168 Sympathy Wave

    Cleo lied on the floor, soaked with blood and sweat. His face was stomped in, while the outline of a shoe was clearly visible.

    Kiba rubbed the heel of his shoe on Cleo's bloodied chest.

    "Argh," Cleo whimpered with pain. He looked at Kiba like he was a monster reincarnated in the guise of a human.

    He couldn't believe how weak he was in front of him. He didn't even felt what happened now was a battle, it was more like a play between an adult and a child. The outcome for such a play was decided from the start.

    "Don't look at me like that," Kiba retraced his leg, "Only you are to be blamed for your current state."

    Kiba waved his hand and a gust of wind passed through the room. The wind obliterated the remaining pieces of vines and plants.

    There was no damage inside the room even with the attack of turbulent currents from before. Kiba has prevented destruction by using his strength effectively.

    He sat down on the corner of the bed with his eyes on Cleo.

    "Why do you care about her?" Cleo gritted his teeth and asked. No matter how much he tried to form a connection between Felicity and Kiba, he couldn't establish any link.

    He knew his sister and was sure she wasn't the least bit interested in topics like the opposite sex. Nor he believed Kiba was a man who cared about the well being of a random stranger.

    So why exactly would Kiba go to such extent for her?!

    "I'm the one to ask questions," Kiba raised the index finger of his right hand.


    Cleo felt his body moving away from the floor. In no time, he was floating in front of Kiba.

    "Just why did you tried to kill her?" Kiba asked.

    "She...is trying to take what is rightfully mine," Cleo answered with hatred.

    "What?" Kiba was sure Felicity wasn't the type to steal from anyone much less her own brother.

    "A jewel from Everlasting Crown," Cleo answered...



    Six years ago~

    The Holy City, State of Avalon.

    Inside a lavish room.

    Cleo sat beside his father Patrick. In front of them, a middle-aged woman observed a green jewel.

    The jewel was the size of an eye of a pigeon. Green ripples radiated out from the jewel.

    "Patrick, this jewel should form a part of Everlasting Crown," The middle-aged woman said after some time.

    "Lady Hana, are you sure?!" Patrick asked excitedly.

    "Yes," Hana nodded her head, "You have terrific luck to have such treasure."

    Patrick's eyes glinted with excitement at the confirmation. Decades ago, his ancestor has found this jewel during some exploration. For reasons unknown to him, the jewel was placed in a storeroom like it was some junk.

    Recently, after being elevated to the position of a senator, he learned secrets which he wasn't privy to earlier. This was why he brought the jewel to Hana to confirm his suspicions.

    "Do you wish to offer it to my Eleanor Family?" Hana asked with no emotions.

    "I..Of course, I want to," Patrick agreed though there was hesitation on his face.

    He was obviously aware the aristocratic families wouldn't let go of him if they learned of this treasure's existence. He also knew that even if he took the help of scientists or officers from the government, it won't remain a secret from the ruling families of the government.

    But yet he decided to come here. It was because he believed out of the nine families, Eleanor was the sincerest. Even if they took away this treasure, they would pay him.

    The main reason he chose this option was that he has no idea on how to use the jewel.

    "A very wise decision. You would be forever backed in Senate along with never-ending financial assistance, " Hana snapped her finger and the jewel disappeared, "I also guarantee in the name of my Lord that your contributions would remain a secret."

    Patrick didn't say anything but silently listened. The benefits so far didn't excite him as much as he thought.

    "Furthermore, at an appropriate time, a member of your bloodline can join my family," Hana put a hand on her chest, "And lastly, if we get any success from this treasure, we will not forget you. That's a promise of the family."

    "Thank you," Patrick bowed down.



    "I don't get it," Kiba was confused, "How is Felicity stealing anything from you?"

    From what he could judge based on Cleo's explanation, his father gave the jewel to an aristocratic family. So how was Felicity involved in this?

    "It is because of her that father never recommended my name to Eleanor family," Cleo answered with his voice filled with malice, "He never told me but I'm sure he is caught between two choices."

    "That's some **ed up logic," Kiba's eyes turned cold, "You mentioned an appropriate time so how can you be sure your father isn't waiting for that time to arrive?"


    "Not to mention, you know Felicity's personality so you should be aware she would never take this opportunity away from you," Kiba cut in between, "You had six years but you suddenly decided to kill her now? Do I look like a fool to you?"


    Before Cleo could speak, he felt the bones inside him cracking under a strange pressure.

    "Give me the full truth," Kiba said.

    "T-the revolutionaries have a method to get back the jewel by using my bloodline," Cleo said in a low voice, "I wanted to get rid of father and Felicity so that the revolutionaries couldn't use anyone else."

    "And the main reason?" Kiba felt this excuse was invalid like the previous one.

    As for this Everlasting Crown, he has no interest in it. Nor he cared for reasons to how the jewel was linked with Weisz bloodline.

    "The mayoral elections are coming," Cleo gulped down and answered honestly, "Their death would fuel my campaign."

    "Just for this, you are killing your sister?!" Kiba's voice turned cold.


    Turbulent energy waves radiated out of his body. The floor cracked apart and the tiles hovered in the air before dissipating into dust.

    "You are insane to scheme everything for such a stupid reason," Kiba tried his best to not kill Cleo.

    "Haha, You called my reasoning stupid?!" Cleo was incensed by Kiba's remark, " It is you who is far too stupid to understand."

    "Understand what exactly?"

    "The slavery system!"

    "What the hell are you talking about?" Kiba asked.

    "The most efficient way of slavery is to never let the slaves know they are slaves! Our governing system is based on this very concept!" Cleo explained loudly, "There is no freedom from slavery for anyone, but there is a way to have special perks! It is by climbing the ranks!

    "The system gives this option to everyone to ensure its longevity. But only a handful few can actually climb to the top!

    "In our present times, this system is known as democracy. The world council allows people outside the nine families to rise through elections.

    "And only a rabble-rouser can win the political power! The masses are ignorant and fools, they easily get fooled by any sob story!

    "Tell them you have a poor or tragic background, and you would be showered with votes! Facts never matter! Everything is just a matter of perception!"

    Cleo knew he wasn't a strong mutant nor he was blessed with talent like his sister, so he wanted to rise to power through politics.

    In the present era, the mutants carried the supreme power but politicians have their own authority and influence. After all, even the strongest of mutant couldn't face a colossal organization like World Government alone.

    Cleo planned to rise to ranks in government while collaborating with revolutionaries. In the process, he wanted to take away the jewel and strengthen his own ability.

    "The people in Delta City are rooting for me after learning Felicity is paraplegic! Imagine how easily I would win if she died!" Cleo's expression was filled with lust for power, "I just needed some sympathy wave!"

    Kiba disappeared from the bed and teleported in front of Cleo. His fist struck towards Cleo.


    Cleo's back bent out as he collided with a wall behind.

    "Sympathy wave?" Kiba raised his foot before ferociously stomping down on Cleo.

    "AHH!" Cleo opened his mouth and coughed up blood mixed with broken teeth.

    "Felicity was correct," Kiba glanced at Cleo with hatred, "Politics is an eternal loop without any end."

    Cleo's eyes turned wide in disbelief at the familiar words.

    "She told you that she has no interest in it," Kiba grabbed Cleo by his neck, "But just like you said, politics wouldn't stop pursuing her in one way or another."

    "How do you know this conversation..." Cleo's pupils dilated as realization hit him, "Impossible...you are Zed?!"

    Cleo was sure only Zed was present when the conversation took place. He felt only this could explain the current behavior of Kiba.

    If not for Zed, who else would care about Felicity to such extent!?


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