169 Pity

    "You are Zed?!" Cleo muttered in disbelief.

    The memories from the last ten minutes flashed in his mind. He recalled how Kiba spoke on the generalization of relationships and how Kiba had a smile when he spoke of a sister's role

    The hatred Kiba showed when Cleo explained his reasons further fuelled this suspicion.


    Cleo was aware of the relationship between Zed and Felicity. While they rarely call each other as brother and sister in open, he knew they were truly as close as siblings.

    Cleo never really understood how they developed their relationship or their care for each other. It never really mattered to him.  As far as he was concerned, Zed was just a close and rich acquaintance of Felicity. Nothing really worth caring about.

    But now he realized how wrong he was earlier.


    The difference between Zed and Kiba was like the difference between day and night. There was no familiarity between the two.

    One was an infamous but powerful mutant with a history of affairs and flings. The other was an academy student!

    The difference was not just between personalities and profession but even the appearance!

    No matter how Cleo tried, he couldn't find any facial resemblance between the two. Facial features, hair color, height, and even aura was different!

    Yet Cleo was sure of his guess. Because otherwise, he felt nothing else could explain the present situation.

    "Everything just for some sympathy," Kiba increased the pressure on Cleo's neck. He didn't give a damn about his guess.

    "I'm sorry," Cleo took his refusal to answer as a confirmation, "I would repent for my actions."

    "Repent? Haha," Kiba freed Cleo and started laughing as if he has heard a joke.

    Cleo didn't know why but the laughter made his fine hairs stand up in fright.

    "You almost murder someone then you want to repent," Kiba controlled his laughter, "The only way for you to repent is to die."

    "N-No...Zed," Cleo kneeled down to beg, "Please forgive me once."

    "Scram," Kiba kicked him away.

    Cleo felt himself in despair. He didn't want to die, and at least not at such a young age. He has his goals and dreams in life.

    Death would take away everything. All his efforts and schemes so far would be washed down a drain.

    "I need a way for him to spare me!" Cleo tried his best to think, "If I give him a threat then he would definitely murder me! There has to be a way...Yes! Felicity!"

    The dread of death made his brain work at a speed like never before. He calmed himself to choose his words carefully.

    "Felicity would be crestfallen if she learns I'm dead," Cleo glanced at Kiba, "She is crippled but my death would send her in depression!"

    Kiba was struck on the spot. He has forgotten about the consequences his actions would have on Felicity.

    Humans feel dejected even by the death of a pet much less a relative.  How can a sister not be depressed by the loss of her blood brother?

    "You know her as much as me," Cleo felt delighted by Kiba's reaction, "She considers you as her younger brother but I carry the same blood as her! She wouldn't be able to bear the loss."

    Kiba's expression turned gloomy.

    "Even if you told her about my actions," Cleo raised his voice, "Do you think she could ever hate me enough to see me die?!"

    Kiba gritted his teeth in frustration. He knew he couldn't afford to expose Cleo's role in the explosion.

    If the world knows about his role then even other members of the Weisz family would bear the brunt. Hardly anyone would care that Cleo has almost killed his sister and father.

    The world would blame them for his poor upbringing which led him to join the hands of revolutionaries.

    Felicity and her parents would forever live under a stigma. The society would forever remember them as the family members of a terrorist whose actions led to the death of thousands.

    Kiba knew it better than anyone else on how the society functioned.

    "Felicity loves you like a brother but her love would die the day she learns you killed her elder brother!" Cleo continued in a higher pitch, "This is true and you know it!"

    "So not only should I spare you but also hide the truth?" Kiba coldly asked.

    "Y-yes, I promise to never share today's events with anyone in return," Cleo answered in a convincing tone, "We can forget everything and start fresh. I would move out of her life completely in some time and there would be no animosity among us."


    "Everyone would be happy by this outcome," Cleo took a short pause before continuing, "What do you think?"

    "What I think?" Kiba's expression twisted, "I think you are a good politician in fooling others with convincing lies."

    "No...I'm speaking the truth," Cleo hurriedly said.

    "Maybe or maybe not, " Kiba's eyes were filled with madness, "Regardless I can't just let you go after what you have done to her."

    "I...I know a method to neutralize the damage of nanites," Cleo gulped down before continuing, "She would---"

    "You don't have to worry about her," Kiba interjected in coldly, "Anyways, the mayoral elections are coming, right?"

