Kiba.

    "Felicity?" Kiba muttered as he formed a golden force field around him. The force of the explosion made it hard for his senses to feel her existence.

    He closed his eyes and focused all his energy to sense her. His senses covered the entire hall and soon detected a woman surrounded by a barrier.

    "There!" Kiba walked forward surrounded by the golden force field. The disruption in the air made it almost impossible for him to teleport around her.

    The nanites in the mushroom cloud detected his existence as he stepped forwards. Before they have to focus on a dozen mutants so their attack wasn't concentrated, but now only two remained.

    The next moment, almost the entire might of explosion was directed towards him. The nanites identified him as a force to reckon and thus they used all their power to stop him.

    "Stop annoying me," Kiba clenched his fist and the golden force field expanded further. The waves of the explosion were pushed back but the nanites invaded through.

    "Just what are these?" Kiba formed a golden coating on his body.

    To his shock, the nanites were able to find a nonexistent gap to invade even the coating.

    "If I'm having such trouble then Felicity?" His eyes turned wide with horror as the realization hit him.

    He raised his hand and used all the energy the current state could allow him to release a golden stream of light.

    The golden stream of light sliced apart the mushroom cloud as it flew towards Felicity.

    "Argh!" Kiba felt the nanites invading through the gold coating over his body. He clenched his teeth in order to not lose his concentration at such a crucial time.

    The golden stream of light pushed the barrier surrounding Felicity towards the broken glass windows.

    "What?" Felicity felt herself in a free fall.

    Shocked, she opened her eyes and saw the barrier still around her, but with every second, she saw floors of flames passing through her vision.

    [[Lady Felicity, use all your energy to cover your body. The remaining particles in the air are targetting you.]]

    "Yes," Felicity closed her eyes and strengthened the wooden layer on her body.

    She trusted Claudia and so she didn't think about her falling any longer.


    Inside the hall.

    "Urgh!" Kiba's face turned ghastly pale with the veins on his forehead trembling. The nanites passed through his bloodstream and finally struck on his genes.

    He felt his very genes being ripped apart. The genes stored more than just hereditary data, they were the origin of the body's entire existence.

    His very source was under onslaught while the blood inside him turned poisonous.

    "There is only one choice!"

    Rays of white light surrounded him, and he teleported away.


    The wasteland.


    Kiba landed on a giant crater. His knees swayed and he fell on the ground.

    Blood was leaking from his orifices with his body color turning poisonous blue.


    His aura amplified as the half-blue in his pupils transformed into gold and his hairs grew at a rate visible to the naked eye.

    The clear night sky was filled with intense rumbling sounds as dark clouds converged. Defeaning thunder reverberated in all directions and the ground shook.

    The golden lightning in the sky carried an awe-inspiring might to destroy everything out of its existence.

    Kiba stood up from the ground. He stretched his hands apart as the new energy inside him sliced apart the nanites struck on his genes.

    The blood inside him regained its original vitality and in just a moment, his body retained turned normal.

    "Felicity," Kiba closed his eyes to dissipate the golden lightning phenomenon. After his recent experience, he didn't dare use his full powers.

    His golden hairs reached back their original length and his pupils were now half-blue and half-gold.


    Meanwhile, outside the mayor building.

    Felicity landed on the middle of a street surrounded by police. She was surrounded by the barrier and with every passing moment, the barrier faded.

    The bracelet on her wrist turned from silver to dull bronze.

    "Take her to emergency!" A guard nearby shouted.

    "She is safe but she needs treatment!" Another guard shouted.

    Felicity has already lost her consciousness after using her full strength before. As the barrier faded away and the wooden layer disappeared from her body, a single nanite struck on her back...
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