173 Warning?

    VIP Ward, City Heart Hospital.

    In the entire room, only Patrick and Kyla listened to the conversation between Zed and Travis without any reactions.  Others were shocked out of wits and thought everything was an illusion.

    How else could they describe the current situation?!

    It was not like Morgan and others were at fault either for displaying such extreme reactions. After all, they didn't know about how Zed has operated on Felicity to save her life.

    This was something Travis clearly admired for he knew it was almost impossible to carry out the operation with such success.

    He has witnessed the entire process and much to his amazement, he learned a great deal on how operation at the cellular level works.  The techniques and expertise displayed were far beyond extraordinary, and Travis believed he could learn more if he was present when Zed carried out another similar activity.

    Travis didn't know how Zed has such knowledge at a young age but to him, it didn't matter. Neither he cared if his actions of bowing down would be looked down by others.

    After all, he has always believed honor and respect was never depended on age. It only depended on one's own self-worth!

    If the man in front of you is a genius and you could benefit from his wisdom, then there was nothing wrong even in kneeling down, much less requesting politely and bowing down.

    "There would be no experiments or operation on her," Zed said as he opened the briefcase, "I only plan to study her condition to work down on a possible cure."

    "I understand," Travis was somewhat disappointed when he heard the first statement but the second sentence made him excited.

    Even if there was no operation, just the study on patient's condition was great.


    It was for the better. The study could help him grasp the real knowledge of genetics.

    Morgan, Jessica, Loren and the remaining team of doctors, on the other hand, now had a faint idea on what was happening. But they find it hard to believe their own guess.

    Zed ignored them and begun his task. He took out a tablet and a set of five metallic orbs from the briefcase.

    "Let's get the scanners live," Zed clicked a panel on the tablet.

    Four metallic orbs flew to the corners of the bed and the last orb hovered in the center of the bed.


    Streams of white light erupted out of the orbs and surrounded the bed from all directions. It was like a curtain of light has enveloped Felicity.

    "Link me with our servers," Zed turned towards the wall in front of the bed.

    He swiped a window screen from the tablet. Like a virtual projection, the window flew out and pasted itself on the digital screen embedded in the wall.

    [[Link successfully established]].

    "Artifical intelligence?" Morgan muttered as he heard the sound from the screen.

    "It is Claudia," Jessica clearly remembered the owner of the voice, "She is the one who manages his villa. Actually, Felicity once said that Claudia is in every place where Zed needs her."

    "He owns an advanced AI?" Morgan was startled. He felt he has judged Zed far too earlier as a rich and talented kid with humble bearings.

    [[Starting nervous system and skeletal system scan.]]

    The curtains of light around Felicity turned into a deep shade of red as a circular ring of light passed from her feet to her head.

    The wall screen displayed the skeleton projection along with the nerves. Zed checked the cranial nerves for a minute before proceeding to the spinal nerves.

    "As expected, few of the spinal nerves are unresponsive," Zed said in an obvious manner, "Show me her brain scan."

    The doctors, on the other hand, haven't even able to read a part of the report on the screen. They have barely able to check the terminal nerves before the screen flashed and a new report popped up.

    "So fast?" A junior doctor muttered in disbelief.

    How can a human check on so much data in just a short span of two minutes?!

    The brain scan was now live on the screen. The doctors focused their eyes on the neurons in the brain and checked the response of the electrical and chemical signal.

    "The neurons looks fine to me," A female doctor said, "The signals seem to be in harmony."

    "Yes, nothing odd," A colleague next to her agreed.

    "Don't speak when you don't understand," Zed's voice interrupted their talks, "Her signals look fine because of the damage in her genes."


    "That won't make sense!"

    "If there was damage then the neurons should definitely be out of sync!"

    "Shut up," Travis said in a stern voice, "I remember sir saying that genetical damage caused by nanites could make the body forget its functioning by erasing the data. Most likely the neurons no longer remember their role in the lower parts of the spinal system."

    "Is that even possible?" The female doctor asked.

    Travis ignored the doctor and focused back on the screen. The next moment, he cursed his team in the heart.

    A new report has flashed on the screen displaying DNA .

    He thought he might get a chance to understand why Zed has brought the brain scan but now he lost the chance due to the short conversation.

    "I shouldn't have brought those idiots here," Travis bitterly muttered.

    The female doctor and other doctors were struck on the spot.

    We are idiots?!

    Zed ignored them and observed the double helix on the screen. He made zooming in motion to check the nucleic acids.

    Jessica, Loren, and Morgan looked at everything in utter disbelief. The only thing they could see on the screen was a sophisticated genetic data on the screen.

    Even before they could blink, the screen would display different elements of chromosomes and so on. In just a blink of an eye, a piece of new information would be displayed on screen even though it was still related to DNA.

    They couldn't understand how can Zed grasp so much data of nucleotides and their internal composition in such a short time span and then move on next set.

    From what they have witnessed so far, they were sure that Zed was not just grasping the data but also comparing and analyzing it.

    How was it possible for a human to do so much in such a short time?!

    "He is a monster!" A junior doctor came to a conclusion.


    Meanwhile, in the parking lot of the hospital.

    A black car drove to the end of the parking lot.  Olly and Suzane stepped out of the car with a bouquet of flowers.

    "Hurry Olly," Suzane looked at him and said, "Your father would get angry if we delay any further."

    "Yes, mom," Olly closed the car door and joined her.


    Olly suddenly sneezed as they walked towards the elevator.

    "What happened?" Suzane asked reflexively. As a mother, it was her natural instinct to worry about her child.

    "I'm fine, mom," Olly replied, "Sometimes you just sneeze even when you are healthy."

    "Well, sometimes sneeze also acts as a natural warning of evil," Suzane said in a joking fashion.

    "Warning of evil?!" Olly didn't know why but his eyes mind flashed up with an image of a certain golden-haired man.


    Olly's heart started beating rapidly as he involuntarily remembered some specific events in his apartment and a restaurant.

    "No! I'm overthinking!" Olly put a hand on his chest to calm his heart, "There is no way that evil would be inside the hospital!"
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