167 Pathetic

    Weisz House.

    Cleo was startled by the words on the generalization of relationships. The culturing have established a set of expectations from a specific relationship.

    If one goes again this set of expectations then one was considered a disgrace. It was especially true for women.

    "Sisters often tease and irritate, but yet their love and care is something which no other relationship can give," Kiba smiled with memories flashing in his mind like a reel, "Yes, sometimes sisters are crazy but that's the real fun part. There is love involved in every action."

    Invisible streams of energy released from his body to reinforce the room with an invisible force field.

    "What the hell are you talking about?! And why are you here?!" Cleo opened his cell phone.

    He didn't know why Kiba barged in his room at such late time, but he was sure it couldn't be anything good. He was aware of Kiba's reputation as a strong mutant so he wanted to prepare for a worst-case scenario.

    "No one would be helping you so save your efforts," Kiba pointed a finger at the cell phone. A streak of golden light originated from the tip of his finger.


    The cell phone exploded into fragments of metal and glass.

    "YOU!" Cleo was shocked.

    "The subject is you and not me," Kiba took a seat on a chair, "Why did you do it?"

    "What do you mean?!" Cleo was incensed by Kiba's behavior.

    First, he barged in his room at such a late time. And then even destroyed his phone!

    Now he is even pretending like he has committed some grave sin!

    "Why do you want to kill Felicity?" Kiba asked.

    The words were like a clap of thunder for Cleo who was caught off guards. Beads of sweat profused out of his face.

    "Don't you  dare to say such a thing!" Cleo gulped down, "How could you accuse me of harming my own sister?!"

    For him, the question was nothing less than a nightmare.

    "First, the collaboration with Rufus and others, and then paying Arnie to poison her," Kiba's expression turned cold, "Do you think you still can pretend to be a loving elder brother?"

    Cleo backed away in shock.

    How could he know so much?!

    "You truly fooled everyone well with your acting but then again the fault is mine for being blind," Kiba shook his head, "I only saw the world like I wanted to."

    Every scheme and trick in this world depended on human behavior. The behavior, in turn, depended on the innate desires and emotions.

    Kiba was someone who understood how emotions and desires worked. He was also a master in the way to exploit them to get what he wants.

    This was how he manipulated Daniel and Sarah to get in bed with Sarah while punishing the former in the most terrifying manner. After all, for a man can anything be scarier than having his woman sleep with another man?

    Similarly, it was his understanding of desires which helped him in tempting Suzane at the gym.

    A few weeks ago, during his dinner with Emily, Morgan, Suzane, and Olly, he used Morgan's hate for him to create an opportunity to ** his wife.  He made love with Suzane in the restroom but Morgan and Emily remained completely oblivious.

    Noticing this, Suzane has remarked something about Kiba: "A man who knows how to use others' emotions is the most dangerous."

    But even with such expertise, he was easily fooled by Cleo. If it was any other person, he wouldn't be fooled by the dual nature of humans.  He would eye others with suspicion instead of taking everything at its face value.

    The reason for him being fooled in the present case was simple: his feelings for Felicity got in his way and clouded his judgment.

    Human mind relaxes one's guards in the presence of loved ones. We see our relatives and friends with a different vision than the rest.

    The brain even makes us ignore the negative qualities in our loved ones and acquaintances even though the same quality in any other person would make us despise him/her.

    "Answer me," Kiba continued in a cold voice, "Just what has she done for you to target her in such a vicious manner?"

    "She is my sister and this is none of your business," Cleo leaped from bed, "And now get ready to die!"

    Cleo clenched his fists as green radiance enveloped him. In no time, the radiance transformed into an armor of vines.


    From the floor and walls, various plants materialized out of nowhere. While on the ceiling, a mutated sunflower moved down towards Kiba. The disk florets opened up to reveal yellow teeth stained with corrosive green liquid.

    Strange pollens floated in the air releasing a poisonous aroma. It was like the room has turned into a garden in the span of seconds.

    "Domain?" Kiba remained seated and looked at Cleo with disinterest.

    "Yes!" Cleo answered with a smirk, "You should feel proud to witness it before death!"

    "Proud to witness such a pathetic display of ability?" Kiba asked in a lazy tone.

    "You are courting death!" Cleo gritted his teeth in anger.

    It has taken him years of hard work and torturous experiments to gain this strength, but yet his opponent was calling it pathetic?!


    The sunflower opened its mouth fully as it arrived above Kiba. The corrosive liquid fell on the chair, and the chair began melting like wax.

    "After women, flowers are the most divine creations, " Kiba raised his hand above, "This stinky flower of yours is bringing a disgrace to its race."

    "Son of a bitch!" Cleo cursed.

    How could this bastard be so cocky and relaxed in face of death?!

    And why isn't the poison from pollen showing its effect?!

    "You truly lack manners, Cleo."

    The flower enveloped Kiba's hand, while its teeth closed in to rip apart his flesh.


    The yellow teeth cracked apart with a crisp and brittle sound. It was like his flesh was reinforced with metal while the teeth were made of sand.


    Golden stream of energy circulated around his hand and moved inside the flower.

    "Impossible," Cleo backed away in disbelief, "How can the corrosive force and the teeth be useless against mere human flesh?!"


    The flower exploded into bits of green and yellow. Not a single bit touched Kiba, as if an invisible wall has surrounded him.

    "You are quite a disappointment," Kiba took a step forward.

    "This is not over!" Cleo got his wits together. He snapped every bit of his energy into fuelling his last attack.


    The plants in the room grew further to cover Kiba into an impenetrable net. The stems protruded out with sharp thorns.

    The armor of green vines on Cleo's body expanded and rushed towards Kiba like arrows.

    "You truly are giving a bad name to greenery," Kiba made a flicking motion in the air, "Let me end this before you make it more ugly."

    The air around Kiba compressed itself into folds, filled with turbulent energy.


    The air folds detonated with a terrifying might.


    The vines and plants blew into oblivion as the chaotic waves moved away from Kiba.

    "Just like that?!" Cleo's throat turned dry.

    How can such a monster exist in this world?!

    Cleo covered himself with more vines as the turbulent storm approached him. He couldn't believe how his turn luck turned so bad in mere minutes.

    Just why did this monster care about Felicity to such extent?!

    He didn't get time to think any further as the vines ripped apart under the might of chaotic waves.

    "NO!" Cleo screamed.

    A wave struck across his chest like a sword.


    His chest sliced opened and blood spurt out like a fountain.


    Cleo fell on the floor covered with blood. His eyes were filled with pure horror as he glanced at his bloodied chest. He quickly brought his hands to his chest to prevent further blood loss.

    "Hey~ A gift for you," Kiba's voice entered his ears.

    Cleo reflexively raised his head to look in front. His eyes greeted the sight of a shoe striking towards his face.


    Cleo pounded on the floor with a loud thud. Blood streamed down his forehead and moved below.

    "How was the gift?" Kiba asked.

    Cleo was in no position to answer. His eyes were filled with tears and blood while he fought the pain from a broken nose and a sliced chest.

    An outline of a shoe marked his face, making his appearance unsightly to the extreme.

    "I'm sure you are feeling so grateful that you have no words to thank me," Kiba put his feet on Cleo's chest.
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