163 Lizenea

    Section I, Dream Rise House.

    A droid covered Rufus' body with a white blanket. Claudia did so that Kiba could enjoy the food without having to sight the disfigured and bloody figure of Rufus.

    Some distance away from Rufus and other revolutionaries, Kiba was sitting on a chair. In front of him, a table was placed filled with various fast food items: Cheese bacon burger, finger chips, coke, and so on.

    "Let's start," Kiba said as he took a bite from the burger, "Tell me about Nation of Terror."

    The crispy and applewood smoked bacon melted on his tongue. The deliciously juicy flavor from the bacon and cheese greeted his hungry taste buds and made him feel happy to be alive.

    "It is not Nation of Terror," Yuzi protested, "My nation is built on principles of justice and liberty."

    Kiba placed down the burger on the table and looked at Yuzi with pity.

    "Haah~ Seems like your mind has been brainwashed with a high dosage of nationalism," Kiba released a heavy sigh.

    He didn't really blame her for her views since she was cultured like this from the very start of her life. Most people in the world like to believe they have their own free thought process, but never realize that from their very birth, they are being programmed by the society.

    This programming is subtle and done in such a way that people never consider it as brainwashing.

    The brainwashing cultures our thoughts within a certain boundary and no matter how we look, the thoughts outside the boundary seems evil and dangerous. This is perhaps the most scary part of the programming.

    Like in case of Nation of Terror and World Government, the citizens of both regions hate and despise the culture and views of each other.The citizens from both regions believe their own region is noble and fighting for the greater good.

    How exactly they make such claims?

    By relying on history which is more fiction than truth. A history in which the forefathers are glorious heroes with no flaws, while those on opposite side are more evil than a demon lord.

    The society, through this fictitious history, subtly manipulate the mindset of its people into taking pride in the deeds of the forefathers, and effectively in the society itself.

    This implant of nationalism is done by the society through various modes of propaganda: Education, social media, news coverage and so on.

    And who exactly control the society?

    The top echelons consisting of politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats.

    They feed on this nationalism and control the citizens. The citizens were truly nothing more than the slaves of the society even though they never realize it.

    After all, what else would you call a person who is controlled by the culturing of the society?

    "Well, tell me about this glorious nation of yours," Kiba sipped in coke. He felt it would be waste of efforts to argue with the hardcore revolutionaries.

    "My nation is called Lizenea," Yuzi started sharing the details.


    Southern Hemisphere.

    The Blood Dunes, spanning for hundred of miles, separated the world into two. One where the government ruled and the other which was independent.


    The sole sovereign nation was far different than the rumors stated. It was neither undeveloped nor filled with the stench of poverty as the masses outside believed.

    It was strange in more than just one way. It was surrounded by Blood Dunes in east while on west it joined to Black Sea.

    Both regions were known for their dangerous mutated beasts but yet the same danger formed a protection for Lizenea. The geographical location protected the country from a direct confrontation with World Government.

    A transparent green wall reaching the clouds surrounded the land mass known as Lizenea. The land was filled with skyscrapers and palaces alike, and in the geographical center, there was a giant tree.

    The branches of the tree expanded to the outskirts of the landmass and merged with the transparent wall.

    Streams of vital energy radiated out from the leaves of this tree. This energy not only rejuvenated the people in the country, it was also the main source of power.

    At the bottom of the tree, there was no ground for roots. Rather the roots grew in a crystalline pool of blue liquid.  Each droplet of the liquid dazzled like a star, carrying an explosive energy within.

    Three men in royal attire were standing at the end of the pool. Their facial features were old but their aura carried a terrifying might.

    Currently, their attention was on a kneeling figure in front of them. The man's face resembled a snake with elliptical pupils.  He was none other than Count Viper who sent Rufus and others to Delta City.

    Next to him, a silver-haired woman, in early twenties, was standing in a lazy manner.  She stood about 5'9" with a petite build that included a tight, flat stomach, nicely curved buttocks, and firmly shaped breasts.  The short black jeans and the white top gave a glimpse to her attractive figure.

    Apart from her gorgeous face, the other point of attraction was definitely spider bites piercing on her lips.

    The woman was none other than Alina.

    "Mailo is most likely dead. At the least his consciousness was destroyed," Alina took out a red lollipop from the pockets of her jeans, "The satellite detected the activation of the fail-proof measure."

    "And the rest?" One of the three elders asked. He has a long white beard with his face carrying brown poke marks.

    "No idea, sir," Alina said as she put the lollipop in her mouth, "Maybe imprisoned or dead."
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