152 Weak

    The warehouse was filled with an eerie silence. The six revolutionaries were rooted on the spot while the blood-red snowflakes continued to stream down on their bodies.

    Their eyes were on the entrance from where a man was slowly moving forward. They gulped down and then moved their eyes on the floor where their companion was lying in utter misery.

    "Ah," Simon tried to move his limbs without any success. His entire body was in a mess with almost every bone inside him fractured.

    His titanium skin was filled with wounds from broken bones protruding out. He wanted to groan but he couldn't even do that with a broken neck.

    "He...lp," Simon muttered after struggling for what felt like an eternity. His ape face was extremely unsightly with his face caved within as if a train has run over him.

    Yuizi, who was behind him, heard his voice. She shook her head trying to regain her composure.

    "Now is not the time to be in a trance," Yuizi shouted after noticing the trance-like state of her companions.

    Every single of them was shocked by the quick defeat of Simon. They initially believed he could buy them a few minutes of time while they packed up the stuff but to their horror, he was defeated in few seconds.

    None of them knew how he was defeated. All they heard was the sound of bone-shattering after Simon leaped to attack the enemy.

    "Give him a recovery pill," Rufus commanded. He knew this was not the time to lose their wits no matter how strong the enemy was.

    "Yes," Mailo took out a plastic bottle from his jacket. He uncapped the bottle and took out a green pill.

    He crouched down in front of Simon and opened his mouth to put the pill on his tongue. The pill melted into green waves of energy and passed throughout the body of Simon.


    The broken bones joined together and returned to their original position. As the green waves moved down the body, the tissues healed and the flesh recovered its original vitality.

    Simon jumped back on his feet feeling refreshed and energized. His giant ape body now had no traces of any injury.

    "Nowadays everyone is a cockroach,"  A cold voice ringed in the warehouse, "But then again this is for better."

    Simon flinched as he turned his head towards the master of this voice. The dust has settled down and he could make out the features of the man who has brought him to a near-death stage.

    The man has shoulder-length golden hairs with strange pupils. The air behind him was turbulent and filled with a curtain of blood.

    "W-who are you?" Simon muttered.

    "My name doesn't matter but if you're so curious," The man spoke in a voice that chilled everyone's heart, "Call me Kiba."

    "Kiba?" The seven looked at each other in confusion. The name didn't ring any bells in their minds.

    Did the police officer has such a powerful officer?!

    Or is he a part of the secret corps sent by the government?!

    "Introductions are over so let's start," Kiba moved a step forward, and as he did, the space distorted with multiple colors.

    "W-what?" Simon didn't know how, but the next moment, he was struggling for breathing.

    He felt himself off the ground with a heavy pressure knocking over his windpipe. His bloodshot eyes moved down and noticed a hand grip on his neck.

    "Ple...ase," His face turned deathly pale as Kiba tightened his grip.

    Yuizi, who was next to him, transformed her hands into claws full of green scales.

    She striked a claw towards Kiba's hand which was gripping Simon.

    Rufus morphed into a humanoid cyborg with his fist aimed at Kiba's head. Two lasers erupted from his fists with a walloping force.

    Mailo stretched his hands apart and his body protruded out with bone spikes directed at Kiba.

    The other three revolutionaries rushed back to pack up the stuff. They were sure the man in front of them was not from police or secret corps so they wanted to leave before the police arrived.

    Kiba's lips curved upwards as the claw landed on his hand and the bone spikes struck on his back.

    "ARGH!" Yuizi screamed as her claw ripped apart in fragments of blood and gore.

    "AHHHH!" Mailo released a heart-wrenching scream as he felt thousands of voltages passing in his body from the bone spikes.

    "Impossible," Rufus uttered in horror as the two lasers turned into a puff of air after reaching Kiba.

    "H-how is this possible?" Yuizi backed away with her other hand supporting her shredded hand.

    Just how strong was his physical body?!


    If he was a strength-type mutant then how could he teleport and use energy type attacks?!

    How was he able to transfer electricity through bone spikes?!

    There was no way he was human!

    Kiba didn't say anything and instead, applied more pressure on Simon's neck.


    Simon's eyes bulged out while his windpipe shattered. The bone shard struck out of his neck bringing him close to death.

    Kiba released his grip and Simon fell on the ground.

    "Surely this is not what you all have to offer?" Kiba snapped his fingers and out of nowhere, the air above Simon was filled with blood-red orbs of light.

    The orbs merged with the dying Simon and regenerated him to his former state.

    "Just what on earth are you?" Rufus asked as he took out a glass bottle from his pocket. The bottle has circular red pills.

    "Your death," Kiba answered while glancing at the pills, "Oho~ Finally you're taking me seriously."