    Cleo was shocked by the sudden turn in the conversation.

    Why was Kiba not caring about Felicity's cure and instead focusing on elections?!

    "Yes," Cleo nodded.

    "How confident are you in winning?" Kiba waved his hand. Streams of energy passed through the room and reverted the room to the same condition before the battle.

    Meanwhile, small orbs of red light materialized around Cleo and before he could even blink, they passed inside him. Much to his amazement and surprise, his wounds started healing as if he was not harmed at all.

    "Hey~ Answer my question," Kiba asked again seeing no response.

    "60-70%," Cleo answered. He didn't know why but his heart started beating rapidly as if it was warning him of a bad premonition.

    "That's rather low since the choice of people might change in upcoming weeks," Kiba crouched down in front of him, "Wouldn't it be good if you have 100% assurance of winning?"

    "That's..." Cleo couldn't understand what was Kiba trying to say now.

    How can he have 100% assurance?!

    Only if Felicity dies could there be such a strong sympathy wave!

    Cleo's eyes turned wide and his heart thumped loudly as he thought of a dreadful possibility.

    Sympathy wave!!

    "Don't tell me," Cleo begun trembling from head to toe, "No! I don't want to win elections!"

    "Awww, please don't say such things after the efforts you have made" Kiba placed a hand on Cleo's forehead, "Lady Kyla said I'm part of your family so I should ensure you win."

    Cleo felt his blood turning cold with fright.

    "You would have sympathy wave like no one ever had," Kiba said with a crazy smile on his face, "Sympathy wave throughout your life."

    "NO!" Cleo's screams reverberated in the room...


    An hour later~

    A car entered the Weisz house. Patrick and Kyla stepped out of the car.

    "Thankfully our daughter wasn't harmed any further," Kyla said bitterly.

    "Don't worry too much," Patrick put a hand on her shoulder, "She would get better."

    "Would she?" Kyla sobbed as they walked inside the house.

    Parick didn't answer her question for he wasn't confident himself. From what he knew, even the nine families had no way to undo the damage in genes. And even if someone had a method to get rid of genetic defects, they wouldn't share it with others.

    After all, such a method would mean the scientists can perform genetic experiments without carrying about the damage in genes. This would result in tapping the hidden power.

    Such an increase in strength would defy logic. No one would want their enemies or foreign powers to have such a method.

    "Let's hope for better," Patrick mumbled.

    The couple was greeted by the servants as they stepped in, but the two ignored their presence.

    "Has Cleo waked up?" Patrick asked the butler.

    "No, sir," The butler answered, "But a servant has gone to his room with tea."

    "Oh," Patrick nodded.

    "Call ambulance! Hurry!" A loud female voice came from the upper staircase.

    "What was that?!" Patrick, Kyla, and other servants were startled.

    They all made a dash to the upper floor and entered Cleo's room. At the entrance, a female servant was standing.

    Some distance away, tea and pieces of the cup were lying on the floor.

    "What's going on?" Patrick asked before moving his eyes inside the room.

    Inside, Cleo was writhing with dreadful convulsions on the bed.

    "Cleo!" Patrick and Kyla were scared by the scene.

    Just what has happened to him?!

    The two rushed towards the bed, but much to their horror, he started throwing his body around. Sometimes to the right side of the bed and sometimes left.

    "My child, what happened to you?" Patrick stopped his movements and hugged him.

    Cleo answered by bursting into laughter and then into a violent storm of tears and groans.

    "Call help now!"  Kyla fell on her knees. Her eyes were filled with tears at the sight of her only son.

    First her daughter and now son. For her, it was one blow after another in the last 24 hours...


    A mile away, Kiba was standing on the branch of a tree. He has a complex expression on his face as his senses observed the scene in the room.

    Back then, he decided to punish Cleo by torturing him for an entire lifetime. He has also left enough clues for Patrick to discover Cleo's role in the explosions.

    Throughout the process, he has felt a sense of happiness. Maybe this happiness was the result of him taking revenge for Felicity.

    Or perhaps, it was created by his powers. How could his powers not feel delighted at the sight of him playing with an ant?

    He was unsure what gave him happiness back then. Anger or his powers, it didn't matter. He believed he has done the right thing.

    "I was far too cruel."

    But now after looking at the reactions of Patrick and Kyla, he felt bitter. The happiness in his heart was replaced with pity.

    "Felicity, I'm sorry."
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