153 Smile

    A black blade extended from the top of Rufus' right wrist. The blade was surrounded by red bolts of current.

    Rufus leaped up with his blade cutting forward toward his enemy. The floor shook and the air trembled as the blade rushed ahead.

    It was like the blade was capable of destroying everything in its path.

    "Take this!" Rufus shouted as the blade arrived in front of Kiba.

    Kiba raised his hand and moved his thumb and index finger forward to intercept the blade.


    A storm of chaotic energy exploded out filled with red bolts of current. The tiles shattered in fragments and the debris hovered in the air.

    "No way," Rufus' face turned deathly pale.

    Time set to come in a standstill with his blade caught in between a thumb and index finger. Ripples of pressure manifested from the fingers and passed on the blade.


    The blade cracked apart like a mirror falling on the ground. The ripples of pressure passed through the blade into Rufus.

    "AHH!" Rufus cried in misery.

    A destructive force coursed into his body, ripping apart his veins. His organs dislocated from their original position while his nervous system turned numb from pain.


    He fell on his knees with every part of his body bleeding.

    "Hmm?" Kiba turned his face.

    Yuizi was dashing at him with her claw ripping through the air. The claw carried a cold glint as it rushed towards Kiba's throat.

    Kiba moved his hand slowly and caught the claw as if it was nothing more than a lady's hand.

    "You were beautiful before you transformed," Kiba glanced at her transformed hands full of scales, "But now you're just ugly."

    He twisted her claw and pushed it toward her face.


    Yuzi's begging soon turned into screams. Her own claw gashed through her face ripping apart her skin and flesh.

    "Now your face matches your body," Kiba said as he let go of her claw.

    "NOOOO!" Yuzi cried with blood-stained eyes.

    She morphed her hands into normal and then traced her face. All she could feel was five deep cuts on her face revealing her inner flesh.

    The face was a woman's most adored treasure. Now the same treasure was destroyed without any conscience and turned into something hideous.

    "Excuse me," Kiba pushed his hand in another direction, "I have to give attention to your ape companion."

    Simon was high in the air with his fist aimed at Kiba's head. He felt it was the perfect opportunity to strike Kiba when he was occupied with Yuzi.

    But now he felt a chill down his spines as he heard his words. He gritted his teeth and transferred his entire strength on his fist.

    "It is now or never," Simon thought. From the last five minutes, the seven of them has felt life turning into hell.

    Kiba would defeat them and slice their bodies apart. Before they could die, he would heal them to their initial condition.

    This was the third round and none of them wished to experience the near-death state.

    Simon's punch twisted the air with sparks flowing in all directions. He has bet everything on this strike.

    "Judging from your ape body, no human women would ever be interested in you," Kiba said as he raised an index finger to meet the punch, "So you must be copulating with real gorillas and apes?"

    "Mother**er!" Simon shouted while his fist smashed onto Kiba's finger.

    Terrifying energy waves radiated out from the point of contact. The entire warehouse was filled with intense rumbling sounds and dust cloud as the floor wrecked open and the walls shattered.

    Rufus, Yuzi, and the other three companions gazed at the dense smoke cloud with some hope.

    They didn't expect Kiba to be killed but they prayed he would at least be injured enough for them to escape.

    From years they have undertaken strict taking to tackle enemies but never before they have been taught on how to face a man like Kiba.

    He would batter them till they almost die and then heal them to their previous state. All the while he would taunt them with words.

    The seven have seen the smirk he would have on his face when he slices apart their bodies. There was hatred in his eyes but yet, not for a moment, they felt that he didn't take joy in their plight.


    The smoke cloud ripped apart and the two figures were revealed. One was lying down with his limbs spread while another one was standing without least bit of injury.

    "Not again!"

    "Just why?"

    "Just what is he?"

    "How can the world have such a being?"

    The revolutionaries wanted to curse their luck for facing him.

    How can the world have such a powerful mutant without anyone knowing about him?!

    "I assume I was right," Kiba said while he took a step forward. Knowingly or unknowingly, his foot landed on Simon's chest.



    Simon released a blood-wrenching scream with his body releasing bone-fracturing sound. He felt as if he has been struck by the load of a mountain.

    "Oops," Kiba said with a smirk, "I forgot you were in front of me."


    Simon tried to curse but alas, all he could do was spray out a mouthful of blood.

    Yuizi and others looked at Kiba with terror-filled eyes.

    They felt they weren't wrong!

    He truly took pleasure in toying with them!

    "He is a sadist!" Yuizi concluded with her voice containing dread, "Sadist to the bone!"

    If the gods have to make him powerful than it was still fine, no matter how ridiculously strong he was!

    But making him a sadist?

