164 True Revolutionary

    The sun loomed over Lizenea but it paled in comparison to the shadow of the giant tree. The branches of the tree crossed from one end of the country to the another, passing by skyscrapers and mountains alike.

    Even the shortest leaf of the tree spanned for ten meters. The leaves radiated out strong life force and every being in the vicinity felt like a newborn with no ailments.

    Under the shadow of one such magical leaf, three elderly figures listened to the words of Alina. Next to her, Viper was kneeling with an expression of deep obedience on his face..

    "Elder Cagres, it would be safe to assume all of them are either caught or killed,"  Alina said while sucking on the lollipop.

    Her behavior was like a child in front of adults but deep in her eyes, there was some bitterness. She has accompanied Rufus and the other six across the Blood Dunes when they left for the mission.

    Back then she has expressed her disappointment in the futility of the mission but the seven didn't differed in the views. The seven argued they would change the world and liberate it from the clutches of the government.

    Now, just like she expected, the seven of them were most likely dead. Of course, their deaths served a purpose but it was not what the seven thought.

    It wasn't that she truly cared about them either. It was just that she disliked the war and the deaths it brought.

    "I see," The elder named Cagres said with no emotions.

    "Provide a generous compensation to their family," Another elder closed his eyes as he commanded Viper, "Make sure there are no problems on this front."

    "I will personally overlook this, Elder Japhire," Viper nodded.

    "Almost all investigators have been killed along with the backup force sent by the government," The final elder said with a cold glint in his eyes, "Those old bastards in the council would definitely feel the pain of this loss."

    "Indeed, this attack was truly a punch in their guts," Cagres let out a sinister smile, "They sent their best forces to seek a new power but they lost what they already had."

    "Viper," Japhire opened his eyes and let out a sigh, "You have carried out your duty well."

    "Sir, you are over praising me," Viper remained expressionless.

    "No, you deserve the praise," Japhire put a hand inside the pocket of his royal attire "And a reward suiting your accomplishments."

    He brought out a black box inscribed with golden patterns. The box flew out of his hand and arrived in front of Viper.

    "Thank you, elders," Viper accepted the box with utmost respect.

    "You can open it now," Cagres said.

    "Yes," Viper's scaled hands opened the box eagerly.

    Inside, a black flute was lying. The flute carried an aura of vicissitude.

    "Th-this is..." Viper trembled. His elliptical pupils dilated in disbelief.

    "We hope you are satisfied by your reward," Japhire closed his eyes again.

    "Yes, I'm honored," Viper closed the box again, "Thank you for considering me worthy for this task."

    "You have few weeks before Desolate Blood Forest opens," The third elder said, "Use the time to study our records on the trial."

    "Understood, sir," Viper stood up and bowed.

    "Alina," Cagres called out.

    "Yes?" Alina removed the lollipop from her mouth.

    "You would be accompanying Viper," Cagres said.

    "Is this an order?" Alina asked.

    "No, just an advice," Cagres said with a deep sigh, "It is for your good."

    "If you say so," Alina gave him and the other elders a deep bow, "I would take my leave if there is nothing else."

    The elders nodded and gave her the permission to leave. Viper followed her from behind.

    "That girl is disillusioned with our cause," Japhire shook his head, "Perhaps it is for better."

    "Our cause is for the future of our children and not for us,"Cagres disagreed, "She is our future and she has to accept her role."

    "The upcoming trip should change her mindset," The third elder said.

    "I hope so," Cagres gazed at the blue pool and the giant tree, "The times are turning more turbulent."

    "Are you perhaps talking about the destruction of our fleet outside Paradox Dimension?" Japhire inquired.  (Chapter 108)

    "Yes," Cagres nodded his head, "The government suffered equal damage like us but we are still unaware on what happened."

    "Only that bastard Kakusandha knows the truth," The third elder said.

    The elders begun discussing the other affairs...


    Delta City.

    Section I, Dream Rise House.


    The communication orb opened up revealing the data chips inside. Kiba took out the data chips with utmost precision and inserted them in a console.

    [[Extracting data.]]

    Claudia notified him the status of the data retrieval.

    "Phew~" Kiba breathed in relief. He has gathered the information on how to open the communication orb from the revolutionaries so he was skeptical.

    He thought they would try to play tricks but much to his surprise, they answered the details honestly.

    What he didn't know was that they were far too afraid to lie. They feared Claudia and didn't dare do anything which would bring her wrath.

    [[There is some information on the nanites.]]

    "Ah!" Kiba rejoiced. No matter how low the information was, it was better than nothing.


    Kiba arrived back to the examination tables where the revolutionaries were confined. There was one more thing he wished to know before he proceeded with his plans.

    "I'm happy by the details so far," Kiba stretched out his hands, "Count Viper and now the communication orb."

    Rufus and the others didn't know about the top echelons of Lizenea nor state secrets. But they explained him about the details they knew like the geographical features and lower members of the hierarchy.

    They also told him it was Count Viper who planned the attack on the city.

    "To think I'm partly responsible for this attack," Kiba pressed his forehead. From what he gathered, the revolutionaries were looking for an opportunity to strike the government.

    And Kiba gave them this opportunity thanks to the events which took place in the wasteland. Those events brought the government forces in the city.

    Their entire attention was focused on seeking Cosmic Spark which gave the revolutionaries a chance to land damage on their sworn enemies. The government forces were completely caught off guard by the use of nanites in the suicide attacks.

    "You are partly responsible?" Rufus was startled by the words.

    "Nothing much," Kiba cleared his thoughts before saying, "It is just that I'm a true revolutionary so I feel responsible."

    True revolutionary?!

    Yuzi and others were shocked in disbelief. They glanced at each other to confirm their mind wasn't a playing trick on them.

    Just how was this guy a revolutionary?!


    Why was he adding 'true' to the title?!

    There was no way he was a false revolutionary much less a true revolutionary!

    Or was he trying to say we are false revolutionaries?!

    "W-what do you mean by those words?" Simon asked in a low voice. He initially thought Kiba was joking but after noticing the serious expression, he felt there was some secret.

    ""You really didn't hear about me before today?" Kiba sighed in disappointment as he took a seat.

    Of course not! If we had heard about you then we wouldn't target that sister of yours!

    "I caused such a big scene in the city and yet you were oblivious," Kiba said before taking a sip of coke, "You seven are truly a disgrace to revolution."



    We have carried out glorious mission and yet you call us disgrace?!

    "Big scene..." Rufus' pupils dilated as he thought of a possibility, "Y-you are that masked man who bombed the police headquarters?!"

    "Bingo!" Kiba smiled in response, "At least one of you has an active brain."

    Rufus, Yuzi, Simon, and others felt the world they knew shattered. In just seconds, their eyes turned bloodshot in anger and resentment.

    They have suffered his attacks at the warehouse and then the torture by Claudia. But this confession erupted the emotions they were suppressing like a volcano.

    The bombing at the police headquarters have given them many sleepless nights and kept them on their toes for weeks!

    "Shit! It was truly you!"

    "You bombed the police and put the entire blame on us! Not only that but you even broadcasted the event!"

    "Everyone believed it was us revolutionaries due to that speech of yours! For a second, even I believed you were one of us!"

    "Y-you caused so much troubles!"

    "It was because of you that we have to hide and delay our plans!"

    "You have been targeting us even before the attack!"

    "We are the victims instead of your sister!"

    "You are the true evil guy here!"

    "Fuck! There is no natural justice in the world!"
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