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    City Heart Hospital.

    "Please excuse me," Zed politely said as he turned towards the VIP ward. Morgan and Patrick nodded and followed him from behind.

    The scanners verified his credentials and after doing so, the sliding doors opened up. The doors were made from smart-glass technology with digital alerts for patient allergies or special conditions.

    The sensors felt nothing odd from his body and thus allowed him to step inside the room.

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    The large room was formed with sleek curves and seamless microbe-resistant surfaces.  Sofas and chairs were placed for the visitors.

    Currently, the sitting facility was being used by Jessica, Loren, and Kyla. Their attention was on a bed where Felicity was sleeping.

    From time to time, their eyes moved on a digital flat-screen displaying her vital signs.

    "Zed," Jessica called out as she sensed his presence.

    "Hi there," Zed greeted her with a faint smile, "How have you been?"

    "I'm fine," Jessica replied in a low voice with her eyes moving back on the bed.

    She has always felt extreme gratitude towards Felicity and Zed. She has promised herself to help them if a chance ever arises.

    But now looking at the helpless state of the adventurous Felicity, she felt helpless. She cursed herself for being useless despite being blessed with an evolved healing ability.

    "Jessica, don't blame yourself," Zed placed the briefcase on a table and walked towards her. He could pretty much understand her dilemma so he could easily guess the thoughts flooding in her mind.

    "She has helped me when I needed it the most," Jessica felt tears streaming down from her eyes, "But I couldn't help her in the slightest bit."

    "Hey," Zed moved his thumb on her face to wipe her tears, "She wouldn't like tears flooding your eyes."

    "You are right," Jessica tried to smile at his action but couldn't, despite the efforts.

    If it was ordinary time, her face would already have been flushed red by Zed's act, but alas, the situation didn't allow her body to act such.

    "Always remember something," Zed looked her in the eyes


    "There are times when even the strongest men find themselves helpless," Zed said with a smile.


    "So there is no reason to blame yourself when you have just started the journey to evolution," Zed took out a handkerchief from his pocket and gave her, "With time and practice, your ability would evolve further and maybe someday, even the strongest would need your help."

    Jessica was stunned by the words. Maybe the words were preposterous but they gave her the hope she needed. She promised herself to do everything within her power to reach that level.

    Zed observed her for a few more moments before taking back the briefcase and then walking towards the bed.

    His vision focused on Kyla who was sitting next to the bed.

    "Lady Kyla," Zed gave her a polite bow. She was one of the few people in this world whom he truly respected.

    After all, she has treated him well whenever they met. She has often reminded him that she considered him as a part of her family.

    Kyla ignored his words or perhaps she never heard him, to begin with. Zed sighed and crouched beside her.

    "I would tell you one thing, and be assured that I won't speak empty words," Zed took her palms in his, "She would definitely recover and that's a promise."

    Kyla brought her eyes on him. She looked at the determination on his face, and her eyes turned moist.

    She lowered her body and proceeded to hug him.

    "Thank you, my child," Kyla mumbled with her tears falling on him, "Thank you for being there."

    Zed and Kyla remained in the hug for a minute. He smiled and helped her regain composure, and then moved his eyes on the digital screen displaying the vitals of Felicity.


    A minute later, a team of five doctors entered the room. The head doctor, who was also present when Zed operated on Felicity, was leading the team.

    "Sir Zed, I am Travis Blackburn," The head doctor introduced himself. The last time he never got the opportunity to share his name.


    Morgan, Jessica, and Loren were surprised. Even the rest of the doctors were shocked by the respectful address.

    Why would the greatest doctor in the city use such a title for a twenty-something kid?! Isn't he just a college kid?!

    They looked at each other to confirm their ears weren't a playing trick on them. The startled expression on their faces confirmed they heard it right!

    "I wish to request you to allow us to observe your activities today," Travis gave a slight bow to convey his request.

    The others felt their eyes turning wide in disbelief. Travis was actually bowing down just to be present in the room?!

    Is this for real?!

    No way!

    This has to be an illusion!

    The doctors refused to believe the scene in front of them. Travis was someone whom they looked up to as their idol but yet he was bowing to a kid and calling him as sir.

    "I don't really care," Zed said in a nonchalant manner, "Just remain silent."


    This kid actually dared such say words?!

    Isn't he a relative of the patient?! So shouldn't he be actually begging them to stay here?!

    They were used to see patients and relatives fawning over them for their care.

    Many times, the patients and relatives have even kneeled down for an appointment with great doctors like them!

    There were also times when the richest and influential in the city tried to earn their favors by gifting them precious treasures!

    But yet this kid, instead of kneeling and offering gifts, is actually saying he doesn't care for their presence at all!

    What's more, he was asking them to be silent!

    Is he thinking we are some stray dogs barking in the street for telling us to be silent?!

    Just what does he think he is?!

    Or could he be actually believing himself as a great person just due to being called "sir"?

    Morgan noticed the reactions of doctors and he wished he could slap some sense into Zed. Earlier, he silently praised Zed being so respectful and understanding when he conversed with Jessica and Kyla.

    He has displayed sensibility which was rare even among adults.

    But now?!

    There was not a single trace of sensibility inside him!

    Why was a humble child like him behaving so oddly now?!

    Doesn't he realize how his words can risk the life of Felicity?!

    You can offend anyone in this world but not doctors!

    Anger doctors and no one would be there to save you from the clutches of death!!

    They were no less than gods in this mortal world!

    "Zed," Morgan decided to intervene, "Apolog---."

    Morgan stammered and felt his throat turning dry. He was rooted on the spot as he saw the scene ahead.

    Travis has bent further to give a deep bow! Earlier, it was just a slight bow but now a deep bow!

    "I'm extremely grateful for this opportunity," Travis said in a voice filled with gratitude.

    The remaining doctors and Morgan wanted to curse loudly.

    Can someone explain to us just what the ** was going on here?!

    Is that kid the president of the world government?! If not, then there was no way to explain this conduct.

    "Unless the head doctor is on drugs!"
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