171 Learn From Zed

    Living hall, Dream Rise House.

    "Time has come to move on from the bindings of the past."

    Zed looked at his reflection on the waterfall. He felt as if his reflection was freed from invisible shackles.

    Moving on from the past didn't mean forgetting it. Instead, it meant accepting the past as nothing more than past and then proceeding on with life.

    In Zed's case, he sensed the parts of the past which were holding him. He freed himself from those parts by accepting them for what they were.

    In the end, he thought, why should words such as bastard influence him just because the caretaker used to call him as such? Similarly, why should he let the fire of hatred for his parents still live?

    [[Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.]]

    Claudia repeated the immortal words spoken by Buddha.

    "Wise words," Zed turned around, "But alas, just like Eva said, wisdom only seems obvious from a spectator's point of view. "

    [[That is true.]]

    "Anyways, how are our guests?" Zed sat back on the chair to complete his breakfast.

    [[They have lost their wits after the heart seizure episode. Otherwise, they are fine.]]

    "We really don't have to worry about their minds any longer," Zed took a bite from a sandwich, "Proceed with the experiments as we discussed previously."


    "I will check on Felicity," Zed grabbed a glass of juice.

    He didn't bring Felicity to the lab for two reasons. First, he didn't want to worry her parents, and second even if he brought her to the lab, he couldn't help her yet.

    He did need to carry out a few more tests on her, but he could conduct them in the hospital. As for healing her, it would depend on data from the experiments on his lab rats.

    [[Car is ready.]]

    Zed left the hall and moved to the garage where a blue hovercraft was waiting for him.


    VIP Ward, City Heart Hospital.

    Felicity was still unconscious but her body has regained its original vitality. Her face was radiating a healthy color.

    Jessica stood beside the bed along with Loren. On the opposite corner, Kyla was sitting on a stool gazing at her daughter.

    Jessica and Loren glanced at each other, unsure of what to say. They had come to check on Felicity and offer emotional support, but after learning Felicity and Cleo's condition, they were unsure of how to proceed.

    No words of consolation and hope could help a mother engulfed by despair.


    Patrick was conversing with Morgan

    "Morgan, I am sorry for the loss of your comrades," Patrick put a hand on his shoulder, "They were brave."

    "Indeed, they were," Morgan bitterly nodded.

    Only Morgan and Emily survived from the entire investigation team sent by the government. Emily was saved by Kiba while Morgan survived thanks to his job of guarding government's trump card in a defense base.

    Others in the investigation team were not so lucky. Even the backup forces were massacred in the nanite attack.

    Patrick didn't say anything further. He knew his own son was responsible for the casualties to a great extent. But he couldn't tell share this secret with anyone else.

    He has already destroyed the evidence linking Cleo with the revolutionaries. He was pragmatic and took this decision to save his family from further destruction.

    "The government hasn't yet decided on the next course of action," Morgan said in an annoyed tone.

    "You can't blame them," Patrick replied, "They lost their valuable assets and that too not in a war but some underhanded tactics."

    "I know," Morgan understood the dilemma of the government.

    "Don't forget that most of the elite forces of government are exploring various restricted zones on the planet," Patrick explained further, "The government has to manage their manpower accordingly."

    "Speaking of restricted zones," Morgan remembered information he wished to confirm, "The core section of Desolate Blood Forest is opening, right?"

    "Yes, it should be open for exploration in a few weeks," Patrick nodded his head, "Many resource seekers and adventurists would visit it."

    Desolate Blood Forest.

    One of the many dangerous zones on Earth. It was home to various flora and fauna, free from the clutches of humans for the most time.

    The mutated beasts and plants in the region carried a great value for researchers especially genetic scientists. This was why the region was a popular destination for mutants who wished to become rich.

    But the attraction of mutated species was not the only focal point. The main focus for government and other organizations was the core region which offered something far more precious.

    The area forming the core region was actually a meteorite!

    It was not some ordinary meteorite, but in fact, it was one of the thousand meteorites originating from a world which has long ceased to exist.

    The same meteorites which mutated the planet and are responsible for the current era of evolution.

    According to rumors, the meteorite in Desolate Blood Forest has secrets on the deceased world. Not only secrets but it was also home to various minerals and ores, endangered species, and a hub of knowledge.

    "The revolutionaries got the secrets of nanites through that meteorite," Patrick contemplated in his heart, "And even the government has benefitted to a large extent during previous explorations."

    Patrick has sent a request to Eleanor Family and they have promised to do their best in finding ways to help his daughter.

    "Chances are low though," Patrick shook his head, "Otherwise the government would already have found a way to tackle this menace."

    The name of the forest didn't contain the word 'Blood' for nothing. It was a region where life could be lost by a single careless step.

    But yet thousands would try their luck. Some for resources, some for the opportunity to seek more power and a few just for adventures.

    Even the nine aristocratic families and other organizations would send their young seedlings in the forest. The struggle in the families was tough and the forest was an opportunity to rise up.


    Patrick cleared his thoughts as he heard the sound of steps. He turned around and noticed Zed walking towards him and Morgan, carrying a black briefcase.

    "Zed," Patrick looked at him with a hopeful expression. After learning the opinions of doctors from Holy City, he realized how lucky his daughter was to be treated by someone like Zed.

    "Sir Patrick," Zed nodded in greeting.

    "I'm sorry for my conduct yesterday," Patrick lowered his head.

    "Please don't," Zed stopped Patrick, "You only did what any sensible father would do."

    Zed didn't blame him, to begin with. If anything, Patrick had the right to blame him after what happened with Cleo.

    "Thank you for understanding," Patrick said in a voice containing gratitude.

    Zed didn't reply but sighed inwardly.

    "He is that Zed?" Morgan asked Patrick.

    "Yes," Patrick proceeded to introduce, "Zed, he is Morgan. An investigator."

    "Ah!" Zed pretended to be startled, "You must be the father of Loren and Olly, right?"

    "Yes," Morgan nodded in acknowledgment, "I have heard a lot about you but now I am finally able to meet you."

    "I wish I could say the same," Zed thought inside but on the outside, he politely said, "It is my honor to meet a great man like you."

    Morgan was surprised by the respectful attitude. He couldn't help but nod in appreciation at the display of manners.

    "Olly could learn so much from you," Morgan sighed heavily.

    He has always believed the children in today's age lacked a proper sense of conduct. This was especially true for those from an influential background. But now he felt happy to be proven wrong after meeting Zed.

    "You are being unjust to your son," Zed disagreed.

    "Hmm?" Morgan was startled.

    "I can assure you that Olly has always tried to be a good son," Zed said with a smile, "So you should be proud of him."

    Morgan was amazed by the words of appreciation. He inwardly thanked the gods for making a well-cultured man like Zed; humble despite being rich and famous.

    After all, the world had far too many arrogant and cocky men who openly displayed a brazen attitude.

    When Morgan thought of this, he couldn't help but think of a golden-haired man named Kiba. He believed Kiba was the worst of the worst among this type of people.

    "Kiba should learn a thing or two from Zed on how to conduct oneself," Morgan grumbled, "A man should always be humble no matter how smart and talented he is."

    Morgan has hated how Kiba turned him into a butt of jokes by playing a smart 'prank' to get his seat in a restaurant.

    Alas, he didn't know Kiba has gotten into more than just his seat...
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