165 Do The Right Deeds And Forge

    Rufus and the rest released out their frustration. The anger and resentment boiling inside took over their minds and made them ignore the threat of Claudia and Kiba.

    They could handle the beatings from Kiba and the torture from Claudia, but the news of Kiba being responsible for the police bombing was nothing less than world-shattering for them.

    After Kiba attacked police headquarters and live-casted a speech on the corruption in society, almost everyone in the city believed it was the work of a revolutionary.

    The 'evidence' about the cruelty by government forces and the killings of investigators left no doubt about this conclusion.  Many residents of the city even cheered for this masked revolutionary for he was liberating the city. They admired he murdered investigators who were supposedly about to conduct a freak experiment on them.

    But for the real revolutionaries like Rufus and others, this was a piece of bad news. The police and government forces began searching for more revolutionaries in the city thanks to the activities of the masked revolutionary.

    The revolutionaries had no choice but to change their whereabouts regularly while being on guards. This further delayed their plans of nanites explosion by weeks.

    One can say their life turned harder by countless folds. There was not a single moment of peace for them.

    They even promised themselves to find this 'fake' revolutionary and kill him for making their lives this difficult.  Alas, now they realized their promise was not worth anything.

    The conspirator was sitting some distance away from them, but they could only curse helplessly. What truly made it worse for them was that they shared information about Lizenea with him.

    They didn't feel the information they revealed could harm Lizenea since the top government officers were privy to it as well. But this didn't mean they liked sharing the details as this meant a betrayal to their glorious cause.

    They chided themselves for giving in to the torment and breaking their oath. The only reassuring point for them was that Kiba was unaware of Cleo's role so far.

    Each of them had sworn to not reveal details about Cleo as long as it was possible.  The reason was simple: Cleo was one of the hidden assets of revolutionaries.

    Now, after learning Kiba was responsible for the attack on police headquarters, they swore to never mention Cleo no matter what.

    Their bloodshot eyes denoted both their anger and determination...

    "I always thought you guys wanted to kill police and government officers," Kiba continued with a smile, " I helped you in your cause so why such extreme reactions?"

    "Son of a bitch!"

    "Some help it was!"

    "You only ruined us!"

    "We were always on toes afraid our locations would be raided any minute!"

    "None of us could sleep peacefully from the last one month!"

    "Haah~ Instead of appreciating my contribution, you are rather cursing me," Kiba let out a sigh filled with disappointment, "I never thought such ungrateful people exist in this world."

    His expression was of a man whose generous efforts were wasted by the cynical society.


    "What contribution?!"

    "Didn't you heard what we just said?!"

    "You destroyed our lives!"

    "Are we supposed to be grateful for this?!"

    Kiba shook his head in dismay at the words. He was like an elder hearing the rants of ungracious children.

    "Someone aptly said that a complaining tongue reveals an ungrateful heart," Kiba's voice contained sadness at the reality of the world.

    "Complaining tongue?!"

    "Did I heard it right?"

    "Is he perhaps expecting us to thank him for screwing our lives?!"

    "Seems so!"

    "He is truly acting like a victim!"

    "And making us the bad guys at the same time!"


    "Extremely shameless!"

    "Stop playing the victim!

    Earlier they thought he was a sadist but now they concluded he was equally shameless.

    "Remember it is not the result that counts but the intention," Kiba said after they calmed down a bit, "The gods know my intentions were only kind towards the revolution."


    "Stop using foul language and ask yourself a question," Kiba interjected in between.

    "Question?" Yuzi was startled.

    They believed he would ask them about the conspirator who schemed against his sister, but from the tone, he didn't seem to be referring to that.

    "Yes," Kiba nodded his head, "In this world, people always steal credits from others despite not deserving it."

    "That's true," Simon agreed.

    People only wanted credit without any work. This was true in every field of life.

    What was truly worse was how people stole the credit of others' hard work. There could be nothing worse than this.

    "But why is bringing this now?" Yuzi thought.

    "Just ask yourself one thing... how many people in this world would truly give away the credit of their efforts to others?" Kiba concluded in a solemn tone.


    What a shameless bastard!

    You want us to think you sacrificed your efforts so that we could take the credit for the blast at police headquarters!


    You actually want us to believe that you are a selfless man who doesn't care for credit!

    No matter how we ask this question...you come out as noble! And we come out as ungrateful bastards!!


    BA BUMP~

    Yuzi felt her heart bumping loudly as the anger inside grew further. Blood leaked out from the corners of her mouth while she clenched her fists tightly.

    The condition of the rest (except Mailo) was the same. Their bodies were trembling heavily with traces of blood on their lips.


    The computer screens flashed and beeped.

    "Hmm?" Kiba smiled after giving a quick glance on the medical reports on the screens, "Glad to see I didn't waste my time for nothing."

    The report showed the blood pressure of the revolutionaries was increasing beyond their handling capacity. Their bodies were undergoing one stressful activity after another and now the recent conversation was slowly overstepping the threshold.

    Earlier, Claudia ensured their bodies didn't cross this limit through medical serums, but now the effects of serum were fading.

    Extreme emotions have a negative influence on the body, especially anger. There were proven medical records of living beings dying from extreme anger.

    To avoid this, almost as an innate reflex, the human body looked for means to channel out the anger and stress. This could be through sports, fighting and even murder.

    But revolutionaries had no such means. Much less fight or murder, they couldn't even move freely from the table.

    "Do the right deeds and forget," Kiba left the chair, "Never worry on who takes the credit for your deeds."


    Simon coughed up a mouthful of blood as dizziness took over him.  His body was sweating profusely while his heart contracted with sharp pain.

    "You guys must thank your lucky stars," Kiba said in a polite tone, "The side-effects from the serums would ensure the heart seizure would last at least an hour before it kills you."

    The revolutionaries felt despair taking overtaking them at the words.

    A seizure for at least an hour?!

    "Ple...please...help," Simon tried to open his eyes.

    " Why should I?" Kiba placed a hand over his chin.

    "Your...sister...att..." Simon stopped as he coughed up another mouthful of blood.

    "Perhaps you are saying I should save you to know the identity of the person who planned the attack on my sister?" Kiba said in a nonchalant voice.

    Simon barely nodded with his body shaking heavily.

    "Even if I save your life, you would try to delay sharing the name," Kiba said with a smile, "It is rather obvious given the importance of that attacker for your cause."


    "No need to deny," Kiba shook his head, "Besides, aren't you guys supposed to be fearless in the face of death?"

    Simon didn't fear death but such torment was another matter.

    How can one handle the pain of such a long heart seizure?!

    "I might change my mind if you give me the name now," Kiba said without showing any emotions.

    Simon's breath turned short but the darkness of death didn't overtake him. Every second felt like an eternity under the palpitations in the heart.

    "Cl...eo...Cleo," Simon muttered.

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