    How would the world be safe with such a powerful saist wreaking havoc around?!

    "Phew~ The preliminary round is over," Kiba stretched his hands to relax, "Now let's get started for real."



    Everything so far was just a start?!

    Each of them of them felt their hearts becoming empty with fear.

    They didn't fear death but they dreaded the physical torture. No amount of training from virtual simulations could prepare them for this.


    "Aren't you satisfied after torturing us so much?" Rufus asked with his voice containing anger.

    "Satisfied?" Kiba's smile faded, "Not even killing you for thousand times could satisfy me after the crimes you have committed."

    "We have done no crime!" Yuzi shouted, "We have only done what is necessary to save the world!"

    "Yes! The world is in the corrupt hands of the world council and the nine families!" Another mutant said, "We're trying to free the world from their clutches."

    "Your sister might have been harmed but she would be remembered as a noble sacrifice!" Mison said with a frenzy, "The revolution calls for blood and she would be grateful for this opportunity!"

    Kiba glanced at them without any expression on his face, but his eyes contained a chillness that penetrated their souls.

    "What you do is terrorism and nothing else," Kiba said in a cold tone, "So stop giving it a noble touch."

    "We're not terrorists!" Simon muttered in a barely audible voice, "We're revolutionaries!"

    "It is the world council and the nine families which are true terrorists!" Yuzi continued, "They have committed the worst crimes the humanity has ever known!"

    "Haha," Kiba raised his head and started laughing.

    "Don't laugh!"

    "It is the truth!"

    "The government is the true enemy!"

    "We are fighting for the freedom!"

    "The revolutionaries exist to bring the world to its Old Order!"

    "To liberate the world and bring it back to an era of peace and prosperity!"

    "Oh man, this is just getting ridiculous," Kiba controlled his laugh, "You all are truly brainwashed to the core."

    "We're not brainwashed!"

    "Have you seen the plight of the lower sections of the society?!"

    "If you had then you would know how true our words are!"

    "I have seen the lower sections of the society," Kiba spoke in a nonchalant voice, "And it is true the government has committed the crimes you are trying to hint."


    "We're the freedom fighters!"

    "There is some truth to that," Kiba injected in between in a cold tone, "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter."


    "But I don't care about your war or so-called freedom struggle," Kiba continued with a cold expression, "As far as I'm concerned, whether it is government or revolutionary or any other organization, every single of them is fighting to get power in their own hands.

    "Just like how the government has committed the crimes, you too have done the same. It is just that you have glorified those deeds as something noble in your own hearts.

    "You or the government rulers can die for all I care. But don't you dare involve me or someone I care about in your conflict."

    "Y-you don't understand!" Rufus shouted after Kiba concluded.

    "I don't want to understand," Kiba said.

    The seven tried to make him understand but he ignored their words.

    He closed his eyes and allowed his senses to cover the warehouse. Some distance away from him, under the broken floor, lied a hidden compartment.

    Kiba disappeared from his position and arrived next to the hidden compartment.

    "NO!" Rufus was horrified by Kiba's actions.

    He was sure the compartment would never be revealed but now Kiba has found it in a few moments.

    Kiba crouched down and placed a finger on the compartment.


    The compartment cracked open to reveal a red suitcase. He took out the suitcase and observed it for a few seconds.

    "Advanced security locks," Kiba murmured to himself. His vision could see the glass pod inside but the security mechanism gave him a headache.

    The glass pod was half-filled with a blue liquid. The mechanism of the suitcase was such designed that if anyone tries to force open it, the glass pod would shatter.

    Kiba didn't want to see such an outcome. He has suffered under the might of the nanites so he knew the damage they were capable of.

    While he wasn't scared of the nanites if he uses his full powers, he wished to avoid such a scenario. He wanted the nanites for research purposes so he couldn't afford to destroy them.

    The fate of Felicity was at stake so he didn't dare take any chances.

    "How do you unlock the suitcase?" Kiba teleported in front of the revolutionaries and asked.

    "We would never answer you!" Rufus and others answered with a voice filled with determination, "Not even the threat of death would make us answer!"

    "That's good to know," Kiba nodded his head in appreciation, "Besides I never planned to kill you anyways."

    "What?!" The revolutionaries were startled.

    He has such hatred and yet he doesn't plan to kill them?!

    They couldn't understand his intentions.

    "I have to carry out few experiments so I'm in need of specimens," Kiba explained his intentions with a kind smile, "And now you're offering yourself so I'm grateful."


    The seven felt their bodies becoming stiff from the word alone.  But when they saw his kind smile, their chest moved up and down violently.

    They were sure whatever he has in mind was definitely not kind!

    The smile of a sadist can never be a good sign!
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