161 Integrity

    Zed went to the apartment to steal valuables but he returned with more than just loot. He established a dream for himself.

    That night he dreamed of stealing something more precious than money and goods. He dreamed of becoming a type of thief the world has never known.

    Of course, back then he didn't know how successful he would be in the pursuit of his dream. He wasn't aware of the talent he carried to think of unconventional schemes to get what he wanted.

    Nor did he actually imagined a day would come when people would fear his other persona.

    Now, his name was synonymous with rake and womanizer. Parents feared the possibility of their daughters being seduced by a man named Kiba.

    Husbands, on the other hand, dreaded leaving their wives alone and giving Kiba a chance to carry out his hunt.

    The fear of Kiba now loomed throughout Delta City...

    What truly needs to be mentioned is that back then he didn't dream of stealing others wives for an affair. This type of thought never crossed his mind when he formulated his dream.

    He only wished to make love with every beauty out there. A wish shared by most men.

    But as time passed, he became different from other men. The encounters in his life and his first experience with the opposite sex gave him his greatest desire: Stealing others wife for an affair while their husbands die of envy and shame!

    Maybe the orthodox society would find his dreams and desires strange, but to him, this never mattered. Life was far too short to waste on the views of the others.



    Kiba was clutching his head while his eyes were closed. He continued to suffer under the onslaught of the ring, bracelet, and the drone.


    His hands left his head and he teleported next to the drone. He clutched it tightly with one hand.


    The drone fell on the floor broken.

    [[Sir, stop.]]

    Claudia was worried about his reaction. Much to her horror, he brought his hand on his wrist to remove the bracelet.

    He grasped the bracelet and streams of golden energy flowed inside. Like molten wax, the bracelet melted into silver liquid.

    The next moment, he raised his right hand in which he was wearing the ring.


    A column of golden fire engulfed the ring.


    The ring exploded into fragments of white and red pieces.

    [[Sir, you mustn't give in. There is---]]

    Claudia stopped as she sensed something from the sensors installed in the VIP Ward. Kiba slowly opened his eyes, and in them, there was no more bloodlust.

    "Claudia, thank you once again."

    His pupils were like they originally were without the presence of the sinister gray. On his face, there was no more struggle.

    [[Sir, I only helped you to differentiate between your desires and those of your powers. I'm glad that you are once again clear on what you desire.]]

    "My desire is not mere money or women, but a wish to live however I please," Kiba said with a faint smile, "I would kill if I want, and even protect others if it pleases me."

    Meanwhile, inside his chest.

    The Cosmic Spark continued releasing a wave of golden lightning which moved throughout his body. This golden lightning was the source of his present form and its disappearance would mean he would turn back into Zed.

    As he opened his eyes and the struggle within him ended, another stream of golden lightning manifested from Cosmic Spark. This stream disconnected from the Cosmic Spark as soon as it left its confinement.

    "The only one to decide on how I would live my life is me and no one else."

    The stream of golden lightning entered his brain and struck at the dormant gray particle.

    "Not even my powers get to dictate on the choices in my life."

    The gray particle began its struggle for supremacy with the stream of golden lightning. Their battle seemed as if it was within another space, and in just mere seconds it was evident they were equally powerful.

    Feeling the futile nature of battle, the stream of golden lightning enveloped the gray particle like a cocoon. The gray particle seethed but alas, that was all it could do after being sealed by its natural enemy...


    "There is a price to be paid for everything in this world," Kiba stepped towards the sleeping Felicity, "Someday I would have to pay for this power."

    A golden spark flew out from his finger and flew towards the corpse of Arnie. In no time, the corpse burned to ashes and flew outside through the window. There were no more traces of Arnie's existence.

    Kiba sighed and sat down on a stool next to the bed. He silently looked at Felicity and then at the mechanical bead in his hand.

    This bead was the only clue Arnie has left on the mastermind of today's events.

    "The last 12 hours have been very hectic," Kiba closed his eyes, "I could have avoided so much trouble if I hadn't let emotions cloud my judgment."

    He knew how emotions work but controlling them was easier said than done. This was especially true after his confrontation with Akshobhya.

    "Time to complete the job," Kiba left the stool and glanced at Felicity, "Wake up soon."

    A column of white light enveloped him as he teleported away.


    Section I, Dream Rise House.

    Kiba freshened up and changed to casual clothes before undergoing a detailed medical examination. He glanced at the virtual monitor for a few seconds before swiping it away in disappointment.

    The mechanical bead was lying on a scanner along with the communication device owned by the revolutionaries.

    "No time to waste," Kiba shook his head and walked towards the table where Rufus was confined.

    "Well, you seem to be having fun," Kiba said with a smile.

    Rufus was in a condition where he was having anything but fun. His eyes were mutilated and there was not a single trace of skin on his body.

    His skin was shredded away leaving behind a bloody figure having no similarity with the former Rufus.

    Some distance away, the other revolutionaries were trembling in fear. They have witnessed the entire event of how the droid tortured Rufus.

    Even when Rufus offered to talk, the droid didn't stop till ten types of procedures were completed. Each procedure was more painful than the other, and they didn't dare imagine the sufferings Rufus has faced.

    Even in their headquarters, they have rarely seen such type of cruel torture. At least, they never heard about torment by an AI in an apathetic fashion.

    "Do you perhaps wish to answer my questions?" Kiba asked while a golden light enveloped his hand. Without giving Rufus time to respond, he struck his hand at the chest of Rufus.


    Rufus screamed in pain as his fleshly muscles and the ribs shattered.

    "Oops, I was planning to break your cuffs so that you can freely speak," Kiba retraced his hand, "But I guess lack of sleep has affected my vision."

    [email protected]#%!

    Rufus and the other revolutionaries cursed in their hearts.

    You targetted his body and not the cuffs!

    So how can it be a misaim?!

    "Now this is embarrassing," Kiba scratched his head, "You are doubting my integrity."



    You use that word after what you have done to us in the warehouse and now at the lab?!

    You have no integrity, to begin with! So there is no question of doubting it!
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