    "Death? You don't seem to be from the government so why would you target us?" Rufus put a pill in his mouth. His body trembled as the cyber-armor on his body mutated at a rate visible to the naked eye.

    "Target?" Kiba's voice contained a hatred he has never known before, "You harmed my sister and you say I'm targetting you?"

    "Could it be?" Yuizi muttered after consuming a red pill.

    "She has no role in your war with the government but yet you harmed her," Kiba clenched his fist tightly, "So don't you dare expect an easy death."

    "I don't know who is your sister but she wasn't harmed intentionally," Rufus said in a deep voice, "Sacrifices are needed in the war for the greater good."

    "Greater good?" Kiba's eyes were filled with a cold glint, "That's the same excuse each one of you uses."

    The next moment, he disappeared from his position and appeared in front of Rufus.

    Rufus wasn't scared. The floor beneath his feet erupted with black laser light aimed at Kiba.

    As the black laser light landed on Kiba, Rufus's leaped behind with his palms releasing small rockets.


    The floor cracked up with smoke and debris floating in the air.

    Yuizi jumped in the air and made a slashing motion towards the dust cloud. She knew the opponent wouldn't die so easily which was why she didn't wait for the dust to settle.

    The air ripped apart with sounds of explosions as the energy claw moved forward.

    Mailo struck his fist on the floor with bone spikes, like blades, rushing towards the area filled with the smoke cloud

    Simon banged his hands on his chest like an ape with his mouth radiating out sonic waves.

    The three mutants who were packing similarly attacked. One of them was in the air with his fist releasing a black stream of light.

    The other one closed his eyes, and the space cleaved into two as a spear made of dark energy manifested above the dust cloud.

    The final revolutionary released an arc of lightning with all his might.


    The entire warehouse was filled with sounds of explosions as attack after attack landed on the same place.

    The floor was filled with firelight and pulverized tile fragments while the dust cloud expanded.

    "Did we succeed?" Yuizi asked.

    "Definitely! No one can survive that!" Mailo answered with confidence.

    "A pity I couldn't snap his neck myself," Simon spoke with disappointment. He hated how he was almost killed and then healed by Kiba.

    "No time to waste," One of the three mutants said, "The police would be here any minute."

    "Let's leave," Rufus took a deep breath and turned around.


    "What?!" Rufus turned around as he sensed a powerful force from behind.

    His jaw almost dropped to the floor with his eyes leaving the sockets.

    The dust cloud ripped apart and the fare of light disappeared.

    "No way," Yuizi's throat turned dry.

    Kiba was perfectly fine without a single scratch.


    Much less scratch on his body, even his clothes were like before without any trace of dust.

    "Is he even a human?" Mailo stumbled back not daring believe the scene in front of him.

    "He is definitely a monster in human clothing!" Simon muttered with his body trembling.

    "My turn," Kiba lifted his hand and made a movement diagonally.



    The revolutionaries screamed in terror as their bodies severed into two from their torso. Blood splattered on the floor like a fountain.

    They howled in pain feeling a pain they didn't think was possible before. Their hearts contracted and their eyes felt dizzy as they sensed death approaching.



    "Huh?" Rufus opened his eyes a few minutes later. He felt energized and then looked down on his body.

    He was intact! There was no injury!

    "Was everything a nightmare?" Rufus asked as he turned around and saw his other companions were fine just like him.

    Even the floor has no signs of cracks. There were no traces of any battle.

    "Seems so," Yuizi answered. Her thoughts were cloudy so she didn't contemplate on how can they all have the same nightmare!

    She felt the nightmare was far too real. The sensation of her body cleaved into two was still fresh in her mind.

    She has undergone virtual simulation training to face torture but no training ever made her see death so close.

    But this didn't matter!

    They were alive!

    The nightmare was over!

    "N-no, the nightmare isn't over," Simon muttered with his voice filled with despair.

    "What do--"  Rufus brought his vision to Simon's line of sight.

    On the circular table some distance away, Kiba was sitting with his legs resting on a chair.

    "Should we start again for the greater good?" Kiba asked with his chin resting on his hands.

    His voice contained a chillness that made them feel as if they were in the depths of hell.

    "Start again for the greater good?!" Yuizi's muscles tensed as an unpleasant thought struck her heart.

    Kiba didn't reply but made a slashing motion in the air.


    "Not again!"


    A few minutes later~

    The seven stood up from the floor without any injuries. Their bodies were rejuvenated with more vigor than before, but this time they didn't dare rejoice.

    Every single of them felt distressed like never before. They slowly turned their heads towards the circular table hoping for the best.

    Alas, much to their horror, the man they feared was still in the same spot glancing them with cold eyes.

    "Haah~ this is no fun," Kiba said a deep sigh, "Why are you all so weak?"


    The seven cursed loudly.

    We're not weak!

    It is you who is too overpowered!
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