159 Remember

    VIP Ward, City Heart Hospital.

    Felicity continued to be in deep slumber unaware of the happenings around her. Some distance away, Arnie and Kiba stood opposite each other.

    Arnie's eyes were filled with disbelief and horror at the sudden turn of events. Just a minute ago, he was troubled by the plunger of the syringe not moving down.  Now, the plunger has pressed to the bottom.

    But this didn't give him any joy.

    The poison syringe has penetrated his heart releasing the fluid inside his bloodstream.


    The sound of his heartbeats reverberated inside the room. He was anxious and troubled at the outcome.

    "I have been poisoned," Arnie muttered. He turned around and dashed towards the door.

    He knew the might of poison so he was aware he only has few minutes before the poison begun showing its effect. This is why he wanted to get emergency treatment as soon as possible.


    Just as Arnie reached the door, he felt the space twisting around with a flash of white light.  The next moment, Kiba was standing in front of the door.

    "It is bad manners to not thank me for helping you," Kiba said.

    "Help?!" Arnie felt his blood boiling.

    Just how was striking him with poison syringe helpful?!

    Sure he wanted the plunger to work but not at the cost of his own life!

    Arnie gritted his teeth and collided his fists in anger. He no longer cared about being discreet. All he wanted was to get treatment as soon as possible.

    Yellow threads of energy covered Arnie. The threads radiated a suffocating force in the room.

    "She is resting so don't disturb her," Kiba waved his hand and a golden stream of light left from his palm. The golden stream distributed around the wall and equipment creating a golden protective layer.

    The next moment, golden ripples manifested out of his body and clashed with the yellow threads of energy released by Arnie.


    The air compressed and exploded into flashes of color carrying a destructive might. Arnie clenched his teeth harder and released all his strength.


    The clash of golden ripples and yellow energy threads intensified. The destructive waves from the collision landed on the golden covering.


    Faint cracks appeared on the covering as the clash escalated further. The flashes of energy explosion moved towards Kiba.

    "Die," Arnie shouted angrily as he bet everything on this move.

    "Ant overestimating itself," Kiba raised his hand and made a clenching motion.


    The explosion of energy started compressing as if it was under a load of a mountain. In the blink of an eye, the energy explosion turned into the size of a small ball.

    The energy ball arrived in front of Kiba but the next moment, it compressed into the size of a spark. The energy dissipated into the air by the moment it struck Kiba.

    "No way," Arnie backed away in fright.

    He knew he wasn't a strong mutant otherwise he wouldn't have chosen the profession of a doctor, but he refused to believe he was so weak that his attack could be nullified as if it was nothing.

    "Now, I will ask you a question," Kiba took a step ahead, "The answer would determine your fate."

    "Question?" Arnie stopped as he reached the wall. He wanted to escape but he knew there was no hope as long as the man in front of him didn't allow him to.

    "Who asked you to kill her?" Kiba asked.

    "I-I don't know," Arnie answered before quickly adding, "I got an anonymous message along with a package for me to carry out the task."

    An hour ago, he received a parcel containing the mechanical bead and the poison bottle.

    "I'm not aware of anything else," Arnie completed.

    "You agreed to murder someone just due to an anonymous message?" Kiba grabbed Arnie by his collar.

    "This...there was a money transfer," Arnie didn't dare hide the truth, "The email also promised me of another transfer if I carried the task."

    When he got an email from an unknown source informing him of money, he took it as a prank. But he did check his account and the transfer of huge amount gave him a shock.

    Later on, he received another email offering him more money if he could complete a small task involving no risk. The email gave him the details of the plan, and Arnie felt the plan was risk-proof. This was why he agreed to poison Felicity despite knowing the gravity of his actions.

    "Is this all you know?" Kiba asked.

    "Y-yes, please forgive me," Arnie's eyes were filled with tears, "I was blinded by greed."

    He didn't know what relationship Kiba had with Felicity but it was obvious to him that everything so far was related to her.

    "I have a family," Arnie continued in a pleading tone, "So please spare me."

    "Haha," Kiba started laughing crazily, "You think only you have a family?"

    "N-no, I didn't mean that," Arnie answered with tears.

    "Then what about her family?" Kiba questioned further," How do you think her brother and parents would feel at her loss?"

    "I...my actions were wrong," Arnie couldn't think of any suitable explanation.

    "Then pay for your actions now," Kiba grabbed Arnie's head and clenched it tightly. Like a watermelon falling on the ground, the head exploded into fragments of white and red.


    The headless body fell on the floor. The body trembled for a second after which it lost all its movement.


    Kiba lowered his hand and closed his eyes. His senses covered the entire floor and observed the guards and other staff.

    "She was almost killed and you all are resting?" Kiba's heart was filled with an intense desire to kill everyone in the hospital.

    He felt everyone else was equally responsible for the incident just like Arnie. He raised his hand towards the ceiling.


    A smothering pressure engulfed the entire hospital.

    "AHH!" A female guard resting outside opened her eyes in horror. She fell on the floor, not able to breathe.

    A senior doctor in an emergency ward brought his hands on his neck as if trying to free it from some hidden force. His face turned deadly pale with every trace of blood disappearing.

    Similarly, everyone in the hospital, regardless of patient or staff, felt suffocating. Their bodies precipitated heavily while the blood flow inside turned chaotic.

    "S-save me," A young female patient muttered.

    "I can't breathe," The doctor beside her fell on a table behind.

    In the VIP ward, Kiba's lips curved up. His raised hand slowly moved down, and in turn, the pressure in the hospital increased.


    The white ring on his finger flashed with blinding radiance. The faint red inscriptions brightened and bolts of red current released from them into his finger.

    Meanwhile, the silver bracelet on his wrist started vibrating. High-intensity vibration waves jolted through his nervous system.

    "Claudia, don't you dare," Kiba muttered as the pain made him lose his focus. The pressure outside subsidized just as quickly.

    "Haah...I can breathe," The female patient from before cried in relief.

    "W-what just happened?" The doctor near her thanked gods for saving his life after such a close encounter with death.

    The guards and others in the hospital similarly rejoiced...


    Inside the VIP ward.

    "Claudia," Kiba brought his left hand on his right hand to destroy the ring and the bracelet.


    A flower vase in the room shattered with a loud bang sound. A small droid the size of a ball flew from inside.


    High-frequency sound waves manifested out of the droid aimed at Kiba.

    "Damn, "Kiba brought his hands on his ears. His expression was a mix of pain and struggle.

    [[Remember the current you is not the real you, sir.]] Claudia's voice came out of his cellphone and the droid.

    The bracelet, ring, and droid continued their tasks with more intensity.

    [[Surely the true you would never desire to kill innocents who have no role in Lady Felicity's condition.]]

    "Argh!" Kiba tried his best to control his desires of slaughter.

    [[You once said everything in this world has a price and that applied to your powers as well.]]


    [[Do you wish to pay the price by becoming a slave to desires which are not yours, to begin with?]]

    "Never," Kiba clenched his teeth as he fought over his innate instincts which showed no sign of giving up.

    [[Then remember your dreams and recall if killing innocents is part of those dreams or not.]]
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